In Pikalevo (Leningrad region). Opened a business incubator

In g.Pikalevo opened a business incubator for start-ups. As the press service of the regional government for the residents provided 27 premises for small businesses and offices.The business incubator already has 10 business projects, which include manufacturers of paints and varnishes, furniture, sporting goods, food products, the organization of cargo transportation, mini printing press, counseling center on business. It is assumed that all small businesses business incubator will create about 50 new jobs in the city.For entrepreneurs in the business incubator at preferential rents: in the first year allowance on rent will be 40%, in the second — 60%. In

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Photo of a search warrant at Ales Mikhalevich

Photocopy of the Company's warrants presented to us vice-chairman the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich that at the request of his wife Milana Mikhalevich was today understood during searches conducted in two apartments Michalevic.


As you can see, the investigation finds that all the detainees at the case "Acted on preliminary arrangement by group of persons." It is also interesting that the document lists 19 people, although the last days received information that the case held 22 people. However, perhaps the investigators simply took the old form.

How to open his own studio

All people are different from each other not only the type of shape, but also their knowledge of beauty and style. And specifically because sometimes it is very difficult to pick out all of the proposed range of shops that specific thing that would normally fit specifically for you. Also do not always dress, like it at first sight, it is "sitting" in the figure, which is why it needs adjustment.

Based on all these circumstances it is possible to judge that the services studio making and repairing items odezhki will always take advantage of demand.

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In the Penza region opened a new business incubator

Last week, in the Penza region, in Serdobsk, the grand opening of a business incubator office and production type, which will house small businesses are realizing the long-term, including the high-tech projects. Here are waiting for new entrepreneurs.

The building, which is located Serdobsky business incubator, the locals know well. Once upon a time it belonged to the administration of the plant, known to the whole country. It was here that the legendary did cuckoo clocks — for several decades, they were a symbol of Serdobsk. Then the company went bankrupt.

The regional authorities together with

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In Penza opened a business incubator in the field of information technology and instrumentation

The opening ceremony of the business incubator mixed (office and industrial) of the type held in the city of Penza. Specialization new facility business infrastructure — precision engineering, information technology and electronics.

Business incubator with a total area of more than 3 thousand square meters. m is the 34th in a row of similar objects, built in the Penza region.

The cost of a business incubator — more than 75 million rubles., Including 15 million rubles. — Budgetary funds of the Penza region and more than 60 million rubles. — Means the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

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In Paris, started the Russian visa application center

In the heart of the French capital opened Russian Visa Center (REC). It is located in the business center and a stone's throw from the famous Champs-Elysées. The French have long asked to do it to the maximum to make life easier for those of them who visit Russia on business or as tourists — said at the ceremony, the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov. And so it happened. Thus, the commitment we have made to our French colleagues, satisfied.

During the month of REC acted in "test" mode: the reception of documents produced from the visa

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19 detained in the case on December 19 arrested. The official list

Society The investigation has chosen measure — detention — against 19 suspects in the case of the riots in Minsk on December 19. Only in the case of 22 individuals.

Minsk police reports:

"Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation Minsk police arrested 19 people suspected of involvement in the commission of a crime under Article 293 of the Criminal Code (mass disorders). All suspects have been detained in the remand prison of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus. Conducts investigations."

Police also provides a list of those arrested:

First Arestovich Alexander, born in 1952; The second Atroschankau Alexander,

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Russia topped the list of corrupt

Published its latest rating of countries in which the most flourishing corruption in the conduct of international trade. Like last time, the first place in the list of Russia won, the most corrupt sectors which cited the construction and state orders.

All in the list — the 28 countries that are leading in the world in terms of foreign trade and foreign direct investment. Russia showed the worst results: her 28th place in the rating of the index and the index of — 6.1 on a scale of zero to ten.

Promote your business with bribes Russian businessmen have bypassed

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In Novotroickoe launched Krolikova Plant


Fluffy business. In the southern Urals Plant of rabbit run. Local farmers bred Californian pets on an industrial scale. The animals breed overseas unpretentious, rapidly gaining weight and good fruit. The first batch of double-crested product will disperse Novotroitsk not only for the region. Rabbits orders Kurgan region and Kazakhstan. American "workers" sweeter carrots did not see anything. In the Urals eared guests from California fed only hay and forage, so they grow better. To foreign rabbits bred like Russian, the owners regularly crossed various kinds.

Roman Chereshnev, managing rabbit farm: "Blending species, always get

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In Nizhny Novgorod opened the seventh business incubator


August 11 opening ceremony of the seventh in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Bor business incubator. It already working first residents.

As residents of the incubator after studying the set of necessary documents were selected 14 companies and entrepreneurs wishing to enlist the support of the government in the development of their own business. Note that such a start-up firms in the walls of the office space will be provided with a reduced rental costs in the amount of 30% of the total monthly cost for the first two years of operation. Residents will

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