Entrepreneurs are preparing protests

Initiative "For Free Development of Enterprise" in connection with the emergence of the Ministry of Economy decree number 179 called for the consolidation as small and medium and large business. Says representative initiatives Ales Taustyka:"Fundamentally necessary to direct attention and big business, small business and the fact that in a country in which there is no law on small and medium-sized businesses will go 179th, 180th regulations clarified. And the situation in the country does not fix any decree, Decree no. "Bill on small and medium business before parliament almost a year ago before the protests over the imposition of

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A. Shumchanka urged to join the fight

In addition, as stated Anatoly Shumchanka, public associations and organizations of businessmen who are in Belarus, have combined to protests. "The power just from their own decisions not back down. They can do, but only under the pressure of consolidated common position. This is making small business for the past 10 years. If now the big and medium-sized businesses will suck 50, 60 or even 70%, are presently Ministry of Economy winds on imported products from other countries, he stays there for long. I declare it openly. Therefore urge: "Join our fight!".

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Valentin said that the verdict Sukala Alexander Kozulin?

Supervisory appeal against the judgment of his patron Alexander Kozulin Harachka Dmitry and Igor Rynkevich filed in the Supreme Tribunal of the name of the chairman Valentin Sukala still April 18. By law, decisions on appeals shall be taken within a month. Month expired on Saturday, May 19th. Outcome will be known now, the 21st, said the Supreme Court.

Igor Rynkevich: "It is obvious that the tribunal of first instance sentenced Kozulin for his role in the presidential campaign and that his case was politically motivated."

"In exceptional cases decided in the last day, and apparently, this is an

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A.Zmitrovich: This rollback reversed in business development

That said now that "Freedom" the chairman of the Coordinating Council of Businessmen of Belarus Anatoly Zmitrovich (Svetlogorsk)

This is only necessary to perform the 1st of predictive performance: reduce the deficit

"We are at the moment — the last in the chain rassredotachivaniya product. Receive its first wholesale base, then — intermediaries. If they as statedcamping, will fall under this press, we — too, and almost within 1 month. We believe that the Economy Ministry document — is an administrative barrier to business development, reverse roll back. "Anatoly Zmitrovich states as well as entrepreneurs explain new pressure Belarusian government

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Yankee Belarus recognized wine star

Vinateka millionaire businessman, Harry Vaynerchuka namely his famous shot here, TV showslocated in New Jersey, in the same building as his wine shop, just one floor above. This room looks spartan. In accordance with the international Code clan tasters "will determine the quality of the beverage using the organs of sight, scent, taste can be particularly serious in those with no claims to some style rooms."The show starts:Vaynerchuk"Heartfelt greetings to all viewers of my talk show! My name is Harry Wai-Ner-Chuk. And these are my friends"… Members of the cameramen — tasting of mandatory participants. According to Prof. Code, determine

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A.Milinkevich met in London with the Minister for European Affairs

As said radio "Freedom" from London Alexander Milinkevich, the current program there are also provided such meetings: "At first, the conversation will be the General Political Director MFA. Later — in Vestministerskim Fund for Democracy, which supports democracy in globally. And then — with the Minister for Europe Geoff Junam. Ethe man very close to the building, Prime Minister» er-Brown. And the evening meeting with the Belarusian diaspora and Pope Alexander NADSON. " Listen: Chap. also: A.Milinkevich speak at the Congress, but in advancing the co-chairs will not Last visit to England Milinkevich

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Belarus — reformer: an advance or a statement of fact?

The report Doing Business-2009 assesses 181st world economy on the ease of doing business criteria. With all this taken into account the characteristics of 10 municipal business regulation. Taken into account the time and cost performance of government requirements to start your own business, tax mechanism, the ability of coagulation business. The ratings do not take into account characteristics such as macroeconomic policy, quality of infrastructure, currency stability, sentiment and some other points. Whether such recognition from the international emblem of professionals considers reciprocity in response to the search for the Belarusian authorities for reconciliation with the West? Economist, former

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Businessmen waiting for the Ministry of Economy configuration decisions

Entrepreneurs are able to substantiate the Government that this provision may cause the collapse of thousands of companies and the return to a shortage times. But the final decision is no Ministry of Economy. Ministry of Economy decree number 179 published on September 3, and would have to enter into force 10 days. It concerns a significant sector of the consumer market, import occupies about 15 percent of trade in food products and about 30 — inedible. After numerous appeals and business alliances and negotiations department has decided to adjust its own normative act. This was confirmed by a representative

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Sats.apytanne: Municipal authorities have intensified arbitrariness

As for the last 2-3 years have changed the conditions for private business in Belarus? (You can exceeds 1 answer)

Possible answers % Conditions worsened 9.3 Government will support the legislative regulation of private business 50.8 Municipal authorities have intensified outrage against business 23.6 Consumer purchasing power fell 14.7 Increased competitiveness in the market 13.7 Decreased commitment and honesty business partners 11.3 Other 1.3 Difficult to answer 16.1

Whether their children would be willing to take a personal matter, to connect his life with entrepreneurship?

       If you want to open some his work, could reach formula of success? (You

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In Minsk to discuss the National Business Platform

A pioneer in the creation of the National Business Platform became Minsk Capital Alliance Business and Employers.

L.Koval: "This is the first full program document improve the business climate."

"All regional business associations worked on this, 20 thousand businessmen assumed the role of to work on this platform — said "Freedom" vice chairman of Lily Koval. — This is the first program the full document to improve the business environment, the business climate in Republic of Belarus. He touched on the most pressing issues. "According to the document, the Belarusian business is in need of reform. Prior to this, the

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