Where funeral services were — made the House of Culture

On the days of the remand center of the camera to freedom came from another questioned the criminal proceedings instituted after the bombing on July 4. Investigators so far have not detained any 1st suspect in the explosion. "Now the suspects in this case is not" — said the manager of disk imaging Minsk Department of the Interior Alexander Lastouski. In a criminal case, which wound up under "Malicious hooliganism" and interviewed hundreds of people and many of them took fingerprints and saliva for analysis.Sovereign Zinoviev"I think in the illegal detention of the PE for the July Naumova and accuse.

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The initiative has sent congratulations to political prisoners

Several members of the youth organization "Initiative" came to a head post office building in the Reds caps of Santa Clauses. One of them was holding a big bag of letters of support to Belarusian political prisoners. About Mailbox, that at the entrance of the building, they untied the bag and small bundles of letters left in the drawer. Envelopes were the addresses of prisons, where they hold Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Klimov and Artur Finkevich.

We campaigned for 2-weeks (…) collected about 1200 greetings

"We have been campaigning for 2-weeks: collected congratulations on just such special cards.

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Entrepreneurs continue protests

Now about this in an interview with "Freedom" declared favorite business associations and movements.

According favorite republican association "Perspective" Anatolia Shumchanka, prepyadstviya solve multi-million business can only protest, as it was in 2005:"And of course, we will prepare Marsh businessmen. This is of course. Protest actions will enable us to protect the business at least at the micro level. If the government will step up repression, our response will be proportionate. Protests will intensify. Only this can cause the power to start the search for a compromise . "Hitherto, serving a 15-day arrest favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise"

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VIP-service terminal opened in Irkutsk airport

Presentation features of the new building was held today, 16 November. Four-storey complex is adjacent to the main, two-story terminal building. For passenger terminal will start work tomorrow.

Use the services of a new business can be a terminal passengers with tickets business class, and all who wish for an additional fee. The cost depends on the package that will be as desired by the passenger. The new complex is located on the first floor of a mother and child, waiting area business class passengers, as well as room attendant epidemiologist who demanded CPS. On the second

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Belarusians do not have enough self-esteem

10 years ago, set in Mizhnarnodnuyu BSU School of Business (Master of Business Administration, MBA) was 15-20 people — it’s just one group. And this year, those wishing to learn business technology was about weave. Price biennial applets regardless of the language of instruction is from 5 to 5.5 thousand conventional units. Who and that education is willing to pay such funds?Of the total — to the personalOne of the graduates of Minsk School MBA (Master of Business Administration) Ira Tarasik — Now director of Minsk enterprise "Makraprynt." It says that two years of study in business school gave her

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TVSZ completed the Number 1 Party universal gondola with unloading hatches

Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (Leningrad region). Released from the conveyor industry's first batch of 100 wagons with universal unloading hatches.

"For the Tikhvin FAZ sending this batch of cars — a big step. Supported by JSC" Russian Railways "and rolling stock owners, we are preparing for the mass exploitation of the new generation of cars," — Says the executive director of the Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant, Oleg Menshikov.

In a symbolic release of the 100th car attended by a delegation of the creditor banks of the enterprise — the Eurasian Development Bank and

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Businessmen come to Dzyady

In a day or agenda — the election results, the enactment of the business, the role in the socio-political events. Provides details Galina Abakunchik.Adoption of the law on entrepreneurship — a little problem that businessmen intend to solve all the facilities from the negotiations with the authorities, to street protests. Ah, so this explains the determination of one of the activists of the movement of entrepreneurs Alexander Tsatsura:

Is a direct settlement enterprise.

"There is a direct settlement enterprise. Law No law is replaced by decrees and decrees violating the Constitution and human rights. And all must according to the

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Congress BPF. 2nd day

Chronicle of events.9:30 Vladimir Labkovich configuration proposed to the regulations, that the chairman elect a simple majority vote rather than the scheme of 50% + 1 voice.Mikhalevich suggested to find a compromise candidate for the chairman, which would satisfy both it and Vintsuk Vyachorka.BPF deputy head Yuri Hubarevich suggested finding the Acting Chairman of the party, and after a while the second session of Congress and choose the chairman of the organization.9:30 196 registered delegates.Counting Commission Chairman Dmitry Drigaylo announced the results of the second round of voting in the chairman BPF: 118 votes — "for" Vintsuk Vyachorka, 110 —

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School MBA: making reasonable security

"Making reasonable — secured""Making reasonable security" — promised several years ago International Business School MBA BSU own marketing leaflets. This corresponds to reality or promises is just a metaphor? MBA graduate school Ira Tarasik — now director of Minsk enterprise "Makraprint." According to Ira, two years of study in business school gave her a very clear understanding of the business as a phenomenon and practical parts.Taras: "customers come from other businesses — but I do understand their needs, as I understand the business in general, not only its scope … And it is curious, terribly curious …"The principal circumstance Ira

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developing that business, which is mandatory under the roof structures

Defined in this direction unless local businessmen associated with foreign companies operating in the free economic zone "Gomel-Raton". There is basically defined, as statedcamping, rules of the game give tribute to the State, and the rest — your own initiative.Well, do not naturally have special problems of those businessmen who openly work with local authorities. In other cases, the businessman stand out without care officials peremptory very difficult.There was, however, a precedent in Gomel, an entrepreneur from the ground — a farmer from Misha Shrub Zhitkovichi district — "spin" in the criteria of the hard pressure of Representatives local authorities.

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