MP goes to the KGB

Society Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

Primary sources in the Soviet era known as the classics of Marxism-Leninism (in fact, instead of the duo was a trio or quartet, but Engels to your "ism" has not held, and Stalin in the early 60's with a concert brigades have already dropped out). The primary source of Ming period, Oswald is, of course, the development of business intelligence KGB — is the body of the dictatorship led his chronicle of life, sometimes kastravany, often in the

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Economic forum in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, there is an international economic forum, which presents the delegation with many countries in Europe and the world, including the chief executives of some states. In this forum, a lot of attention was paid to the economic development of the countries of Western Europe and the U.S. since the financial crisis of 2008.

Western economists emphasize that Russia is no longer just a resource, and do all the steps to diversify its economy to innovative production. Because of this, the Western countries are ready to consider Russian business is not something barbaric, but as part of

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The success story of the Russian company will examine the students at Stanford

History and development of one of the leaders of the Russian market monitoring and control of vehicles, the company "Russian Navigation Technologies' (RNT), in the form of a business case is included in the curriculum at Stanford and other universities in the United States. In this example, American students will be able to get acquainted with the technology of the successful launch of innovative start-ups in Russia, they are "growing" to the state of a sustainable international business and the withdrawal of the company's IPO.

Business case RNT included in the report Global Enterpreneurship and the Successful

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Interview with the owner of the N-Trance Andrey Filatov

Begins with a coffee grinder

— And how did you come from chess in business?

— Actually, in my youth, I was planning to be a chess arbiter, he entered the Minsk Institute of Physical Education. But there was a restructuring, and my scholarship somehow suddenly devalued to $ 3 and was an international tournament in Katowice, Poland. I went there with chess, with analyzes, with books and was surprised to find that my older and more experienced comrades go with coffee grinders, cameras, hair dryers … It turned out, it is beneficial: you buy for rubles in

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Another defendant in the case on December 19

Society According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", was recently detained party protest rally on December 19 in Minsk milulaga activist of "Young Front" Oleg Hnedchyk. He was charged under Article 293 Criminal Code.Moreover, He was elected for another measure — detention. Now Oleg Hnedchyk is in the prison upon Valadarski Street.

Oleg Hnedchyk spent three days in jail in early January. Then he was questioned by security services as a suspect in the case of mass riots in Minsk.

Total the case recognized the accused more than 40 people.

The aliens have helped volgogradke in business

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Innovative production technology of sapropel

All the more problematic and expensive for businesses to become receipt of raw materials for poizvodstva production, especially in agriculture and heavy industry. It is not surprising that the CIS countries are experiencing increased interest in the use of our own natural resources to production based on these organo-mineral fertilizers, cosmetics, health products and food. Such resources may include organic lake-bottom mud — sapropel.


Russia is the leader in the preparation and design of enterprise production and processing of this raw material in bulk, liquid, granular and tablet fertilizers, feed additives, mud. The market

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Innovation and small business Yaroslavl region

Innovation and business standards will form the basis of development of small business.

Business life Yaroslavl region in September of 2011 was marked by powerful and very promising ending. Held on the last day of the month in Rybinsk Annual Meeting of the Council for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises governor called "a landmark."


— Three years ago, we gathered in this hall — said Sergey Vahrukov, referring to the 70 members of the audience korsoveta. — And talked about changing the system approaches to small businesses in the region. It makes sense to draw

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Battle choirs watch online

A unique show that is unique and will show us the stars of show business that are sent in 8 cities in order to select the most copies of singing la own choir, and later participate in the Battle of choirs. Eight stars of show business will have the opportunity to select the participants own town, and every week they have to show on what their young talents …

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Russian secret services — the remains of former greatness

Russia soon enveloped excessive enthusiasm for spies, but for that to revitalize the former intelligence agent halo filming of Anna Chapman in the magazine Maxim obviously not enough. President Dmitry Medvedev made a statement that the SVR as before retains all the capabilities for high-quality, efficient and most importantly effective solution of problems, but these claims are made against the background of a number of failures, and the myth of the greatness of Russian special services already given crack. And really, how to believe in their former glory, if announcements about showing our agents occur frequently in the media, while

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