A.Tolstyko: officials takes envy of businessmen

Kalinowski: "Sp.Alyaksandar, you now also on strike?"Taustyka: "I should like to clarify a little, it was essentially a strike-holiday business, as was a proposal to make October 2 prazdnichkom businessmen in Belarus, and of course, I participated in this prazdnichkom."Kalinowski: "How did you celebrate your Zhdanovichi market, where do you work?"Taustyka: "I can not speak exactly as I was in another place, and my friends and I celebrated entrepreneurs in the center of town.""I believe that prazdnichek failed"Kalinowski: "How about» was combined current strike celebration as united went entrepreneurs to defend their rights?"Taustyka: "I believe that prazdnichek failed and true

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Acquired flicker — supported business

Coordinator of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Ales Taustyka and Chairman of the Coordination Council of entrepreneurship in Belarus Ales Makaeu said "Freedom" about the beginning of the latest action. It is directed against the presidential decree number 760.A.Tolstyko said:"Anyone who currently has a flicker or acquire it in the coming days are, such makarom business support in their struggle for the abolition of the presidential decree number 760. "

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