Construction of the metro Business Center — Victory Park

The station "Victory Park" Moscow Metro on a normal working day, while not crowded, but by the end of this year, she will begin a new life. C commissioning by the end of 2013, section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" it will become an interchange hub connecting Arbat-pokrovskuju line with the business center Moscow-City. Later section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" will be part of the emerging Kalinin-Solntsevskaya lines underground. Kalinin-Solntsevskaya line is a continuation of the current Kalinin subway line. In 2015, the station "Tretyakov," the line stretched to the stations "Business Center." In the future, the station

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Chernobyl: UN assistance varies

According to the United Nations Development Programm in the affected regions formed dependence on international aid. Cihan Sultanoglu, almost three and a half years (from April 2004 to November 12, 2007) was the UN representative in Belarus, and is currently the Deputy Director of the Regional Office of the UN Development Applets for Europe and the CIS states that "very longish humanitarian help to mitigate the consequences of the 3 countries made certain there a culture of dependency, which led to feelings of apathy and fatalism of the affected regions. "About 5 million people live in areas of dirty radiation,

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Construction of an industrial park, Strunino (Vladimir region).

Industrial Park "Strunino" has prepared for the construction of an industrial area of the objects of engineering infrastructure, communications and security-service business, including a protected area, an administrative building, parking heavy vehicles. On the territory of the "Industrial Park Strunino" created all necessary conditions for the location of production and logistics structures. The project is implemented in accordance with the Master Plan of the Alexander Vladimir region.

The purpose of the Industrial Park "Strunino" provide project participants the opportunity to develop their business in the most convenient and cost-effectively.

Mogilev: different approaches to adaptation of the disabled

In Belynichi special boarding school most of the pets — kids are social orphans. Training takes place on a special intervention programs:Says boarding school director Nicholas Derapovski:"Orphans fall into social institution with relevant experience naughty. Our task this experience to reduce and set it on a positive footing. New developments pedagogical correctional institution engaged in education after graduation in Minsk."As kids get peradvypusknyh classes of livestock, vegetable and yes slesarstva system specialties. Deputy Director Lyudmila coed admits that the device is not an easy pet to life problem:"Here at school we conduct them, patronized. Prepare for life. We try in

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A day of solidarity youth remind political prisoners and missing

Now a few 10’s of different members of the youth organizations of the democratic movement and the 8th evening will hold a joint prayer near the former Bernardine monastery outside of Cyril and Methodius in Minsk.Typically today lit candles around portraits of political prisoners and disappeared oppositionists.Deputy chairman of the youth branch of the BPF Illya Bohdan said "Freedom":"My friends and I certainly usually come in the evening to eight benardynav monastery, where more than once every month, on the 16th of.Light a candle and pray for the fate of Belarus for those people, that are currently behind bars, for

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L. Zaika: The government wants to hold the concentration of capital by forcible

This decree temporarily gave incentives for the creation of private unitary enterprises.Only 9348 individual entrepreneurs applied for re-registration under the presidential decree number 302As told the press service of the Ministry of Economy, 9348 only individual entrepreneurs use this facility. On October 1, 2007 in Belarus was about 204 thousand private businessmen.In Minsk 2779 individual entrepreneurs decided to create personal unitary enterprises according to the decree. This — 42 thousand.Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski said:"This does not mean that they will not register the same personal unitary enterprises in general procedure — and not in a

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Jaroslav Hryshchenya got into tragedy

Jaroslav Hryshchenya located in Dzerzhinsk infirmary. Doctors "emergency" brought him back together with the minibus driver.Yaroslav said "Freedom" that day suspended bus on the outskirts of Minsk and asked to take him to Baranovichi. Near Dzerzhinsk car at a speed of 90 km issued the oncoming lane road, and from there to kyuvet. The driver of the car is very hurt his head. Yaroslav was pronounced compression fracture ridge. The guy is damaged eighth vertebra.Jaroslav Hryshchenya considers prerequisite slizkasts tragedy on the road. In the clinic came from Baranovichi his mom. Jaroslav hopes that it will help to take him

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Started production of Gazel with an electric locking differential ELocker

"GAZ Group" started to produce light commercial vehicles "Gazelle BUSINESS" and "Sable BUSINESS" with an electric locking differential ELocker. Developer and manufacturer of the system ELocker is a diversified power management company Eaton. Slip differential ELocker can significantly improve throughput car on difficult areas of roads. ELocker system was developed for the markets of countries with difficult climatic and road conditions, and specially refined to meet the peculiarities of the Russian climate. After contact with one of the leading wheels of the car on the ice, soft snow, mud or other difficult terrain, slip differential transmits engine torque to

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Start-up in the village: how to organize a business to rural products

The history of this start-up, or rather, 28-year-old Nellie Dinullovoy is unique. After receiving two degrees — in economics and law — at Ulyanovsk State University, she returned to the village to raise cattle. And does this not regret.


While many villagers are trying to quickly leave their villages and go into the city, there are also those individuals who received quite the contrary — are returned to the village and build a business here. Meet Nellie Dinullova of Limes section of the Ulyanovsk region. A student and activist Nellie graduated Ulyanovsk State University, Faculty of

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Russian Engineering Union joins their ranks

Company Plant Spetsmashin Baltiets adopted in the Russian Engineering Union.

To understand the scale of the event is enough to mention that the Russian Engineering Union partners are more 300 leading Russian machine-building enterprises, including those of the United Aircraft Corporation, Sukhoi, FSUE MMPP Salyut, OAO GAZ, Russian Railways, JSC Izhmash JSC Transmashholding, GP VO Tyazhpromexport of Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding.

This recognition of the merits of the Plant Spetsmashin Baltiets from the Russian business community, once again confirms the status of the Plant, as a serious and reliable business partner.


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