Volgograd CITY — the largest in the south of Russia complex under construction in the 104 district of Volgograd

The complex is a system of buildings and structures with its own infrastructure from the business center to the shopping malls and houses a high level of comfort. It will consist of 5 modern houses, business center, hotel, shopping and entertainment centers, avtomoll, underground parking and social infrastructure: kindergarten, a school, a health center and a health center.


In VI quarter of 2010 was commissioned a 26-storey business center with a total area of 55,000 square meters, which is located at: Volgograd,. Rokossovskogo 62.

Brief description: Office area of over 26,000 sq.m. Business center is fully

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GAZ Group holds test drive Gazelle Business

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

"GAZ Group" holds rally in honor of the first year of the "Gazelle Business." Caravan "When the road is fun" is dedicated to the first year sales of light commercial vehicles modernized "Gazelle BUSINESS." Motor Rally will take place on the route Nizhny Novgorod — Vladimir — Ivanovo — Kostroma — Yaroslavl — Kirillov, Vologda region.

To test the participants mileage cars provided "Gazelle—business" and "Sable BUSINESS" of different modifications: platform machine, manufactured goods van, vans, auto-house, and Medium-truck "Valdai" with crane superstructure, the press service of the "Group GAZ "B. Cars equipped with all kinds

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Agrofranshiza-new way of running a small agribusiness

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Perm Krai start accepting applications from entrepreneurs and owners of small private farms that are interested to try their hand at a new business — agrofranshize. Today, in the Perm region developed 16 franchises. 5 of them are new, "Poultry growing", "Growing garlic", "Growing planting raspberries," "Growing seedlings of flowers", "Akselerativnoe rabbit."

Basic services (in the terminology of uterine agrofranshizy company) will offer budding entrepreneurs equipment, technology, cultivation, livestock. When you purchase a franchise USDA subsidizes the edge of the entrepreneur to 50% of the cost of the technology, the cost of which varies

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IIX exhibition of arms and military equipment RAE 2012 — now

major international eksposalon

The business program of RAE 2012 will consider the military-industrial and international legal aspects of the development of the global arms market.

Military-industrial area includes issues of modernization Russian defense industry, financing the state defense order, the use of topical PPP, human resource development, the protection of military personnel, etc.

International legal direction is focused on issues of peace and security, prevention of regional conflicts and promoting inter-state cooperation in the field of export controls on weapons, etc.

The business program will be implemented in conjunction with the demonstration of

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In Nizhny Novgorod opened the seventh business incubator

Photo: vremyan.ru

August 11 opening ceremony of the seventh in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Bor business incubator. It already working first residents.

As residents of the incubator after studying the set of necessary documents were selected 14 companies and entrepreneurs wishing to enlist the support of the government in the development of their own business. Note that such a start-up firms in the walls of the office space will be provided with a reduced rental costs in the amount of 30% of the total monthly cost for the first two years of operation. Residents will

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Innovative production technology of sapropel

All the more problematic and expensive for businesses to become receipt of raw materials for poizvodstva production, especially in agriculture and heavy industry. It is not surprising that the CIS countries are experiencing increased interest in the use of our own natural resources to production based on these organo-mineral fertilizers, cosmetics, health products and food. Such resources may include organic lake-bottom mud — sapropel.

Russia is the leader in the preparation and design of enterprise production and processing of this raw material in bulk, liquid, granular and tablet fertilizers, feed additives, mud. The market projects such enterprises

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For 3 months of 2013 in Ukraine built 5 of livestock farms

and complexes

12.06.2013, 17:00 Get a partial compensation for the construction and reconstruction of livestock farms and farms and feed mills became easier. So, today, the Cabinet adopted a resolution in which the simplified mechanism for obtaining compensation. In particular, the economic entities will now serve regional commissions simplified documents. The right to travel to the sites receive commissions in the regions. A very even be able to get compensation for those enterprises which were commissioned in 2013. 

Government at its meeting today passed a resolution to amend the order of use of funds allocated in the

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Moscow aviation hub or a plot against Putin

July 3, 2013, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was talk about creating the Moscow Aviation Hub (UIA), where the president stressed the importance that all participants privatization Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports were in the Russian jurisdiction. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov noted that all three airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo will be privately owned. Today, the share of the state in Sheremetyevo is 83%, 74.7% in Vnukovo, UIA will lead the current presidential adviser and former Transport Minister Igor Levitin. Given the trend in the privatization of the economy in

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Former unemployed opened in Biisk fitting center

In Biysk former unemployed, with the assistance of the local employment center opened fitting center and is actively developing its business.

Andrei Tatarinov graduated from high school with honors, and Bijskij Polytechnic Institute with honors. But the young man for a long time could not find a job in their own specialty. In 2011, for help in finding employment, he turned to the employment centers of Biysk. Experts of the center of employment offered him open his own business, and Andrew took a positive decision.

Now a confident businessman, strolled briskly between expensive SUVs, it

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Russian Engineering Union joins their ranks

Company Plant Spetsmashin Baltiets adopted in the Russian Engineering Union.

To understand the scale of the event is enough to mention that the Russian Engineering Union partners are more 300 leading Russian machine-building enterprises, including those of the United Aircraft Corporation, Sukhoi, FSUE MMPP Salyut, OAO GAZ, Russian Railways, JSC Izhmash JSC Transmashholding, GP VO Tyazhpromexport of Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding.

This recognition of the merits of the Plant Spetsmashin Baltiets from the Russian business community, once again confirms the status of the Plant, as a serious and reliable business partner.


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