Foreign business millionaires in Belarus

Society Electronic Edition "Diary" and the magazine "Business Review" compiled a list of the richest businessmen from neighboring countries working on the Belarusian market. We offer you the translation of publications in brief"Diary" and the magazine "Business revue" find out which of millionaire neighbors have a business in Belarus. Many as neighbors are trying to find the Belarusian market niche. Though few can, we can say that established a parity: how many of businesses a variety of reasons leaves Belarus, about the same every year and coming.

Not an exception last year. Vladimir Potanin, that the deal with the

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Gennady Onishchenko supported the ban, kurilok in the workplace

Gennady Onishchenko supported the ban, "kurilok" in the workplace, according to Interfax.

According to him, in all civilized countries, smoking in buildings and workplaces is prohibited. Head of Epidemiology also proposed to limit the hidden advertising of tobacco products. "It should not be hidden advertising of tobacco. Could goody smoking on screen or not? Answer — can not" — he said.

According to Onishchenko, the need for a law against smoking tobacco is obvious. "According to our estimates, the implementation of the measures contained in the bill will allow in the future to reduce smoking

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Ales Mikhalevich released on bail

Society Former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich the evening on February 19 was released from the KGB jail on bail.

As the Mikhalevich "Freedom," he was taken to the city center and dropped off there. After that he went straight home:

"I have not seen for two months relatives, so very happy to hug his wife and children."

From the comments about the criminal case and the circumstances of the release Mikhalevich refused, saying:

"I'm in the same situation as all other defendants in the case on December 19."

According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna" in a criminal case on

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The trial of the Russians detained in the Square will be open

Society Trial on the case of mass riots over the citizens of Russia Ivan Gaponavym and Artem Brevsam will open. It will start at 10:00 on February 22Moscow District Court Minsk.

About This was reported Ivan's mother Gaponava Sabir Atakishyeva with reference to the son of a lawyer.

Now Ivan Gapon, and Artem Brevs are in jail Valadarski Street and accused of involvement in the riots.

The first trial in the case was held on December 19 in Minsk on February 17. Basil Parfiankou sentenced to four years in colony.



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The first trial for the area will begin on February 17

Society Feb. 17 start courts in the case of the riots in Minsk on December 19 2010. According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", 17 February, 10-hours in the court of the Frunze district court of Minsk will start Basil Parfiankou.

Vasily Parfiankou collaborated with "Tell the Truth", was an activist of Staff Vladimir Neklyaeva. Detained on January 4 as a suspect in criminal case the riots. Located at held in jail on Valadarski Street.

Custom tailoring

Everyone wants to look individually different from the big crowds with their appearance. Today, as before, the man decided to meet on clothes, so much success in his personal life and business depends on this wardrobe.

To sew custom made many people are turning to the services of sewing shop or to private masters, working at home. But what about the business owner who needs to put their employees in uniforms, their appearance differs from other clothing manufacturers?

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Our homeland — again the empire, but the other (Stratfor, USA)

Colin Chapman: Ronald Reagan called Russian Alliance — such as it then was, — an evil empire. Now Our modern home presents itself differently. Now it is not an empire, obviously, but a huge country, which returns for himself a strong impact.

Welcome to the program from Agenda with George Friedman. George, in the past year stay Vladimir Fishing season as prime minister was characterized by various attempts — and not very effective — return under Russian influence certain parts of the former Russian Empire.

George Friedman: Let's start with a sample to clarify that just did Putin. He acknowledged

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Russian oil will help out just luck

The elections resulted in the victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As his return to the Kremlin will happen in the economy and how it will operate new girl power, if Russia will cover the second wave of the crisis? These questions are answered by experts interviewed by the correspondent of "Ytra."

Grigory Tomchin, president of the Russian Association of privatized and private companies:I've been in a number of regions, was at a meeting of small and medium-sized business with the government. Nothing positive business uttered. He clamped, it can not work, the last two — three years, the

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Volgograd CITY — the largest in the south of Russia complex under construction in the 104 district of Volgograd

The complex is a system of buildings and structures with its own infrastructure from the business center to the shopping malls and houses a high level of comfort. It will consist of 5 modern houses, business center, hotel, shopping and entertainment centers, avtomoll, underground parking and social infrastructure: kindergarten, a school, a health center and a health center.

In VI quarter of 2010 was commissioned a 26-storey business center with a total area of 55,000 square meters, which is located at: Volgograd,. Rokossovskogo 62.

Brief description: Office area of over 26,000 sq.m. Business center

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Return of Physics

In nachale2000-xB Novosibirsk private money tried to make the business development of the defense of the Institute of Catalysis SB RAS — a safe atmosphere for the decontamination of chemical weapons. The result is a manufacturer of air purifiers "tion", who later settled in Technopark Akademgorodok, has managed to gain a foothold in the enterprise market, investments have to take a giant window CBF, develop and ensure the production and mass sales breathers — home air purifiers, air supply. As soon as all the manufacturers have managed it, then announced that they now will be engaged in the business

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