Biotechnology business incubator opened in MIPT

The opening ceremony of biotechnology business incubator created to "grow" small innovative companies, was held on Tuesday, May 15, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

The ceremony was attended by the rector of the Institute Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Technology Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsib, Nobel Prize in Chemistry Barry Sharpless and CEO of the biopharmaceutical cluster "Northern" Oleg baskets.

"The idea of creating a business incubator is to, without waiting for 2014, when it will be launched under construction now biotechnological body MIPT,

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Interview with the owner of the N-Trance Andrey Filatov

Begins with a coffee grinder

— And how did you come from chess in business?

— Actually, in my youth, I was planning to be a chess arbiter, he entered the Minsk Institute of Physical Education. But there was a restructuring, and my scholarship somehow suddenly devalued to $ 3 and was an international tournament in Katowice, Poland. I went there with chess, with analyzes, with books and was surprised to find that my older and more experienced comrades go with coffee grinders, cameras, hair dryers … It turned out, it is beneficial: you buy for rubles in

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Russian radio-electronic industry is booming

The rate of growth of the Russian electronic industry and their own computer systems talk about the revival of the industry. An important role in this was played by the state, but the business will not remain on the sidelines and are increasingly investing in innovation, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Today, Russia is a priority for the development of high-tech industries, and in the coming years in this area will make a real breakthrough. Investments in the production of its own chips, electronics and software in the country have grown by dozens of times, and in 2015, the amount of investment

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How not to stumble at the start

Russia is one of the world’s major centers of innovation. This was confirmed by the creators of the Summit participants Skolkovo innovation economy, which was attended by top managers in the field from around the world

April 19 at the Moscow Summit was held at the creators of innovative economy. Perhaps the title of the event seem to someone too pompous, but, given the composition of the participants, it is more than appropriate. The summit was held at the Moscow School of Management in the immediate vicinity of the construction site and assembled Skolkovo innovation city managers to successfully

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Launched portal selection of innovative technologies for business Innobis

May 10 was launched portal of search innovation for corporations

On the Web are already a number of sites, focused on innovation community. Some of them, such as StartupPoint or Napartner, allow startups and investors to find each other. Others are aimed at maintaining the viability of important projects from the idea stage to implementation and commercialization. This site Zvorykinsky project, communication platform project ASI. Still others specialize in conducting competitions of innovative projects: Kulibin, Russian Innovation Contest, National Competition of innovative projects.

Innobis project aims to ensure the practical application of innovation and technology in the activities

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Managing work with key customers

Most modern businesses today try to be customer-oriented, because it is not just fashionable, but primarily economic. But just in case this term they understand the organization’s ability to extract additional profit at the expense of understanding and response to customer needs. The major task of the project to work with key clients business administration CTRP saw it as a priority production orders with the highest marginal income.

Before the project, coordination of orders in production occurred outside the corporate information system. Commercial Directorate has formed an excel file with the data on orders, production of which

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The leader of the built-TOWER — the first skyscraper in St. Petersburg (text + many PHOTOS)

In early May, was completed exterior finish first in St. Petersburg and the northernmost in the world skyscraper, its height was 145 meters, 44 floors vutri (2-technical). At last prislavuty zoning laws breached! Let’s see what happened at Petersburg skyscraper builders.

High history

We have the opportunity to witness the landmark event in the history of our city by the end of the year will be completed ambitious project Leader Tower. This building has already entered the history of St. Petersburg as the city’s first skyscraper, the reality is a new stage in the development of the

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Bijskij business incubator equipped with a high-tech lab equipment

The business incubator supplied a full range of instruments to monitor and study the technological and operational properties of coatings and polymeric materials.

The main feature of the purchased and installed equipment is that it is possible to conduct standardized research resident business incubator. In particular, the following areas: biotechnology and pharmacology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Nanosystems, Polymers, composite materials and paints.

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a laboratory dispersing system for prototype paint and a universal testing machine. With the latest determine the deformation and strength properties of various polymer films, plastics, rubber

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KAMAZ received 5 Stars

Ceremonial presentation of "KAMAZ" Certificate of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) was held at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. The document officially confirms achievement "KAMAZ" higher-level assessment — "Recognized for Excellence -" 5 stars "and the roster of successful companies in Europe. Obtaining a certificate from the hands of the chairman of the Committee for the quality of products, the president of the Russian Organization for Quality Gennady Voronin, the Director of the quality of "KAMAZ" Alexander Abramenko noted that "moment of glory" was preceded by many years of creative work of the whole

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The quality of the innovation environment in Russia has improved

Over the past five years, the quality of the innovative environment in Russia has improved. This is stated in the study of GE «Global Innovation Barometer-2012", which was presented at the round table at the Higher School of Economics.

These studies, which surveyed 200 heads of Russian companies indicate that in our country the level of public support for innovation is high. A key role in the development of innovative government agencies play in partnership with big business and educational institutions.

The survey results also helped to identify the factors that, according to the Russian leaders would help

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