Witology-new IT project

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Company Witology working in the field of collective intelligence / mind (Crowdsourcing, collective intelligence) The key idea — people search through a search of ideas in the course of solving the complex, often intractable problems. In this collective work in the system Witology provides intellectual potential as a superior capabilities of each of the smart people individually, and all of them put together.

Witology — one of the first manifestations of the future of the global trend of specialized social networks for solving business problems.

The Russian system of crowdsourcing Witology already managed to

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Lukoil buys lubricants business in Europe

OAO "LUKOIL" and OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH signed an agreement under which the Company "LLK-International" (100% subsidiary company of OAO "LUKOIL") acquires located in the suburbs of Vienna (Austria) on mixing plant OMV oil capacity of 35 thousand tons per year, as well as units for OMV distribution of finished products in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Serbia.

"This transaction is consistent with our strategy of providing for the further advance of LUKOIL lubricants business in the global market. The favorable geographical position in relation to foreign automakers and industries, efficient

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Turkey production in Russia is growing rapidly

According to market research turkey conducted as part of the business plan development business raising turkeys, turkey meat production in Russia in 2012 increased by 27%. The positive trend is repeated for several consecutive years.

Demand for poultry meat in Russia, the CIS and the world is quite high and has a strong tendency to increase.

Turkey meat products belong to the dietary combination because high and low calorie nutrition, fat and cholesterol and it is much smaller than even the chicken. In addition, turkey production has sufficiently high profitability.

The main region of

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Afghan triumph of the American drug

Afghan triumph of the American drug

Stringerskoe International Bureau of Investigation, uniting intellectuals, scientists, journalists — people who want to convey to the world the truth about the U.S. — speaks about the "birthplace of democracy" as a state-invader, svergatele legitimate governments, jailers, the killer of civilians, resources thief, printing and paper cutting workshop for the production of green paper and a factory producing soap bubbles. Corruption — that’s the basis on which erected the American public corporate machine.   The article of 9 June, called"Heroin with a taste of NATO", tells how the West has put

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British MPs are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on treasury

flights in business class

Despite the announced cuts in public spending, the British parliamentarians are not going to give up the pleasures they receive at public expense. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, in the last three years on business class flights for MPs spent more than £ 500 million from the state treasury. The cost of a similar trip to British airlines up? 850.

The new rules went into effect in the UK since 2009, require MPs to fly economy class tickets. These amendments were introduced after a major scandal when several members of parliament lost

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Makeevskij plant Energocapital introduces the technology of the future

Plan to introduce it in large industrial plants.

Technology implemented in the pilot plant LLC "Energocapital" (Makiyivka, Donetsk region), with its proper use can improve the environmental situation not only in the Donbass region, but also in the whole Ukraine. This does not doubt the experts present at the press conference held in Donetsk. 

Overways of disposing of sludge wasteindustrialists and environmentalists fought the 70-ies of the last century. The total amount of such waste in Ukraine is estimated at more than 4 billion tons, the fifth of which is concentrated in the Donetsk

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In Novotroickoe launched Krolikova Plant


Fluffy business. In the southern Urals Plant of rabbit run. Local farmers bred Californian pets on an industrial scale. The animals breed overseas unpretentious, rapidly gaining weight and good fruit. The first batch of double-crested product will disperse Novotroitsk not only for the region. Rabbits orders Kurgan region and Kazakhstan. American "workers" sweeter carrots did not see anything. In the Urals eared guests from California fed only hay and forage, so they grow better. To foreign rabbits bred like Russian, the owners regularly crossed various kinds.

Roman Chereshnev, managing rabbit farm: "Blending species, always get

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Multifunctional business center opened in Magas

In the capital of Ingushetia Magas opened multifunctional business center. According to Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the opening of this facility was a great gift for all the inhabitants of the republic, celebrated the 21 th anniversary.

"There was a period when the process is inhibited, there was the belief that you can safely operate in the country. Joint efforts managed to stabilize the situation, and then to think about creating an environment for entrepreneurs. We have created an attractive legal framework, one of the first in the country, we have introduced the post of Ombudsman for business ",

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The real gift for small business

Pre-order or to register for any kind of state-owned services available on the portal of public services.

And we’re at the company thought, why not create for entrepreneurs and legal entities the possibility of organizing and conducting internet appointment customers. This plan we have embodied in the service "Pre-registration" — www.prerecord.ru.

Universal service can be applied to different types of services to small business. From the head of the service requires a minimum of attention, once setting the entry page, in the future only accept messages created by customers, and the effort and cost

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Why are dealers, distributors and other resellers?

Virtually all segments of the market distributor plays an important role. Manufacturer and distributor of contract, which may be called marriage, which sets out the terms of marriage, partnership and development. However, this marriage of convenience, because in business sentiment has no place.

Why do we need distributors?

Supply capacity:

Distribution network has great supply capacity that is created by years of hard work by trading companies building relationships with consumers. Sales potential distributors is not on the surface, but it can be used with the right approach and understanding of

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