Tyumen Medical Academy opened a business incubator

Tyumen State Medical Academy has opened a business incubator, which will develop scientific education projects with the involvement of investors, according to the press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region.

"This is an innovative platform in the field of scientific and practical activities, which will bring many scientific idea to the final product — the introduction of new methods, factory practices," — said the rector of the Academy of Medicine of the Tyumen Edward Kashuba.

According to him, work for the university of the new unit is connected with the preparation of reserve personnel, strengthening the material-technical

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Belarus already many heresies that more unreal!

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Held in Minsk protest newcomer business, which was once again forcibly dispersed by the police. Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov personally controlled acceleration demonstration on Independence Square. Comments listeners:Man: "Once again the action was

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Entire business comes complete collapse …

Correspondent"Grodno businessmen protesting against the decree number 760. They tried to collect on Lenin Square, but they were not given, and we we see, that here was a patrol in the dark Barat, in a dark shape in the center of town there is an increase patrols. Your attitude to these protests ? "Spades: "Naturally, they are protesting right. Working people, and now work in they are gone, you need to protect your rights. And what the police to disperse them?"Youth: "It turns out that entrepreneurs now have unequal rights: who have relatives, then we have an opportunity for development,

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In Minsk destroy castle of the XVII century

Our reporter tried to walk down the street of Commerce, where at the moment concentrated more builders and construction machinery.Photo GalleryTrading on the street at this point is unsafe. Always need to look in order not to fall under the wheels of the crane or not to fall into the pit, dug along the entire street. At the bottom put a giant pipe that water climbed. The walls of the pit can teach history: here laying the foundation’s dark layer after the fire.Slices of dark earth and fragments of bricks bardovyh history crumbles to the bottom of the pit and

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Lukashenko: manual rotation will last

"Before us are tough puzzles. Authorities did not be once and forever frozen "- said Lukashenko.By him, purpose of the new business manager of the President — "a natural process, and it does not need to make an emergency action." "No personnel is not scattered, I myself will not allow", — he said. Lukashenko said Prof. properties former business manager of President Alexander Kulichkova be needed. Tags: Lukashenko, Domashkevich, rotation

In every soul understands who it is

Indeed whether 760 th decree depriving their ability to continue to run their own business? How logical is to reduce the bit of small business with the development of a market economy?These issues in the program "Prague accent" discussions are a lawyer and businessman Sergei Balykin favorite small business Saligorsk Alexander Tsatsura and radio commentator Vitaly Tsigankov.Drakakhrust"Demonstration of business on January 10 was the culmination of the strike, which began with the New Year. Though private traders do not emit any political demands, the authorities treat them as staunch opposition — provocations, arrests, mass rallies hard acceleration.It should say that

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To get to Lukashenko, appealed to Putin

They require Russian favorite assist them in organizing a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. The applicants consider decisions made in criminal cases against their relatives, illegal and baseless.More than 3 x 10-s ladies from all regions of Belarus sent a telegram to the address collective head of. The letter reads: Given significant effect Vladimir Putin Alexander Lukashenko, he can contribute to the organization of their meeting with the head of Belarus. People who are senior officials of the courts and the General Prosecutor’s Office did not talk, just rely on the personal intervention of the highest person in the state.Victim rescued

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U.S. Embassy condemns the current sentences

Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Moore, who along with many politicians and diplomats were in the metropolitan district court of Minsk, gave a comment to our reporter about the current trials of participants of the meeting on 10 January. "The U.S. Embassy condemns sentences these cases. No circumstances to prohibit these people express their view peaceful method. Together with the staff yesterday we watched the protest on October Square, and we say that the participants in this protest peacefully expressing their view. No justification for the beating and detention of people who yesterday there wasand. Especially since surprisingly, that the detainees — the

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Mogilev entrepreneurs handed requirements

Before the twelfth hour of the representative of the working group, the chairman of one of the city councils businessmen Larissa Vysotsina said requirements have been formulated and sent to Minsk.Requirements are reduced to two Fri:First declare a moratorium on the decree number 760, has not yet will be adopted Law "On the small and medium business in Belarus."2nd accelerate adoption of the law "On the small and medium business in Belarus." Acceded to the development of business representatives.Entrepreneurs approved these requirements and agreed on January 10 again come to the area.

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Mogilev party organizations deprive offices

The leaders of the party organizations associated with attempts to lease nepadavzhenne local authorities eliminate regional party structure before elections House of Representatives.According to the manager of the regional organization of the Party of Communists of Belarus Valery Berezienko, Provincial Department of Housing and Utilities own refusal to renew the lease motivates shortage of space for computer and server services.Valery Berezienko wrote to the chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Boris Batura, so he has promoted to solve the problem with the extension of the rental.Registered adresok regional organization Belorussian Communist Party is in an office building on Dzerzhinsky

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