Search in an office Orsha democratic organizations

According to chairman of Orsha city of the BPF Ales Shutava, seized from the office of the newspaper "Orsha Gazette" and "Comrade," about 500 calendars with congratulations to Those Days Will.Three in a civil and not christened themselves, and the local policeman Nicholas wrote Voltchkov Ales Shutoff summons to the police — specifically on the 25th of March.

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A. Kim bullpen engaged in literary translations

How feels in the bullpen activist Andrei Kim, who will be judged on April 1 in the Central district court of Minsk? I asked this question Mom activist Tatyana Kim. First lady mentioned that the offspring will be judged in the building where he studied at the end of the 1990s Andrei Kim studied at the Belarusian Lyceum, later closed by the authorities."On Health says that everything is fine. Reported that engaged in literary translations from the British language. More is not writing about himself, and about me. Calms me" — Tatyana Kim said about Andrew. On March 23, it

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Malady released

Now two hours a day or police and special forces broke into the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, where there were about 30 activists "Junior Front. "All present in the study conducted in paddy wagons and taken to the police station Leninsky district.A few hours later the police decided release of detainees, but the release has occurred after, as the police arrived first for the U.S. Embassy. Part of the Young fired from the police department did not, and put into service police cars and taken to the concert hall "Minsk".All detainees now police remembered that

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UCP amaladilasya

Recently the Party Congress, which is scheduled for the end of April, in the regional organizations have been reporting elective conference. First results on the destination positions Governing regional offices show that flags under UCP scamper mostly young people. Another feature — the enthusiasm for the organization of the business community, who first 2008 already determine their own political activity. Many opposition parties have already faced the problem of human resources: people largely disappointed and the authorities and the opposition, which is not conducive to political activity. But at the headquarters of the UCP they say that they are very

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Austrian top managers behold the coming market in Belarus

This latest survey data management and consulting group AT Kearney and the Institute of Business Administration of Vienna Economic Institute.By Kurt Oswald, expert consultant group AT Kearney in the field of business management, a significant proportion of respondents Austrian top managers calls "Russia, Belarus and Ukraine markets of the future."Almost every second of the businessmen interviewed reached the last 5 years in Eastern Europe 10% growth in turnover.Projected for 2012 revenue growth of Austrian business abroad will rise by 5 Fri — up to 76%.

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Foreign investors scares Belarusian bureaucracy

In the first day of the Consultative Council on Foreign Investment in the Council of Ministers did not have enough even willing to fill the conference room of the State Library. Before the meeting for mass brought several buses with university students with the economic profile of learning. But the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky convinced that the country vkladyvatelnye excellent prospects. In This year Government has to master more than 17 billion dollars, over the next five years this figure expected to exceed 80 billion Given that for the preceding five-year period the amount of foreign investment and

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What are the prospects of Belarus’ accession to the WTO (WTO)?

Affects whether Ukraine’s accession to the WTO on economic relations with Belarus?Valery Karbalevich"The question of membership in the global trade organization for the burning of all post-Soviet states. Belarusian governance has always proposed that all participants integration formations within the CIS, such as the Eurasian Economic Society and others, joined the WTO together. But it fails.’s Decision to enter Ukraine’s accession to the WTO. This country on the basis of last year — the third trade partner of Belarus trade turnover in 2007 was about 2.5 billion dollars. Affects whether economic affairs 2-states this entry?Boris Zheliba"Ukraine on this issue ahead

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Indeed whether Medvedev, Putin’s successor?

In Russia, the approaching presidential election. There is virtually no doubt that overcomes successor Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev. But really if he will be the successor? Dmitry Medvedev holds a rather unusual campaign. Every day he goes to Russia. Every day delivers a keynote address, but makes all it as vice-premier of the Russian government, almost without mentioning that is also a presidential candidate. Meanwhile specifically at the moment it determines what policies will be carried out in the next four years as head of the country.All experts note the obvious liberal orientation pre-election speech Medvedev. More clearly he showed

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Teachers write in white Rus

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Education was created by the primary organization, which entered 138 employees. "Teacher’s Newspaper" On February 12, the first page printed an editorial about the Republican public association "Snow White Rus", which "was created as the pro-business purpose which should be the implementation of applets head of state Alexander Lukashenko the country’s development, "a photograph in which the chairman of" snow-white Russia "Education Minister Alexander Radkov hand presses Ministerial Group chairman Anatoly Kuchynski.In all schools in the country were ordered to surrender until February 11 reports on the number entered in the "snow-white Rus".

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Tyumen Technopark technology is ready for use

Presentations developments resident business incubator Tyumen Technopark builders can become traditional. They will be held under the auspices of the General Directorate of Construction and Housing of the Tyumen region. This was one of the first presentations of the director of the West-Siberian Innovation Centre Alexander Sakevich.

"We try to represent those projects whose products can already be used in the construction of buildings, structures and other facilities. This is really new materials and technologies. Already have facilities where they apply. The builders may be interested to know about them and use at as a test

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