A journey of many successes for Flyton

Walls are almost everywhere and anywhere and usually something we don’t pay much attention to. Except if it has been given a very creative INC Projects treatment, courtesy of entrepreneur Flyton Mbatha. INC Projects offers an exclusive service to the commercial and private sector by providing affordable custom-designed wall coatings for interior and exterior spaces. INC designer wall coatings are produced using all natural ingredients and can adhere to even the toughest surfaces including timber, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Flyton’s road to entrepreneurial success has taken on him on journeys around the world.


Old jets- new missions

THE DESERT AIRPORT is quiet in the early morning hours. As the sun breaks the horizon, the silence is disturbed by the sound of a single J-57 turbojet engine. It begins first as a whine and slowly builds to a confident roar as air is compressed and heated, and fuel flows through old but reliable machineiy. The unmistakable aroma of burnt jet fuel floats gently across a ramp mostly occupied by Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts and the like.

A few moments later the Vought F-8

Crusader stirs from its resting place and creeps slowly past the rows of brightly painted civilian

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Old World

Capturing a town’s living history.

Before he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, in 2007, John Delaney, now 50, had little experience living in close-knit communities—he’d spent most of his career as a darkroom printer in New York City. Immediately fascinated by Hoboken’s historic businesses—butchers, bakers, and comic book shops—he was disappointed when many of them closed soon after he found them. «The economy was crashing, rents were going up,» he says. «A lot of these shops that had been here for ages weren’t surviving.»

Delaney’s photography work was likewise in transition. He’d had a successful darkroom business, first as a

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Furniture has been in his family’s blood for three generations since 1941. Nils Gunnar grew up without any expectations to join the family business, but stepped up to the challenge in 1996 to lend his expertise in corporate finance. He now heads IMG Norway, which spun off from the family business.

What was it like growing up in a family that runs и furniture business?

Ergonomic chairs is the core family business, so I was often reminded to sit properly. I didn’t listen then. But now, after years of carrying my

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The art of business travel.

Conveniently located in the heart of Jakarta, Morrissey Serviced Apartment is the hotel of choice for business travelers. A home away from home, this hip and new 135-room serviced apartment, understands the needs of busy executive travelers, who look for convenience and comfort while on the road.

Location, location, location. Morrissey Serviced Apartment boasts a prime and coveted address right in the heart of Jakarta, pulsating with the city’s business and cultural life. Thanks to its proximity to the Central Business District, Morrissey lets you maximize your stay and minimize the time you spend on

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Fresh blood CANNIBAL CORPSE: MAIN — serious about the business!

Each genre is bound to have a group that is trying to outdo diligently all his colleagues in the genre. In the case of the death-metal is. undoubtedly, Cannibal Corpse. It would seem that where much cooler? Next Carcass nowhere. And here and there — Cannibal Corpse managed to bloat the coolest death metal. Get at least the name of the dead -simple these guys are no longer enough. Another thing cannibal corpse …

Cannibal Corpse different from their other colleagues in the death legion more acute thirst for blood and more inventive graphic grotesque. Remember, one of the oldest

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HKN Energy, cultivating close connections in Kurdistan

HKN Energy feels right at home in Kurdistan.

Led by CEO Mr. Trem Smith and general manager Mr. Mark Jackson, HKN set up operations in 2007 and continues to see huge growth opportunities in the region’s energy sector.

A key advantage for HKN is its team’s longevity. As Mr. Smith attests, the same core team has been in place ‘‘from the very beginning; this has allowed us to build close relationships with the numerous key industry people, as well as the local communities where we do business.’’ There’s an intangible cultural understanding that goes with this that can’t be simply

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Five safety tips for small businesses

Cybercriminals do not leave any of his attention, even the smaller companies. By the week of the National Small and Medium Business Administration, we have prepared a few tips to help small businesses protect their data from intruders, and its customers — from malicious programs.

Guided by a common false beliefs, many small business owners are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches. «With me it will not happen» — they convince themselves, when they hear about the targeted attacks, phishing and sophisticated malware. «My business is too small to be of interest to criminals» — they argue in

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Against the rules-5

«Family business? Well, I do not!»

MARGARITA Darashkevich

Ten years ago, the parents of Rita opened his own dental clinic. They hoped that a daughter will continue their business. «But I was terrified of the blood,» — says the girl. In order not to upset my mom and dad, she enrolled at the Faculty of International Business and in the future is going to take control of the family business.

After graduation, Rita went to an internship in Australia: «Because of the time difference, I could communicate with friends only through letters. So I opened a new talent and knew

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Generations of Decoration

Now 109 years old, Brewers, the decorators’ merchants, are still a family firm that is proud to offer personal service and specialist insight

It was the failure of a goat-farming venture that indirectly led to the success of the Brewers family business. In the 1880s, Clement Brewer and Arthur Pritchard decided to seek their fortune in America, sailing to New York, then going on to Arizona to farm goats. But after running out of money, they returned home just three years later.

America’s loss was the UK’s gain, as Clement went to live near Reading with his older brother, and

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