Minsk after the stock markets on January 21

Head of the department of public relations mall "Zhdanovichi" Leonid Chvarkov explained:"A small piece does not work for one simple reason — in connection with the renewal of individual entrepreneurs in the private unitary enterprises. This is a temporary phenomenon. As they have issued, immediately start to work."I called one of the fish market women, Svetlana, whose seat is vacant. She said that filed for renewal in December, but they This time not ready. And now she can not work as a personal nor businessman nor "PUE".

The shopping center "Fashion World" and part of the construction market

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A.Chigirya: Come out those who thinks that they can expect

ZnatkevichAlexander, you were in the midst of protesters businessmen. That about 500 people came out on January 21 in the central square of the town — for Bobruisk as a harsh protest?

CHigirProtest pretty harsh, considering that in Bobruisk recorded about 5 tys.pryvatnyh owners, the so-called personal business. A general on them and with them has about 10 thousand people. Timeout 500 — this is only the twentieth part of all business. But so many people came out in Bobruisk on the central area of the town for the first time.Znatkevich: More power usually they say that most of the

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Belarus already many heresies that more unreal!

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Held in Minsk protest newcomer business, which was once again forcibly dispersed by the police. Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov personally controlled acceleration demonstration on Independence Square. Comments listeners:Man: "Once again the action was

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Grodno: entrepreneurs want to go on strike

Market "Central" in Grodno. Significant number of jobs vacant. Slightly buyers, traders are in groups of a few people, and discussions are something. Greeting, asking what kind of mood after yesterday protests. Lady: "Yes no mood one pessimism. Conviction No no, it’s on the nerves, no stability, no. Now you have more, but tomorrow you may not be …" Man: "Look, I talked to people. They were walking to the store, so there jackets, baby odezhku 80-100 thousand, and come here, then in half. And whereupon We called speculators! " Another sovereign states that municipal trade in general is not

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Lukashenko never cancels its decisions

Tsigankov: "Contrary to some gloomy expectations, despite countless arrests, entrepreneurs still have now come to October Square. Pavljuk you present during this action on the area that you seem more principled and distinctive?" Bykov: "This action took place without recognizable favorites entrepreneurial movement that is currently behind bars, but it turned out that they have more people who can go to the microphone to call and lead. Promotion remembered violent crackdown on its members in the Independence Square, because January 10 of the government’s actions did. intimidation using riot police in helmets, batons, shields, brought a lot of paddy to

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Ministry of Economy: traders in the markets — this is not the class of business

Now on at once sounded demands resignation of Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur, which oversees government big and small business. Bureaucrat directly blamed for the "winding up business as a class." At the request of Radio Liberty to comment on these statements Andrei Tur said that sees action in more political than economic shape, because to argue with someone in this case did not consider it necessary to:"Neuzh then those people selling on the market can only declare themselves businessmen? Do we have no other business? About anything at all in this case read? I believe that we are

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Mogilev and Bobruisk: small businessmen in the area

Mogilev on Lenin Square entrepreneurs began to gather at noon. An hour later, the square was already about 100 fifty people.

Action in Mogilev

Lenin Square in a day or two Mogilev not cleaned from the snow and the participants of the meeting had to gather near the roadway.Four policemen without nametag — Three majors and lieutenant — the distance followed by businessmen. When the square came from Mogilev politician Grigory Kostusev, the police asked: "Who will be the organizer of the rally?"After standing in the square for two hours, entrepreneurs decided to disband."They stood, it seemed that we came.

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Entire business comes complete collapse …

Correspondent"Grodno businessmen protesting against the decree number 760. They tried to collect on Lenin Square, but they were not given, and we we see, that here was a patrol in the dark Barat, in a dark shape in the center of town there is an increase patrols. Your attitude to these protests ? "Spades: "Naturally, they are protesting right. Working people, and now work in they are gone, you need to protect your rights. And what the police to disperse them?"Youth: "It turns out that entrepreneurs now have unequal rights: who have relatives, then we have an opportunity for development,

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Online report from the shares of small business

Photos. Part 1 

Photos. Part 2Photos. Part 3                                                                           


  15:25 Share business ends. People crawl. 15:14About GUM police detained youth activist Misha Subach. He was told that he was suspected of stealing a mobile phone, and offered to drive to the police. People ousted from October Square to the street internationally. Several people have been detained. 15:00SWAT police in response to a clique of businessmen "Fascists!" chant "speculators!". 14:58SWAT people thronging from October Square toward Freedom Square. There detention. Detainees are imported in Metropolitan police department. 14:57Several 10’s of demonstrators squeezed Independence Square on Engels Street towards

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Entrepreneurs did not give a funny day to congratulate A. Shumchanka birth

Entrepreneurs markets gathered signatures 10s and greeting cards to pass them now in the afternoon at the camera Anatolia Shumchanka in jail Akrestsin Street.Anatoly Shumchanka serving 15 days in jail for his role in business meetings and demonstrations on 10 January. The rally was held in the symbol protest official policy on small businesses.Arrests also serve about 4 10’s people. In the main — young activists of the democratic movement. Some of them did not participate in the action, but they were arrested and later charged with neprelichnoy battle. Tags: entrepreneurs, rally, detention, Shumchanka tribunal

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