LED company OptoGaN — from start-up to international


Since January Motor Show one of the largest dealers in St. Petersburg "Elva Motors" completely switched to LED lighting from "OptoGaN"

Scientists take a technological enterprise, usually draw such a prospect: to create a startup developing an innovative product — and step aside from the control when their child starts to turn into a serious business, giving way to the top managers with a degree in MBA. LED company "OptoGaN" for eight or so years went from start-up to an international holding company, and its founders — the two candidates

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DNS — done in Primorye

The company DNS, started its activities with the sale of computer and digital technology, today nearly 500 stores across the country and a network of assembly plants that manufacture products under its own brand. The largest venture is also in Primorye. This is one of the few examples where the business is not from the west to the east, and in the opposite direction, conquering new territories and everywhere finding its own market niche.

— Like many companies in our industry, we started with the sale of digital technology — says CEO of DNS Dmitri Alexeev.

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Moscow: Moscow at around R-44 helicopter

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


This flight took place in autumn 2011 and somehow overlooked on the screw. We look at Moscow and the surrounding area.

1. The route begins at the heliport Lindsay (Aerosouz). The flight took place on October 20 with the doors removed. To say it was cold — to say nothing. But the photographic art requires sacrifice and the right equipment.

2. Vitenevo. Specifically about these sites is not clear, but there still blooms coast of illegal buildings. (On the Water Code to all

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Gennady Onishchenko kurilok supported the ban in the workplace

Gennady Onishchenko supported the ban, "kurilok" in the workplace, according to Interfax.

According to him, in all civilized countries, smoking in buildings and workplaces is prohibited. Head of Epidemiology also proposed to limit the hidden advertising of tobacco products. "It should not be hidden advertising of tobacco. Could goody smoking on screen or not? Answer — can not" — he said.

According to Onishchenko, the need for a law against smoking tobacco is obvious. "According to our estimates, the implementation of the measures contained in the bill will allow in the future to reduce smoking

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The device instant recognition of substances Chernogolovki

Experts from the Institute of Solid State Physics in Chernogolovka, with the support of the innovation city "Skolkovo" perfected the instrument instant recognition substances. Special laser determines the composition of any mixture of less than an hour.

Raman Analyzer ® InSpektr R532 is designed to detect chemical substances, as well as for research.

The spectrometer is used to determine the authenticity of precious stones, and set the goodness of a particular drug, its authenticity. The unit was appreciated not only in Russia: it buys Japan, USA, Germany, Holland and a dozen countries.

Video — under

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Altay is developing nanotechnology and innovation


Altay is developing nanotechnology and innovation. In 2012, state support of business innovation has made 30 million rubles.

The volume of state doubled by the provincial and federal funds. Grants of $ 0.5 million in last year received 10 start-up companies, subsidies of up to 2 million rubles — 14 existing enterprises, the official website Altai Krai.

"One of the urgent tasks of innovation policy in the region is to ensure favorable conditions for the commercialization of promising developments", — emphasized in Glavekonomiki. To this end, the province adopted a long-term

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Sberbank has opened in Artem Business Development Center

Entrepreneurs can get not only financial services, but also educational support for efficient business.

Today, similar offices already operating successfully in Vladivostok, giving businesses a wide range of financial and non-financial services. Now all the features of the innovative format of corporate customer service is available for business Artem, which so far registered more than 5,500 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Office has a modern design and is equipped with everything necessary for a quality service entities. It representatives of small and medium-sized businesses will be able to open

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Construction of an industrial park Strunino (Vladimir region).

Industrial Park "Strunino" has prepared for the construction of an industrial area of the objects of engineering infrastructure, communications and security-service business, including a protected area, an administrative building, parking heavy vehicles. On the territory of the "Industrial Park Strunino" created all necessary conditions for the location of production and logistics structures. The project is implemented in accordance with the Master Plan of the Alexander Vladimir region.

The purpose of the Industrial Park "Strunino" provide project participants the opportunity to develop their business in the most convenient and cost-effectively.

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Business in the village from scratch

Very much bothered that liberal-minded masses, who always whining about it all wrong. One of the directions of this whining — you have to leave, no prospects.No prospects in Russia and certainly no future in the province, in the distant villages.There is no work, the business can not be created and the attempt is not worth it, the state does not help and only way.Here an interview with a girl who, with the support of the state created its own small business in the village Aksha (population — just over 4 million people) — http://biznes-chita.com/article/82

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Production of world-class

The new business area of "CHKPZ" (Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant) will be in demand around the world. On the basis of its own repair production plant was able to create a new line: "The production and modernization of forging equipment."

Today in the CIS such companies simply do not have, but in the whole world — a few dozen, while the demand for these services is high. There is a new trend in the process of modernizing and upgrading its own facilities that served the European company, parallel teaching CHKPZ repairmen. As a result, today the plant itself has

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