K.Akopava arrested for 15 days

He was accused of participating in a meeting of businessmen on January 10. Tribunal activist arrested for 15 days.Police detained Karen Akopova now and taken to the Central police station.Recall Karen Akopov coupled with favorite republican association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka was delegated to participants of the meeting on January 10 talks Presidential Administration.

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Calls for freedom: Nuclear power plant — death for Belarusians

At a meeting of the Security Council decided to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Comments listeners: "Good day.’s Heard on TV news that England is meant to build a nuclear power station, but there is a referee or who quashed the control of the country due to the fact that the construction of a nuclear power plant was not discussed nationwide, in other words, there was nothing like a referendum . Democratic countries such severe discusses the issues nationwide, and we have, where all power is vested in the president allowed to decide such a question to him

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Those who lost a job offer job fair

But the former owners and their employees are not laid off have seen the usefulness of this innovative form of employment — before they were not satisfied with the proposed specialty.According to the deputy director of the Vitebsk employment center Valentina Chapurko on "Job Fair" with job offers were invited to more sewing and commercial enterprises of the town."The fair was aimed at making hired to work with individuals and personal businessmen who are not re-registered as private unitary enterprises. Much of this lady. ‘Cause we invited companies where labor is used ladies: trade, health, alone we have seamstresses about

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V.Krival: Who got what in jail, and he is chilly

Kryval: "Businessmen can not be intimidated. But if the organizers drop in Akrestsin then forward the planned activities to disorganize the authorities seem to be."Ulitenok: "With Soligorsk favorite businessmen Alexander Tsatsura you are detained while traveling to a meeting on January 10. These acts of law enforcement agencies to disregard?"Kryval: "We are very tight Sasha will work — you need to bring to light these men in officers’ uniform. For example, you should check out what records are there."Ulitenok: "Implies sue?"Kryval: "So they draw up the protocol on the tribunal may take place specifically against us it is written, we

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In every soul understands who it is

Indeed whether 760 th decree depriving their ability to continue to run their own business? How logical is to reduce the bit of small business with the development of a market economy?These issues in the program "Prague accent" discussions are a lawyer and businessman Sergei Balykin favorite small business Saligorsk Alexander Tsatsura and radio commentator Vitaly Tsigankov.Drakakhrust"Demonstration of business on January 10 was the culmination of the strike, which began with the New Year. Though private traders do not emit any political demands, the authorities treat them as staunch opposition — provocations, arrests, mass rallies hard acceleration.It should say that

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Kolya: Authorities are sweep before the action of the 21st

Businessman on the phone in the morning did not answer. Ales Taustyka could not find about 5 hours. As learned later activists "For Freedom", which comes Taustyka emperor, he was detained by the house. Immediately taken to the court of the Central District, where a role in protests January 10 businessmen arrested for 15 days. Punishment he will serve in the bullpen in Akrestsin.Deputy Manager of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Coley believes authorities conduct periodic cleaning of all favorites entrepreneurial movement shares the other day on January 21."At Anyway action will take place on January 21.

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Ales Taustyka arrested for 15 days

"It is clear that in the course of judicial proceedings Ales Taustyka, he aggravated health condition (pressure rose). Policemen promised to call an ambulance to the Central police station where the arrested person will be brought before sending to jail", — reported the press service of the Movement "For Freedom" .Activist Movement "For Freedom," businessman detained Ales Taustyka now about your own home.A.Tolstyko participated in protests personal business on December 10 in Minsk.

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Strike about 50 percent of business

The shopping center "Impulse" about 40 percent of outlets closed. At blinds — ads that entrepreneurs on vacation. Their counterparts who do not stop, with the knowledge related to the solution of the strikers."This is our only place and the only means of subsistence"

Places himself the owner walked to the rally, and we worked

Merchant: "Of all the shopping places were closed down 40 percent."Reporter: "And you did not join the strike?"Merchant: "Immediately I — no, and the owner of the place — yes. He walked to the rally, and we worked. "Reporter: "And do you think about the

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If he liquidates businessmen, elderly people will hunger strike

Pochetaemye listeners! We are grateful for your submission and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Private entrepreneurs Belarus finished a 15-day strike, which took place in the form of enforced holiday. In Minsk on January 10, they held a mass rally that ended with countless arrests.

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The police called the rally organizer Mogilev business

Tomorrow at 14 o’clock he must report to Superintendent Service Law Enforcement and Prevention Leninsky police department Major Mazhankova as a witness.Tsurpanau not exclude after conversations in the police station, he immediately be taken to a tribunal that would punish him in administrative detention."My conclusion Mogilev authorities try to knock wave of protests against businessmen presidential decree number 760," said in a telephone interview to the correspondent of "Freedom" Tsurpanau.Former employee personal shoe shop, now unemployed Valadar Tsurpanau police tried to arrest another tenth day of January specifically on Lenin Square. Entrepreneurs but is not allowed to do that.On January

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