Putin proposed program from the development of the Russian Federation

Another program article presidential candidate Vladimir Putin devoted to the economy. In the middle of the challenges posed by Putin — the development of infrastructure, business support and training for the development of Russian economy and industry. One of the fundamental components of economic development on the views of the premiere — the privatization of several state-owned companies. Apart from this, this paper focuses on the plans later this year to decide on the implementation of the tax "on property", which, for example, will have to pay the owners of expensive cars and houses. Article posted in

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In Tula was the first Tula Tourism Forum

1st Tula tourism forum was timed to several events — the 300th anniversary of the production of weapons-grade in this historic city, the 235-anniversary of the province of Tula, the 75th anniversary of the Tula region and the Day of the Tula gingerbread. In addition, all of these events which coincided with the last days of golden apple and autumn. Moscow forum was presented very much — after all immediate neighbors.

Forum held to enhance regional cooperation in the field of tourism, promote the establishment and development of business links between specialists of tourist, hotel and related industries. The program

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Vilnius instead of Lukashenko's inauguration

Society Ambassadors EU countries, accredited in Minsk, located in Vilnius.Lithuania to attend the 12 heads of diplomatic missions, as well as the charge d'affaires of the European Commission in Belarus, Lithuania's Foreign Ministry said.

According to the European Humanities University in Vilnius are the ambassadors of Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania and the representative of the European Commission.

Diplomats to visit YSU Home Human Rights, Lithuanian radio and television, will meet with members of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Ambassadors and representatives of the European Commission will discuss with the leadership

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Countering the criminal business in Russia

Modern business management is often faced with administrative obstacles. But often themselves businessmen can use illegal funds and mechanisms for profit. Now announcements from the world of business can find out using a Web site http://www.rosfirm.ru/. One of the new news from the world of business is the news that, as in Moscow detained a group of bankers engaged in illegal cash withdrawal. The work was arranged in such a makarom that clandestine bankers used the cash registers of certain financial institutions, which are managed through cash of about 500 million rubles. Operatives mean that fraudsters acted in a criminal

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Accession to the WTO: What to Expect

Approaching the time to address the issue of Russia's accession to the WTO. Ratification of the protocol was previously scheduled for July 4. But opposition MPs complained to the Constitutional Court because of marked irregularities in the ratification of the protocol.

The court session held on July 3 and 9 of the decision should be made public. The new date for ratification is scheduled for July 10. Spring by Grant Thornton conducted a survey of 100 companies all over Russia with the number of personnel to no more than 500 people about their expectations for the upcoming event. It

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The recycling Russia

In 2006, on the Web for a number of days saw the light of the interview Oleg V. Deripaska, which he gave the VIP-Bulletin "Time of Eurasia." The interview was designed for up to 500 subscribers VIP-analytical collection, was placed on the Ukrainian website "fourth Vlad" ("fourth power").

In just a few hours after the publication of the interview disappeared from the pages of a web site, but the search engines have time to index the web and keep in their own archives. After this interview, beginning to walk on political websites RuNet.

[In addition, all

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In Sokol district of Lipetsk opened a new private kindergarten

October 3 at the opening of the Lipetsk branch of the private educational institutions of pre-school education "Happy Children", calculated for 65 children aged 1.5 to 6 years.

The head of Lipetsk Michael Gulevsky reaffirmed the city government to solve the problem of shortage of places in kindergartens in 2014, including by means of a small business that has recently been actively develops this line of business. In a short time, the city has 27 small private kindergartens. There are investment proposals from entrepreneurs to create larger preschools. Of course, the child's stay in a private kindergarten will cost

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In the apartment of a journalist who wrote about business and Bebenina Baykova, searched


Victor F.

The apartment employee information company BelaPAN journalist online newspaper Naviny.by Viktor Yanukovych and his parent's home on January 15 were searched.

According to F. BelaPANv at 10 o'clock in the morning to him in the apartment called the people in civilian clothes who introduced himself as KGB agents. "It turned out that behind the door were two KGB lieutenant colonel, a captain of the agency and the two witnesses — as I understand it, the teacher, who immediately tore off the training to carry out a search. The search warrant was presented to me. It indicates

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Profitable business via the Web

If you have decided to find out what the extra income, you can apply to that topic as the ready web store.

Now the trade sector attracts hundreds of millions of people around the world, and the means is vsepolnotsennym constant source of income for those people who do not want to wait cents from their own country for the economical activity. If you have a desire to engage in trade, then there will have to hold high-level analysis of the market. Meditate everyday trade now is problematic for a number of reasons. This bureaucratic red tape that

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In the next life Yaks Go to Heaven

Production of Yak-40 and Yak -42 long discontinued, but Refurbished Many of them go into business aviation. Despite the large consumption fuel, Yaks can stand up.

Pay good money and want to walk bent a little bit. 🙂

Many of the planes are finding their home at Europe's largest business aviation airport Vnukovo-3

Just look at the skills of our designers and engineers …

the level of comfort they are not inferior to anyone, anywhere, in any way 🙂

company Ltd. "Tulpar Interior Group", Kazan

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