Airport Kiev (Juliani) is gaining momentum

International airport "Kiev" (Juliani) has published statistics of its operations for the first 4 months of 2013. "With the investment of public and private structures, stunning interest of foreign airlines to the airport, and increased quality indicators. This year you can not even try to compare with the previous one. Results — obvious," noted the airport. During the first 4 months of 2013, the airport had to use the services of more than 450 million passengers is 189% higher than the same period in 2012. The total number of flights reached 10,848, compared to the period last year increased

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In the final of the competition university HSE {13K} Timeout 14


Business Incubator HSE announced the finalists the annual competition of business projects HSE {13K}.

HSE {13K} — Russia’s first varsity competition of business projects. During the 7 years of its existence for many projects (CytoDel, Maxygen, Lactocore, PensiaMarket, Mobiety, Wobot, Timepad and others) participated in the contest was the first step to a successful business.

Members of the jury examined all projects that pass on formal grounds, and on the basis of relevance, innovation, quality study business ideas, as well as the possibility of its implementation and the adequacy of the market, chose 14

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Far Entrepreneurship Week opens in


Far Entrepreneurship Week opens today in Vladivostok. This year it is attended by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from Primorye, Magadan, Yakutia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Irkutsk, Omsk and Moscow.

As told Itar-Tass learned at the forum organizing committee for the first time venue for Week activities will be the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on the island of Russian. This section will work, "round tables", held a meeting with representatives of the regional business community.


One of the first activities will be a discussion of the Week "Youth entrepreneurship in the

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In the Russian market there was the first Life Coaching-company to


In December 2012, the launch of the first coaching company «YouProject» in Russia, specializing in Life Coaching for Women and personal coaching provides services that meet the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The main purpose of coaching «YouProject» — promoting successful women achieve a harmonious balance in life and business, in the development of personal effectiveness, the disclosure of internal talent, support and assistance in achieving results in terms available. 

The problem «YouProject» — to create the conditions inspirational, supportive environment for women, in which they will be able to achieve long-term

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Results of Childhood 2013 in an LLC Sun

Ltd. "The Sun", has been selling children’s wooden educational toys, sums up the International Children’s Specialized Exhibition "Childhood 2013", which was held from March 13 to 15 at the IEC "Crocus Expo".  Ltd. "The Sun" is the official representative of the factory Shummer Toys Co., Ltb of Hong Kong, which produces educational toys made of wood. The main advantage of factory production is complete safety for children’s health: all the products are made from environmentally friendly materials and meets all quality requirements. The range, which offers Ltd. "The Sun", includes musical instruments, frame inserts, designers, road systems and other

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In St. Petersburg, opened a center for business aviation Pulkovo-3

April 25 at the St. Petersburg airport "Pulkovo" the official opening ceremony of the Center for business aviation "Pulkovo-3."

The opening of the center for business aviation "Pulkovo-3" Photo: Michael Vahneev

"Pulkovo-3" — the first in the North-West region of the business aviation center providing a full range of services and has all the necessary infrastructure. The total area of the CBA "Pulkovo-3" is 100 000 square meters, on which the apron, passenger terminal building (4000 square meters), and more. 




The opening ceremony was attended by Head of

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The airline Yuteyr opened a business lounge at the airport Vnukovo

Together with its partner — the operator for ground handling UTG Aviation Services, — Airline "UTair" opened a new business lounge in Terminal"A"Vnukovo airport in the gallery departures domestic airlines.  As the press service of the airline, the new business lounge has a separate business area with a computer, printer, scanner and fax machine, meeting room with a multimedia communications system, a wardrobe and a shower. If necessary, the passenger will be issued "travel kit" with toiletries. Available around the clock "buffet" with hot meals.

For passengers, "UTair" committing flight in business class

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Science and technology start-ups looking for 400 million investment

The business incubator "Ingria" (St. Petersburg) was the final session of the Investment VC Day Ingria, where projects start-ups from across the Russian investors looking for innovative ideas. The event was dedicated to scientific and technical projects, which total demand for investment is estimated at 400 million rubles.

Developers presented a number of unique projects: a system that allows the blind to navigate in space, power plant based on an artificial tornado, versatile voice control for all the equipment in the apartment, a mobile robot for monitoring homes and offices, the cybernetic designer to build robots,

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In the village of Maya opened a social business incubator

March 28 in the village of Maya Megino-ulus Kangalassky the grand opening of the first republic of social business incubator. According to the organizers, the project aims to support entrepreneurship among people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and other groups. This is due to the fact that these categories of people are experiencing the greatest difficulty in finding suitable employment, especially in rural areas, and in need of maintenance and assistance in matters of employment.

Social business incubator will be the starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here for residents will be given a full range

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Moscow is developing agri-tourism

In Shakhovskoi district of Moscow region starts recreational agro-tourist complex (APC) "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" full cycle with the European level of quality and service to receive Russian and foreign tourists. For the first time in addition to the standard domestic agro rural tourism will likely include such promising areas as business tourism, event and corporate tourism, tourism related to training, gastronomic tourism. In addition, the CCA "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" will expand existing production certified according to international standards of environmentally friendly natural dairy, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable and grocery products with its own distribution system. On the basis of

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