Investing in science manufacturers should become a fashion

Creating your own research center helped businesses of the Industrial Group UPEC (Kharkiv) to reach a new level of competitiveness of their products on the market.

Detail of an alliance of business and science correspondent of Ukrinform the director of the IG UPEC for Research, Development and Information Technology, Head of the Joint Engineering Centre (JRC), the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Eduard Simson.


"Own Research Center Group UPEC began to create in 2007-2008. To date, this project invested about 70 million

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Simulation of a new generation

Ltd. "XJ Technologies" (XJ Technologies) — one of the leading companies in the field of tools and business applications of simulation in the world and the absolute leader in Russia.

material is taken from the company website:

XJ Technologies has developed, brought to market and improves AnyLogic — a new generation of tools MI, bringing together the approaches of system dynamics, the "process" discrete event and agent-based modeling. AnyLogic — is the choice of thousands of users around the world, hundreds of commercial organizatsiyi hundreds of universities. The number of our

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Svetlana Lebedko: I think my husband does not give evidence

Society News from the life of political prisoners. Anatoly Lebedko not give evidence, says wife Svetlana policy. Statkevich completes familiarization with the criminal case. Dmitry Bondarenko suffers from a disease of the joints. A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski "mentally prepared for a significant period."

UCP leader Anatoly Lebedko for the first time in three months visited by a lawyer. Politician's wife Svetlana said:

Looks tired, but kind of kept … As far as I know, no investigation with his participation is not

"It looks tired, but kind of kept. While the lawyer does not know when his deal,

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Lameka Pochobut may apply to the court

Society "If something was broken, each of us can stand up for their rights through the courts," — commented on June 10 at a press conference in Minsk Deputy Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities Vladimir Lameka situation that occurred yesterday in Grodno prison.

June 9 Grodno prison guard interrupted a meeting with the journalist Andrei Poczobut father, Stanislav Poczobut, because they were talking to each other in Polish. The guard made the remark, but did not change the language of the interlocutors.

Then prison officials stopped the meeting and asked to leave the premises Stanislaus Pochobut jail.

Commissioner for Religions

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Why are dealers, distributors and other resellers?

Virtually all segments of the market distributor plays an important role. Manufacturer and distributor of contract, which may be called marriage, which sets out the terms of marriage, partnership and development. However, this marriage of convenience, because in business sentiment has no place.

Why do we need distributors?

Supply capacity:

Distribution network has great supply capacity that is created by years of hard work by trading companies building relationships with consumers. Sales potential distributors is not on the surface, but it can be used with the right approach and understanding of

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Launched portal selection of innovative technologies for business Innobis

May 10 was launched portal of search innovation for corporations

On the Web are already a number of sites, focused on innovation community. Some of them, such as StartupPoint or Napartner, allow startups and investors to find each other. Others are aimed at maintaining the viability of important projects from the idea stage to implementation and commercialization. This site Zvorykinsky project, communication platform project ASI. Still others specialize in conducting competitions of innovative projects: Kulibin, Russian Innovation Contest, National Competition of innovative projects.

Innobis project aims to ensure the practical application of innovation and technology in the activities

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Dmitry Uss: Talking with my son felt preparing for unrest

Society Dmitry Uss not rule out that the claim of "McDonalds" in his case produced the investigation. Statkevich examined in the three volumes of his works. Fyaduta Alexander and his wife read at one time poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Dmitry Uss

March 21 Former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss started to get acquainted with his criminal case. Just a fact, according to Uss, 7 volumes. The evidence of his guilt in organizing riots dig in the saw. In particular, he does not think the proof print phone conversation with his son, who on December 19 went to the grocery store and

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Plant Micron basic chair opened the functional nano-electronics in MIPT


Moscow, October 20, 2011 — JSC "Mikron", leading enterprise business line Microelectronics, the largest in Russia and the CIS developer, manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics, creates a basic functional nano-electronics department in the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics at the National Research University "Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). " In September 2011, between the company and the host university signed a contract.

The department prepares highly skilled professionals able to learn, develop and deploy advanced technologies in the field of nano-and microelectronics. The department will prepare bachelors in "Physics of Quantum Electronics" and

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Best Hotels in Novokuznetsk

Novokuznetsk — the city of Kemerovo region, whose economy is based on mining and processing of coal, as well as the development of metallurgical and chemical industries. Despite the fact that the capital of the Kemerovo region, which is obviously the name implies, is the Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk already exceeded the size of the regional center, and continues to develop. The downside of a successful economic development is a poor environment: the city among the top five most polluted in Russia. Meanwhile, Novokuznetsk is not only huge reserves of coal, but also has a rich history: it is one of the

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Dmitriev: KGB is trying to save face

Society An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Andrey Dmitriev said the money, which referred to the KGB on the site, were confiscated from political analyst Svetlana Naumova police in May last year. The money was never returned.

Svetlana Naumova, died March 10 after a long illness. March 12, the farewell to the deceased. Andrey Dmitriev said in an interview with "Freedom":

"It is interesting that the KGB still care about his own image in the eyes of the people. And partly that they have published, really. Really, the money Svetlana Andreevny were seized during a raid on May 18.

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