In Brest businessmen held a meeting

Speakers protested, among other, against the presidential decree number 760, which limits the range of close relatives of those individual entrepreneurs have the right hire.V.Marchik: "There are a lot of people, judging by the conditions — we were pressured and intimidated"Special prirekaniya nedavneshnie caused seizures on Brest markets.One of the organizers Victor Tchaikovsky reads as follows:"Seizures have occurred in the markets" Warsaw "," Kovalev "and the market" Jubilee. "Namely, businessmen selling shoes. I know that they have suffered."According to Tchaikovsky, shoes and washing powder seized together over two thousands of dollars.At the meeting were representatives of other regions.Victor Marchik from

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Borisov demands of the protesters make out executive committee

Chairman of the Board for personal business market of "Gerakombel" Oleg Popkov said that the reason for the spontaneous meeting was to raise private owners rental market trading places 3-6 times.Entrepreneurs got bills to pay rent in October and a symbol of the protest staged a rally in the square at the Executive Committee structure."More than 150 people have expressed a requirement to see the executive committee of the merits, on the other from October 1, the market will boycott — says Oleg ass.• Borisov spontaneous rally business 24.09.2007

Borisov: spontaneous meeting business

"Net private traders express protest with personal market of" Gerakombel "- says Victor Gorbachev. — They angered groundless increase rental facilities in 3-6 times."Victor Gorbachev added that earlier entrepreneurs complained to the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Minsk Regional Committee of the National Audit Office.

Vitebsk city executive committee did not give businessmen the ability to hold a meeting

This response management Vitebsk branch of the NGO "Perspective" has received the 20th of September. The meeting was scheduled for September 24th, immediately after the weekend. So makarom, agree with the designated services businessmen simply not given the ability, although it was filed in advance and action was held in place, specifically certain executive committee for such purposes — the Park of the 30th anniversary of the Komsomol.The rally had to accept the role entrepreneurs working in the Smolensk, Polotsk and Southern markets, shopping center "EVIC" also stands. They are meant to draw attention to the dilemmas associated with the

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Vitebsk nationalized Czech amusement park

Stranger handed entertainment attraction for rent businessman from Gomel. Last handed them to a third party, which is contrary to law. Besides, in the customs declaration Homel businessman in 10s again underestimated their price. While amusement park toured in Vitebsk, local customs officials found these violations.While going litigation, Czech citizens secretly tried to take out his property to his homeland, but he did not succeed. According to the court, both Belarusian businessmen to pay fines, and 16 rides in discussing a legal term would be owned by the country of Belarus. Amusement park worth more than 340 million rubles.

Figure a day or 1%

According to presidential decree № 760 from 1 January 2008, private entrepreneurs will be able to hire workers only their own relatives and less than 3. Late decree number 302 enables them to re-register in personal businesses and hire more employees, and not just relatives. But the possibility of such use until only 2 thousand individual entrepreneurs from 200 thousand, which operate in the country.

Entrepreneurs have developed a draft law on small and medium business

Belarus protests built up business. In These days are Application-oriented meetings in Brest, Gomel and Soligorskiy city executive .. In Bobruisk Svetlahorsk — by pickets. BACKGROUND named Victor Gorbachev"There is no bona fide rules of the game from the country. This is the instability of forcing people to go to space. Because we demand:" Give us the rules of law as long by 5 or 10 years! ". That’s it! We will work quietly. "In This year Belarus introduced registration of mandatory hygienic products. Due to its non fined almost 20 thousand businessmen, another 10 thousand confiscated products. The bill

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Now Bangalore rally entrepreneurs

The trading market Zhdanovichi as usual at the weekend — and stupidly noisy. That traders know about the meeting of businessmen who held on September 10 in Bangalore Square and 12 hours, I’m going to find out in the shopping center "The world of fashion." Specifically, there a few weeks back the clock during the conflict Tax Inspectorate officials and traders took a spontaneous rally. First my companion, a young woman, the clothes of the top trades. Buyers at no point, and she willingly supports conversation.Merchant: "Know." Reporter: "Do you personally want to go there?"Merchant: "I think so, I’ll go."

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Retchitsa: spontaneous protest businessmen

As said member of the organization "For Free Development of Enterprise" Oleg Shabetnik, more than 50 people gathered in the square at the structure Rechytsa executive committee. To people had exit vice-chairman local executive committee Leonid Maleyke. After a rather short conversation bureaucrat said that the pre-conflict will be examined on Saturday, September 8, in the presence of an asset businessmen and representatives of Gomel Regional Executive Committee and Regional Prosecutor’s Office.According to Oleg Shabetnik, people are offended by the administration of the market. The interviewer noted that the leaders of personal unitary market "Danaprys" ordered 150 metal roller shutters,

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Klimovichi entrepreneurs complain about the extortion

My interlocutors until asked to call them names. So makarom, chat with meeting participants Vladimir, Yuri and Gennady. They are from 25 to 35 years."We gathered, uttered that in Bobruisk a million forked Lyceum — says Gennady. — Popkov cited the example pronounced him Kulakowski, head of the regional department of vocational education, that there are so many entrepreneurs have developed. We were offered 50 thousand to buy paint …""People have purchased the paint, but they had to give, give uttered means, because the paint, they say, can be stolen — adds Vladimir. — We refused to give money, and

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