Economic tribunal upheld the claim of the BHC to the government

The Tribunal did not agree with the fact that the Council of Ministers must pay BHC 250 thousand rubles — price of property rights organization that seized the tax inspectorate.Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak disappointed by the decision of the judge Catherine Karatkevich:"In 1-x, the Council of Ministers in general has not been presented at the trial. Brewed this mess He almost made the situation rejection of international agreements — and now does not respond to our requests and demands of the European Commission.In-2, arguable position of the court as the tribunal did not seek the

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Entrepreneurs: after one day — strike a lifetime?

Participants met in Minsk strike with the head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinovsky. The meeting was held in the City Center Property.According to a member of the organizing committee of the public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" Nikolai Romashin, organized a meeting to release the tension in the midst of entrepreneurs:"Nobody there has not made substantial. Again the same — he said, you give us suggestions, and we will consider. These proposals have already been written a thousand. Switching to these" Chupa "(private unitary enterprise. — AD) is simply not thought out. bureaucrats Just very hunt

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Minsk deputies against armed bandits

According to the Economic Department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, in Minsk has about fifteen hundredths arcades. Hundred "armed bandits" (also referred to as indiscriminately as these devices) are registered in the regional and district centers.Machines are sitting around for several daysStaff clubs where there are devices gaming business, do not hide game is addictive, people who can not resist the temptation to degrade.Zahar Garkun two years gave chips in one of Minsk halls and states that more vorachivatsya in this business is not going to:"I’ve seen enough of typecasting that nightmare. They virtually all around the clock,

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S.Sidorsky: Belarus in almost all cases were uneasy with the EU

"With all countries EU, as well as Lithuania, we build rovnenkie weighted neighborly affairs, "- said S.Sidorsky. He expressed the wish that the European Union" with reverence for the Belarusian products to our business entities. " According to BELTA, Sergei Sidorsky said that the Belarusian has always appreciated the support of Lithuania in the European Union, especially in the introduction of the EU preferences against Belarus.By Sidorsky, Belarus almost all cases were uneasy with the European Union, and it is a profound misunderstanding affects the economic relationship between Belarus and the EU. By Sidorsky, it will not contribute to the

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Why Justice Department reconciled with society?

Department of Justice has agreed to an amicable agreement with the "society", although previously sought to eliminate this business.Manages the association representative Yury Chavusau:"This means, that we serve a 15-day period all the documents they requested and which we have not applied because they do not receive the request. Also accompany technical violations — that the mail does not reach. A Department of Justice on these grounds can not provide more action for the elimination of "Company."Why Justice Department went to the world? Mingorispolkom bureaucrats refused to comment on this.Yuri Chausov allocated:"At this point in order to eliminate public association,

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October 5 BHC will sue the government

BHC obtains recognition of the Government and the Ministry of Finance guilty of "inactivity". According to human rights activists, bureaucrats have gained changes in legislation, to be had in mind the obligations of the government not to impose taxes on foreign aid program there TACIS.As a result, 2006 Tribunal found that the BHC has not paid taxes, and arrested the property of the organization. Previously been frozen accounts BHC and BHC against him manager Tatiana opened criminal case. Human rights activists they say that because of these circumstances the organization for 2- years was virtually paralyzed.BHC will consider a complaint

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EU funds first learn bureaucrats

Economist Misha Zaleski data not amazed Accounting Chamber:"Every organization, if it is created, should work. And every organization people work. And the more they love at work that department, which is called the cash register where and get their wages. Means always get easier. But to do something for the means — this is how it goes. And if the organization as a fifth wheel in the cart, then you can do and can not do. It is said that 100 years poppy has not begotten, and there was no famine. That’s how they work — earnings mastered by three

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Movement For Freedom is suing the Ministry of Justice

Referee Valery Samolyuk will consider the complaint, signed by Yuri Hubarevich of Birch, Alex Kavalets from Minsk and Andrew Kusyalchuk of Grodno. They and other founders of the organization require the abolition of the Ministry of Justice decision, as they believe that it is "baseless, unlawful and violates the legitimate rights and interests of citizens." Alexei Kavalets states that the complaint they provide numerous examples bespadstavnastsi negative decision of the Ministry:"Totally tricky wordplay. And less. Nor are there those violations, those Fri, through which can be would not register a company. For example, they write in your charter says that

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On Sunday, the youth activists will write letters A. Klimau

Action "Initiative" will take place on Main Post Office from 18.00 and will be timed to days of birth policy, which falls on Sat.Andrei Klimov, August 1, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for an article on the web, which the authorities considered an insult Alexander Lukashenko and calling for the overthrow of the municipal building.In Last year several youth organizations organized a flash mob at the post office under the slogan "Send a letter to Dashkevich" — in support of the favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich, sentenced to one and a half years in prison for his role in an

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Should stay or Shejman or Viktor Lukashenko

Tsigankov: "Today, for the next day after Vladimir Kanaplyou filed with the request for resignation, we try to analyze all the versions that have been made for this time. One of the vserasprostranennyh — what Kanaplyou failed to keep their own business interests. This version, like no matter what the other has a right to exist, but does not leave the answer to the question why exactly at the moment went cannabis. After all, their business interests he has at least a 96-year, and it did not stop him from being one of the closest people to Lukashenko. What happened,

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