Biotechnology Future 2013 Summer Scientific School

In August of 2013 was the third school of a series of "Biotechnology future." The purpose of the school — update the knowledge of young scientists in the field of molecular biology, bioinformatics and biotechnology businesses. We invited the participation of students and researchers from the field of life sciences, as well as entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology. This time, summer school was devoted not only interesting lectures on current topics, but also the practical work on commercial research projects. The venue was chosen boarding school Golicyno.


For whom is this school?

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Bijskij business incubator equipped with a high-tech lab equipment

The business incubator supplied a full range of instruments to monitor and study the technological and operational properties of coatings and polymeric materials.

The main feature of the purchased and installed equipment is that it is possible to conduct standardized research resident business incubator. In particular, the following areas: biotechnology and pharmacology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Nanosystems, Polymers, composite materials and paints.

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a laboratory dispersing system for prototype paint and a universal testing machine. With the latest determine the deformation and strength properties of various polymer films, plastics, rubber

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Business incubator in the field of high technologies was opened in Kazan


Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia Igor Shchegolev and Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on Tuesday officially opened in Kazan Technopark Business Incubator in high-tech "IT Park", where all the conditions for the development of promising developments.

It is a business platform for the support and development of advanced IT development and further promote them to the foreign market. Business Incubator for 120 jobs, is 930 square meters. His main task is to assist in the development of small IT companies by providing comprehensive support for assistance in registration of the company, legal, accounting, and

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Business will help the Russian innovation

As part of the project "Skolkovo" created an industrial advisory board, whose main purpose — identify barriers to innovation in Russia and the development of recommendations to overcome them.

The Council is an independent advisory body and not part of the fund management "Skolkovo". The activities of the Board, according to the president of the "Skolkovo" Viktor Vekselberg, will help the effective implementation of innovative projects in Russia.

The council includes top managers of major Russian and foreign companies — key partners "Skolkovo", which are utilized by the innovative solutions. The recommendations and suggestions of business representatives will help speed

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Business and science — a mutually beneficial partnership


Russian business is gradually increasing investments in innovation, beginning to see them as an important factor of competitiveness. This writes the Russian business magazine "Expert" with reference to the preliminary results of the study of innovation activity of Russian business, conducted by the Institute of Management Innovation (IMI), the HSE and the Russian Venture Company (RVC). This demand for R &D can be satisfied at the expense of self-development companies, third-party access to Russian and foreign developers. At the same time, the magazine writes, the most promising are the first two options. Often unique and high-margin Western

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Business in the village from scratch

Very much bothered that liberal-minded masses, who always whining about it all wrong. One of the directions of this whining — you have to leave, no prospects.No prospects in Russia and certainly no future in the province, in the distant villages.There is no work, the business can not be created and the attempt is not worth it, the state does not help and only way.Here an interview with a girl who, with the support of the state created its own small business in the village Aksha (population — just over 4 million people) —

Transport security provides GLONASS


Transport security — a key theme held in Moscow "Transport Week 2011". At the largest industrial site representatives of the executive authorities, market participants and experts discussed ways to improve the safety of passenger and freight transport, measures to effectively manage traffic and reduce accidents on the roads. Russia plans to implement a comprehensive security system for transport to 2014. The system provides for equipping vehicles technical means against emergencies and acts of terrorism. On the implementation of this program, the government plans to allocate 47 billion rubles. The most important factor in ensuring transport security is

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Christina Shatsikava again judged

Society Today, the trial of Grodno Mogilev activist Christine Shatsikava. She is accused of distributing and manufacturing of periodical publications.

At the beginning of the process Christina Shatsikava made a motion of no confidence in the judge on the grounds that she was not informed about the process. She learned about it from friends, who called as witnesses. The request was not granted.

Read out by the protocol, it became clear that it is accused of spreading in a shop Grodno printed booklets that, on the conclusion of any employee by the name of ideological Sukhorukov, considered periodical.

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Yuri Dankoff liberalization: Previously it was necessary …

Society The provisions of the World Bank report "Doing Business 2011" that Belarus is among the ten countries that have the most improved business conditions, we were asked to comment on the independent Belarusian economists and businessmen.

Economist Sergei Chaly draws attention to the fact that the report of the experts of the World Bank to take into account the government's steps to liberalize the business for the last five years, thereby encouraging the previous actions of the authorities. But, according to Chaly, in the last year nothing significant to improve the business climate in Belarus has not been

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S.Bagavdinava: Belarus has really improved business conditions

Society We turned to one of the authors of the report of the World Bank, a senior specialist in the development of the private sector by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Svetlana Bagaudinova to comment on quite a high rating of Belarus in the World Bank. AblameykoHow would you comment on the fact that Belarus — country that for years has been criticized for lack of political freedom and democracy, as well as for the lack of economic reforms — according to the World Bank among the top ten countries most improved conditions for doing business, and regulation?


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