Ivan Shyla, In our part of the suspect could not learn the explosive case

Society The Young Ivan Shyla, who served in the Army with the main suspect in the terrorist attack on the subway, 99% sure it was him featured in the video, which shows the investigation.

"We did not have courses on explosive devices", — the "Radio Liberty" activist "Malady Front" Salihorsk Ivan Shyla, who, as it turned out, he served with the main suspect in the attack in the same division in the military section under Lepel. April 20 of these courses was informed by one of the online resources:

"This is nonsense. Perhaps it is peculiar in some parts

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Individual entrepreneurs against the initiative of the National Bank

Society The National Bank of Belarus has removed restrictions on the dollar for businesses. Until now, the OTC market rate could deviate from the official by only 10%. The first alternative trading market to determine the exchange rate will be held next week. It is assumed that he may be about 3900 rubles per dollar. How will this affect the activities of individual entrepreneurs, as well as the purchasing power of consumers?

Alexander Taustyka

Minsk businessman Alexander Taustyka believes that the National Bank is not aimed at supporting small businesses. Also, it will have a positive impact on the economic

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Krasnoyarsk was among the ten best cities in Russia on appeal to business

business center "Sirius" (Krasnoyarsk)

 Photo source:lexus-krasnoyarsk.ru

Krasnoyarsk is the fifth in the list of the best cities in Russia in attractiveness for business. Rating analysts were of the "RBC" at the end of 2010. Became the first in the ranking of Krasnodar, followed by Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. Some of the city — the leaders of last year — Sochi, Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don — left the top ten.

"The moral of the changes is simple: art city management finally comes to the fore. Post-crisis 2010 has demonstrated the real power of Russian cities, " — As

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KGB: Who told you that these are the most suspicious?

Society On the Internet and some of the media to give the names of three people alleged suspects in the April 11 attack in the Minsk metro. The KGB and the Prosecutor's Office, however, these data do not comment, and repeated warnings of prosecution for spreading false information.

April 18 names of detainees suspected of terrorism called the Russian resource «Life News» citing informed sources. According to the resource, it is the residents of Vitebsk 25-year-old former classmates Dmitri K. and K. Vlad, as well as 28-year-old Maxim M., who allegedly helped assemble an explosive device. The names of the

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The shadow of gambling in Russia

For him, people play computer games or slot machines? Psychologists have long been considered the problem of game Depending on how the very real illness. The situation with complete gambling on the views of many professionals, threatens national security. Luli get used to playing slot machines to play free of charge so that later become addicted to their own whims.

Initially, gambling may seem innocent fun, but ultimately man loses all control over his senses and converted to a man who turns out to be virtually enslaved by the system. Such man can become an easy target those who

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New suspect in the Square — Vitaly Stazharau

Society New suspect in a criminal case on the riots — Vitaly Stazharau. Immediately after the presidential election, he left Belarus.

Boy repeatedly Agenda sent him to appear for questioning as a witness.

Feb. 7 at his grandmother's apartment was searched, seized CDs and literature.

Vitaly Stazharau some time headed the Minsk city organization "Young Democrats", the human rights center "Viasna".

Corruption is melting

Over the past year, the risks of corruption in the Russian entrepreneurs times decreased from the results of a global survey of Ernst &Young. Experts attribute this to the integration of Russia into the world economy (WTO accession), toughening penalties for corruption and fatigue life business "black."

According to the survey Ernst &Young, for the year by almost 2-fold reduction in the number of entrepreneurs who face corruption.

If last year on corruption as "a common problem," said 93% of the entrepreneurs, in 2012 their number had dropped to 48%, according to a global study on fraud

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Bioenergy Corporation — a partner of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Bioenergy Corporation is the first time a partner of the World Economic Forum, which opened today, 25 January in Davos, Switzerland. The delegation included the Chairman of the Corporation Board of Directors David Yakobashvili and president of the corporation, a member of the Board of Directors Jan Janowski.

Top corporate "Bioenergy" will take part in the business program, plenary sessions and meetings, which are the subject of a modern industrial policy, the global economy, the development of innovation and new formats of geo-economic communities.

The program host David Yakobashvili in Davos scheduled a series of

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Companies that killed technical progress

January 23, 2012 13:30

Kodak and other companies that were not able to make out time to new technologies

Pioneer photo industry company Eastman Kodak Co. filed for bankruptcy. Over the past year, Kodak shares depreciated by 90%, the company is mired in debt, closes dozens of laboratories and conducts thousands of cuts. After passage of bankruptcy Kodak expects to seriously restructure its business.

Kodak made a fortune in the manufacture and sale of photographic equipment widely available to her photographs — film, paper, etc. The history of Kodak had several peak moments when he became a pioneer of

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Encyclopedia of cats watch online

Ever since ancient times believed that cats — the most mysterious creatures in the world. Their magical powers are the most varied and untold legends that benefit millions of people around the world. Even so, some very enthusiastic study of these animals, that it has become for them a typical meaning of life.

In fact, it is no secret that cats and cats — indeed worthy of attention being. And this is known not only their masters, and, at first, do pets. These playful and playful animals love to think that all believed around them because their

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