Yakovenko: The authorities are not needed public organization

Tsigankov: "It’s reasonable to imagine that it is in Belarus, more affected by the Chernobyl must be strong environmental, "greenish" public mood. But why have not formed such a strong "greenish" movement? " Yakovenko: "Here is the origin of circumstances. Adpapolyusnae We and society is very weak civilian society. Due to the root causes of this and all other questions. The problem is not only in the absence of a massive movement of Chernobyl — other public organizations are increasingly disappearing. This misunderstanding those people, are in power, the role of public organizations, the role of civilian society. When do

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Polotsk: Kacyu Solovyov will be judged on April 8

Kasya will be judged in the court of Polotsk. She became the tenth activist organization that lured criminally responsible for his role in the organization is not registered in Belarus "Young Front. " In Last year December Catherine Solovyov expelled from Polotsk Municipal Institute, where she studied at the British language teacher. March 25 she was arrested during a crackdown street rally in Minsk and was sentenced to detention for five days. Since the Tribunal owed go March 27, appointed the latest date — April 8. The Tribunal will begin at 10.30.

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The installed capacity of power generation assets of Gazprom is 38 GW

Currently "Gazprom" continues to implement a number of major projects under construction gas units at TPP-12, TPP-16 and TPP-20 in Moscow, the coal units at Trinity and the Novocherkassk GRES.

The Board of Directors of OAO "Gazprom" has taken note of the development strategy of electricity assets, investment performance of the company in the electric power facilities in Russia and abroad.

It was noted that the company is the largest investor in the domestic power industry, is actively developing generation capacity and has already completed more than half of the commitments

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Designed referee in S.Parsyukevicha

Recall Sergei Parsyukevich blame for the violence against the guard Alexander Dulub bullpen. According to the policeman, Parsukevich beat him when serving administrative detention after the meeting of businessmen in January. Businessman Sergei Parsyukevich declares that Actually that he was beaten by the police and the case was falsified in order to avoid responsibility for it. From March 4th Sergey Prasyukevich in custody. Activist entrepreneurial movement threatens to 6 years imprisonment. Belarusian opposition, human rights activists and many in the world consider the case Parsiukevich politically targeted and demand its cessation.

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Belsat relies on the support of Europe

Director of "Belsat" Agnieszka Romashevskaya told where and in what towns were detained and in whose homes were searched.According to Mr. Romaszewska, all the journalists who have been the subject of attention of the KGB suspected in honor and insult pluses chapter Republic of Belarus.Main defendant in this case — Oleg Minich, creator of satirical cartoons, which the hero performs a character similar to Alexander Lukashenko.On Air "Belsat" really shows these cartoons, but the people in whose offices and apartments was prepared search, no relation to him had not.G. Romashevskaya hoped that not only the Polish Foreign Ministry, and appropriate

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Business style will be compulsory for all students

According to the Deputy Minister of Education Casimir Farino, "Our task — to create a culture of wearing some clothes business style, fashion for school clothes". In all high schools and gymnasiums but most schools business style introduced two year reversed. Fathers and kids have already faced such problem. Hear how to apply business style kids:

No jeans can not be

"I’m in 3rd grade. We already pronounced that you can not wear any jeans, but only school dress."Reporter: "A school like for you dress, what you wear to school?""Not very much. Earlier we were strolling in jackets, and at

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Charhinest: I do not want to claim that they were spies

Head of the Center for info and public relations KGB Valery Nadtochaev Pronunciation:"No new details. Yesterday the chairman of the committee responded to questions of" Interfax ", and I have nothing to add to that."Recall KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin said that in the "American spies" not detained. By Zhadobin committee "in this case engaged in preventive work." And at the moment "is checked, as there have been violations of one or another section of the law."According to Nikolai Charhinets, Chairman of the Commission on constant international affairs and national security in the Council of the Republic, the competent authorities must

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Does Belarus Standards Council?

Official dealer of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov first emphasizes Belarus — one of the founding countries of the United Nations. And it imposes on her special responsibilities:"At the present stage of a lot of attention in the activities of the Belarusian consulate UN given implementation put forward by President of Belarus at the 2005 summit initiative to build a global partnership against slavery and human trafficking. Also, the development of cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund, the implementation of projects aimed at the education and health of babies in Belarus. A special place in

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Yankees protect against business with Belarus

On it informs edition Petroleum World.As the newspaper writes, "control U.S. OFAC urges people not to have relations with certain companies that are owned or controlled by a designated" reference "legal persons." For example, concern "Belneftekhim". New "Directory" also warns U.S. entities "from involuntary rights violationsyl OFAC or Presidential Decree United States. " "Is it not a warning to avoid outdoor business with Belarus?" — That is the question, now worries those who are going to deal with Belarusian companies. As professionals in the industry believe the monetary crime, if the Americans "do not want to have problems with OFAC

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Managing work with key customers

Most modern businesses today try to be customer-oriented, because it is not just fashionable, but primarily economic. But just in case this term they understand the organization's ability to extract additional profit at the expense of understanding and response to customer needs. The major task of the project to work with key clients business administration CTRP saw it as a priority production orders with the highest marginal income.

Before the project, coordination of orders in production occurred outside the corporate information system. Commercial Directorate has formed an excel file with the data on orders, production of which

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