Entrepreneurs began strike

Favorite public associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka says that entrepreneurs are now on strike at several flea markets in Minsk — "Dinamo", "Zhdanovichi", "Mirror", "Parking", "Chervensky", "Atlantic", "Uruchcha", "Expobel" " Europe "," Kupala "," Riga ". Also strike entrepreneurs at Hrodna market "South".Details later in the program and our website Tags: entrepreneurs strike

Gomel fine for distribution or for the transportation of leaflets?

Ira transported by private vehicle leaflets about the meeting of businessmen in Minsk. Gomel before she was detained by traffic police and conducted inspection car, explaining that seek out Tipo stolen icons. Litsezrev inner leaflets, the police have forgotten icons. Leaflets confiscated and handed over to the local KGB for examination.December 11, after the meeting of the capital business district police lieutenant Zubkov was on Ms. Kaminskaya protocol on illegal distribution of leaflets about the rally. This protocol with police department and is now considered in court.Explaining his decision to punish Ira Kaminskaya fine referee Ksendzov publicly stated: "Proclamation, proclamation,

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Nicholas Syarheenka arrested for 10 days

Nicholas Syarheenka own pleaded not guilty. 6 December, he was in the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions. Here the other day brought leaflets that urged businessmen to come to the meeting on December 10 at October Square. Suddenly burst into the office policeLeaflets confiscated present were taken to the Leninsky district police Tipo for identification.

Said that their suspicions, as if I had done a criminal sin …

"I say, well, I have a passport. Here, look. But they uttered that their suspicions, as if I had done a criminal sin, and also took me to

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Authorities believe us politicians. Thank you so much! (Video)

Question: "The action of businessmen — is a spontaneous rebellion or deliberate acts that flowed from the logic of the preceding developments?"Taustyka: "On Actually no rebellion was not … "One hundred percent answer to listen videafragmentse (3,5 Mb). Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air now, Dec. 14.

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Entrepreneurs stop dialogue with authorities

Business meeting with municipal bureaucrats is scheduled for December 19."We confirm that we are ready to negotiate. But due to gross violations of our rights to freedom of assembly, we require immediately release the convicted activists and to justify the movement of entrepreneurs," — said in a statement businessmen.Recall that the entrepreneurs’ movement activists Victor Gorbachev sentenced to 15 days, Victor track — At 10, Alexander Tsatsura — 10, Alexandra Makaeva — For 7 days.

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Guests at Freedom — Alexander Taustyka and Ruslan Lutsenko

Alexander Taustyka is coordinator of the movement in Minsk. On last week he came out of bullpen Akrestsin Street, which came for distributing leaflets before the meeting businessmen. This third stints sovereign Taustyka for social activities. Last time was in prison together with his deputy Ruslan Lutsenko. There was born and their motto, which are both controlled at the moment: "All that we are not able to break down, can only temper!"Married, has 2-kids. He became one of the heroes of the documentary area Kalinowski "Lessons whiteRussian language. "Questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine

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Businessmen come to Dzyady

In a day or agenda — the election results, the enactment of the business, the role in the socio-political events. Provides details Galina Abakunchik.Adoption of the law on entrepreneurship — a little problem that businessmen intend to solve all the facilities from the negotiations with the authorities, to street protests. Ah, so this explains the determination of one of the activists of the movement of entrepreneurs Alexander Tsatsura:

Is a direct settlement enterprise.

"There is a direct settlement enterprise. Law No law is replaced by decrees and decrees violating the Constitution and human rights. And all must according to the

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In Gomel to meet with government representatives came 17 businessmen

The latter, how participants felt, came only seventeen."Once again, we heard that the decree on the development of private businessmen unitary enterprises, not the best, but to abolish it, no one will. We were in charge, how true to fire employees if they are not close relatives," — said one of the participants.Head of the city center of Labour, Employment and Social Security Alexander Klyuchinskaya disagreed with the views of young entrepreneurs after gaining power of decree number 760 thousands of people will not work. Sovereign Klyuchinskaya told that in Gomel currently higher than 3 thousand jobs. Formed groups of

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Night Siege December 10

On forums portal Tut.by discussions are private businessmen unauthorized rally on October Square in Minsk, which was made by the representative of Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Kalinowski. Businessmen protest against the ban to hire anyone except close relatives. Comments:"A bureaucrat also drew up a protocol (for his role in an unauthorized rally), and gave the baton to the kidneys?";"Why can not hire PIs except relatives? After all, people lose their jobs";"Bureaucrat practically admitted that the decree is aimed at the elimination of personal business. Disgusting." Vice-chairman BPF Mikhalevich writes in his diary about the election of the chairman nedavneshnih

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The authorities promised to negotiate

Entrepreneurs adopted a resolution demanding the repeal Decree number 760, whereby forbidden to hire non-relatives. Negotiations between businessmen and bureaucrats have to go on December 19.At a rally on October Square took part several 10’s of people. Around the square there was a car with sound reinforcement systems where no break sounded danger protesters for violating the law on mass events. With Alexander’s square resounded music. From time to time the protesters had to shout in his ear to hear each other. Applicants for the rally, which is a favorite of Alexander Makaev was in the militia, uttered from the

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