Two of the Young became suspects in a criminal case

Investigators were interested in the activities of another 2-regional youth activists — Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Paul Krasowski of Zhodino.Sixteen Ivan Shyla questioned now Soligorsk District Prosecutor’s Office investigator Witold Alekseev. He also presented a resolution that Ivan is considered a suspect in a criminal case for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front".Ivan told after questioning "Freedom", the investigator showed him as confirmation printouts from Web sites and protocols detention for his role in various street protests.With all of this investigator did not read what specifically Internet resources it takes.Ivan Shyla says:"Questions pretty classic — like, what

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Sergei Skrabets rehabilitation will wrongfully convicted

The project will work, not counting Skrabets, wife of former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Kozulin — Ira, lawyers Volchek, Harry Pahanyajla and others.Skrabets states that the first case will be established on the basis of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee:"I am a member of BHC and Penitentiary Commission headed there. And new project resonates with my work in the Helsinki group.We have already sent letters to our friends Kozulin, Statkevich, Klimov, which are behind bars, so they joined the general work specifically where currently serving a sentence. "

Sergei Skrabets: "There will come a time configurations. And people accused authorities only for

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Entrepreneurs of Vitebsk turned to Lukashenko

Apart from this, in an appeal to the need to hold a meeting with the management of the business assets of the country to achieve "in solving the acute problems of small business."Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka stressed that entrepreneurs in including Vitebsk and strive for a constructive dialogue with the authorities. But local authorities invitation to the Business Forum ignored.In addition, the organizers had huge gallery problem finding space: Home Improvement denied them twice, with the hotel management "Luchesa" said the refusal for a day or two before the forum, if the rent of

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Young Front holds constituent assembly

At the founding meeting will be representatives of all branches "Junior Front. "Earlier activists "Junior Front"Not once tried to register the company with the Ministry of Justice of Belarus.Recently the presidential campaign 2006 Penal Code complemented article providing punishment for his role in an unregistered organization.According to this article, 18 months bullpen condemned favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich.May 28 Russian Tribunal district of Minsk begin consideration criminal case against five activists "Junior Front"Anastasia Palazhanka, Aleh Korban, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Boris and Alexei Goretskogo Yanushevski.They are accused under the Criminal Code for his role in an unregistered organization.

Paul Krasowski summoned for questioning

Summons to the prosecutor’s office received Pavel Krasovsky now 6 and in the morning. His supporters do not exclude that Krasovskii might be suspect in a criminal case, which aroused against the KGB "Junior Front"For his role in an unregistered organization.On last week KGB investigators in Minsk and Minsk region different campuses questioned about 2-10-s activists "Junior Front". Investigators were interested in the structure of the regional organization, also of Paul Krasowski, Anastasia Azarko, Denis Karnou and Ivan Shyla.

International situation push Ukraine to the decision to merge with Russia and Belarus (1997)

"Dziennik Kresowy" in 1927 reported:"Grodno and the county May 1 day passed very quietly. Prazdnichek labor celebrated the local Committee of the Polish Socialist Party, graduated from the Academy in Grodno theater, during which speeches by Messrs. Skowronski, and Antushevicha Padvinskaga was adopted resolution: 1. in the dissolution of the town council and 2. in the new elections in Kos mutual. In the county, except for a few arrests of Communists, which grabbed the hot when they hung out banners with anti-government slogans, reigned absolute peace. "In 1967, the "Voice of the Motherland," writes about the catastrophe of cosmic "Soyuz-1":"…

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Do I need the Belarusian society subbotniki?

Listen: Forthan in Belarus subbotniki held?Valery Karbalevich: "Belarus — the only post-Soviet country where so alternately saved and honored Russian tradition. One of these traditions — Saturday. In those days they were called Russian communist.Currently in Belarus every year, the authorities carried out Saturday. True, they are no longer referred to as communist, but the mechanism of their implementation remains the same. But at the moment not even disguised, that clean-power wires, usually takes a special decision of the Government. Initiative working as in Russian times, is hardly mentioned. How do you think the meaning of this event. Subbotniki make

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Our motherland can join the international conference in the affairs of Belarus

"He’s got intrigued to topic, and we agreed to continue communication. " As we reported yesterday, Belarusian opposition Strasbourg took the initiative to hold a major international conference in the fall, on the situation in Belarus. It was assumed that it perceive the role representatives Belarusian authorities and the opposition, as influential international organizations. Now as stated Anatoly Lebedko, "if neighboring countries Belarus manifest overcharge intrigued by the conference, and their role in it also looks likely." Now in Strasbourg PACE session a report on the status of human rights Europe acts recognizable kipryyski Christos Pourgourides, who was previously in

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Malady congratulate Baradulin and Orlov

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Gregory visit Borodulin Milinkevich, Vladimir Orlov and other public figures to congratulate them congratulations. They prepared gifts — painted eggs and postcards that girls made their own hands. Dmitriy Fedoruk, which soon will be judged for his role in an unregistered organization, told" freedom ":"We decided to get around in this solemn day recognizable politicians recognized writers, writers such as Ryhor Baradulin Alexander Milinkevich, Vladimir Orlov and still some outstanding people with dyed eggs, with our signature gifts to again noted that prazdnichek Easter — prazdnichek Renaissance prazdnichek Liberty prazdnichek vernal awakening of Belarus.

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. April 5

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Infusion Palazhanka. • Survey in Minsk: "What should be engaged youth organization?"• celebrated its 214 anniversary a day or birthday patrons politician Constantine Radziwill.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "J-Mors".2nd part:• 1996 Belarus and Ukraine 2007 — similarities and differences.• The political crisis in Ukraine: Analysis Sergey Navumchyk.• Survey in Minsk: "Who is more important to you — the president or deputy?"• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• Maxim Zhbankova film festivals.• «Night rap." Modern saga Sergei Balahonova.

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