New Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in the capital of the Urals

In January, the grand opening of the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in the business center "Vysotsky" in Yekaterinburg.

Vysotsky Museum is located in the same business center on Malyshev Street, on the floor 1a — after the entrance to the left and up the stairs. Admission is free, Monday and Tuesday — closed.

The entire exhibition is located in one room of about 250 m2. It is divided into several sections. The first is devoted to childhood Volodya Vysotsky picture house where

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New Deal


Another major rating companies clearly demonstrated that the restructuring of the Russian economy — a fait accompli. Over the last decade, four hundred largest companies simply have more than doubled their total revenue (up to 2.5 trillion dollars), but stopped carrying pronounced'' raw'' color. The share of oil and gas sector decreased from 33 to 20%, and engineering — has grown from 6 to 10% faster pace is the industrialization of agriculture. The leading position left the financial sector, almost equal to the oil and gas (18% of the rating). "

It's not nonsense and not

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New business incubator opened on the basis IGGU

January 18 at the Faculty of Economics and Informatics Izmail State Humanitarian University opened a new business incubator designed to IGGU students, school leavers and aspiring young entrepreneurs. As part of the incubator will be held trainings and individual consultations on business planning, management, on the specifics of a small business, tax, accounting. Residents be given access to such facilities FEI, as a laboratory technical creativity, virtual enterprise, architecture, computer systems and networks, as well as technologies restaurant business.

Business incubator for small and medium-sized businesses will operate under the tutelage of the city Public Council, which

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The investigation did not rule out political motives behind the disappearance Zakharenka

Uliana Zakharenko society appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich to provide information about what was done prosecution authorities for 11 years in search of her son, and those who he was forcibly abducted, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya".

On appeal Victor said Conan. He said the prosecutor's office of Minsk continues a criminal investigation into the disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko. The period of investigation extended to September 24 this year. We study different versions of wrongdoing, "in including because of self-interest, on the grounds of personal hostility, due to his political activities, as well as a number

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Belarusian businessmen — not the richest in the CIS

Society Ukrainian newspaper "Delo" published a study on "The richest of the CIS." The rating included businessmen six post-Soviet republics, including Belarus and Moldova. Evaluation of wealth main business of the two republics published.

"It" has found out, in whose hands the largest in post-Soviet republics focused most reputable business assets, and with the help of experts evaluated their market value.

The largest — in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Representatives of the three countries of the former Soviet Union come up regularly

Most transparent assets compared with other countries of the Commonwealth — the Russian and Ukrainian businesses.

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Luzhkov has returned …

One of the most controversial processes of recent years promises to be a process of so-called case of "Bank of Moscow". This is due to the fact that in Moscow called for questioning Yuri Luzhkov as important as a witness. November 9 last mayor arrived in the capital, and before long he was waiting to behold in the Department of the Ministry of the Interior. Already at this point the blogosphere, forum Interior Ministry and other Internet segments react violently to the ongoing action. If you collect information together, the picture appears in the following form:

about 60% of posts

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Innovations in Business Gazelle 2011

The most important area of modernization in 2011 will be galvanized much of the body and cab — parts most prone to corrosion, the press service of the company. Since February, began installing galvanized parts of bodies and cabs, in the future we plan to go to galvanizing facial body parts to the waistline. Other changes in 2011 the family car "Business":

— Modernization of the vehicle's cooling and heating of the engine (a modified design of the radiator will prevent overheating, even in 40-degree heat of summer, and the additional dogrevatel on diesel engines provide reliable starting even

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Experts will discuss environmental issues in Chelyabinsk

Third International Environmental Forum and Exhibition "Climate change and the environment of the industrial city 'opens in Chelyabinsk on Tuesday, the ministry of environment of the region.

At one site together representatives of government, business, investors, experts and scholars from various regions of Russia, as well as representatives of major companies and governments of Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland.

"The participants and guests a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about how energy conservation, creation of renewable energy, waste management, emission reduction and many others are solved by domestic enterprises in the leading countries in these areas. Addition will

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Leonid Ivashov: Putins Russia lips announced departure from the pro-Western vector

First, it should be noted that as a result of the visit of a large delegation of government and business representatives in Iraq Russia, headed by the Prime Minister of the country — a reversal of the pro-US Iraqi politicians to pro. For the majority of Americans are invaders and destroyers of their country and the main opponents. Now, these sentiments are transformed into public consciousness in real politics. The Iraqi administration has committed a sufficiently courageous act: despite the pressure, which is probably from the United States and its satellites, it tries to survive and build an independent foreign

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Journalists have estimated revenues of the ROC

Russian Orthodox Church has recently become one of the major newsmakers. "Missing" hours patriarch, expensive cars and other "worldly pleasures" ordinary Russians have caused a lot of different issues. Magazine "RBC" conducted its own investigation to find out what today holds that the ROC and the spread of its business interests. In the list were a luxury hotel, bank, building, delivery vehicles BMW, as well as large and small plants.

According to the publication, the annual income of the ROC from donations and other sources is 100-150 million dollars in cash. Some of that money invested churchmen

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