In Stupino open innovation and technology center

In the Moscow region town of Stupino the grand opening of center. Office facilities located in the house 33a/54 on Victory Avenue. The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Economy of the Moscow Region V. Andronov, head of the municipal area Stoupinsky PI Chelpan, representatives of the local administration and the business community. After the ceremonial ribbon-cutting was signed certificate of opening of the center. Then the participants of the event were the presentation of the audience, which tells about the activities of the institution. The main focus of the center will be the development of

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The city Nikolsk (Penza region). Opened a business incubator in the glass industry

February 14, 2012, in the city of Penza region Nikolsk opened a business incubator mixed (office and industrial) type in the glass industry, which will be the foundation infrastructure steklodelnogo cluster.

A business incubator located in a renovated building — the former residence of the owners of a glass factory Bahmetyev-Obolensky, built at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. The cost of the restoration project and equipment amounted to 58.9 million rubles.

The business incubator, with an area of 2.7 thousand square meters, set up: four laboratories (industrial workshops), equipped with technological equipment: a laboratory to determine the quality

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Who should belong to the asteroids?


Private group of companies already make predatory business plans to enter the expanses of open space, rich in resources. The first space goals on the way of big business will be Moon and asteroids. While the finance, technology development and entrepreneurial spirit of asteroids and other space objects gradually take real shape at the same time come up and sensitive issues related to ownership of the mineral extraction and matching of the law of treaties — the big questions "K" but not in the sense of "Cosmos," and in the sense of "Capitalism."

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Billionaires become immortal?


Scientists ask businessmen to finance their development in the field of cybernetic immortality. Recall that at the beginning of 2011 in Russia, a new strategic social movement "Russia 2045". It was headed by a businessman, president of the media holding New Media Stars Dmitry Itskov. On the basis of the movement was created corporation "Immortality".


Dmitry Itskov, founder of the "Russia 2045"

It was composed of prominent specialists in the field of artificial organs,

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In the Volgograd region was put into operation a new elevator

In the Volgograd region was put into operation a new elevator capacity of 32 thousand tons of grain. New elevator appeared in Alekseyevsky area in one of the largest farms in the region — the company "Agro-key."

Start a new elevator system — this is a logical continuation of the grain business. The total investment of the owner in the rehabilitation and development of the economy, "Key-Agro" in 2009-2011 exceeded 1.1 billion rubles.

For three years the reconstruction and modernization of the economy — restored and refurbished workshops for the repair of equipment, grain cleaning and drying

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Lavrov explained why not meet with Lukashenko: We have come to engage a specific case

Society Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is now in Minsk, told reporters that his meeting with Alexander Lukashenko was not planned.

"We came to engage in a particular case — to hold a board meeting. Meeting with Lukashenka was not planned," — said Lavrosh

The foreign minister of Russia said: "On other events it was not carried out."



Lukashenko signed a decree placing restrictions on gaming establishments

Society From 1 January 2011 the activities in the field of gambling will carry only legal entities of Belarus. Individual entrepreneurs with a special permit (license) are required to pass the original on March 1 of this resolution, and a duplicate copy.

To organize arcades, you can use the room, total area, including the service area, be at least 100 square meters, and for placing the casino — at least 250 square meters. But such restrictions do not apply to gambling establishments, which are in hotels and hotel complexes.

Gambling establishments are not permitted to place in the

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In Baksan (Kabardino-Balkaria) opened a new business incubator

October 8 as part of working visits to the country head of the CBD visited the town of Baksan and attended the opening of a business incubator.

The total area of the four-building business incubator is 2700 square meters. meters. The building has 29 offices, a conference hall, equipped with 111 jobs intended for rental owners. On the construction of the project has been spent 50 million rubles. Of these, 40 million came from the federal budget, 1 million — from the state (CBD) and 9 million rubles — from the local.

Small and medium-sized businesses are now

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At the airport, Sheremetyevo Terminal presentation of the new A

At the international airport Sheremetyevo was a presentation of a new specialized Terminal "A", which was built for passengers of business aviation. Completion of construction of the terminal is one of the most important stages of the Center Business Aviation Sheremetyevo Airport.

The layout of the terminal building meets the most demanding requirements and allows us to provide customers with high quality services. The spacious rooms will allow passengers with maximum comfort to spend time at the airport waiting for a flight and go through the necessary pre-flight formalities. The new terminal is friendly and the staff of the

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The airport opened in Barnaul business terminal

At the airport of Barnaul them. GS Titov appeared business terminal for domestic passengers. At the site of about 800 square meters. a few meters away, the special service areas: business hall, deluxe room of official delegations.

"Now, passengers will be able to spend time waiting for their flight aircraft in more comfortable conditions: it improved menu also has a separate area for smokers, free internet access, a bar with a wide selection of drinks," — said the news agency.

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