Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. August 21

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with Alexander Makaeva, chairman of the Coordination Council businessmen Minsk, a member of the Market "Zhdanovichi."• Poll: where do you get things — in the municipal stores or on the commodity markets?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Maciej Radziwill.2nd part:• 1/10 of the gross domestic product of Belarus sformirovyvaetsya entrepreneurs• In Zhirovichi monastery currently lives 700• Belarus — the birthplace of vodka?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• «Night rap." Verses Ales Klyshko.

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Citations a day or — 21 August

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk — about getting from Italy Belarus loan of 210 million euros"The policy of the supervisory bodies — a priori do business violators. They may not even know most of these orders, confirmed now echoing in the Ministry of taxes and fees. Kamenka Deputy Minister said, read everything on board. But now we have such a complicated system of taxation that the shield you can read and realize not. Same tax authorities interpret differently. then have to conduct seminars for businessmen to make reminders. This is not done. Such current aggressive response bureaucrat naturally shocked many businessmen. "

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Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished

Virtually the entire Third floor of the shopping center "World of Fashion" is not working — said, "Radio Liberty" one of the favorites Minsk businessman Alexander Macau. He does not call it a strike: Entrepreneurs way or another are required to finish the job, because they still threatens confiscation product."Most of these business no costly instruments that must have after, their April 1 was taken out of the single tax system Decree number 760. They can work on the common system of taxation or lightweight. They read: Serve inventory of product residues — and will be easier for you system.

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Poll: how people relate to the planned strike business?

Man: "Of course, positive. Everyone has the right to defend their rights . "Man: "Entrepreneurs do a good deed. This is — first. In-2, when they merged, then we have common interests. Means, it deserves attention. I welcome this and wish them fortune. "Man: "I — CEO. Large company. Normally work and pay my taxes. And nothing, everything in my order. A discussion and exits to the outside is done by those who do not want to work."Reporter: "What are you doing to start with the intention of business on September 1st strike against random seizures by controlling bodies?"Guy: "You

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Pinsk: convicted favorite businessmen Alexander Vasiliev

Immediately after the trial, said Alexander Vassiliev Radio Liberty:"I refute the findings of Pinsk city court and now will direct an appeal to the Brest Regional Tribunal."From the words of Alexander Vasilyev, July 24 in the building Pinsky was appointed executive committee meeting economic asset. Vasilyev wanted to tell the audience about the pressure of business in the markets of the town. But, on the orders of the chairman of the executive committee Alexander Gordicha, it was not even allowed into the courtroom."The next day, — says Alexander Vasilyev — in Pinsk city council were invited to some entrepreneurs, about

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Tribunal confiscated businessman products by 13.7 million rubles

In July, spot inspection of Taxation was against sovereign books protocol under Article 12.17.4 of the Administrative Code — sale of food without documents who patsverzhvayuts their quality. Russian certificates for overseas property linens and carpets in Belarus are not recognized. Did not impact on the verdict even that businessman brought to the tribunal now Belarusian certificates of conformity."Confiscation of products and fine — this is for me the actual bankruptcy," said businessman Anatoly book.In soon Tax in Svetlagrsku and police seized a number of entrepreneurs in the product, accusing them of violating trade regulations. In protest small traders out

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Poll: Do you support the strike initiators business?

Businessman: "I take this flegmantichno. Necessary to work."Businessman: "The strike will not help. Here the authorities should not … help, so at least we would not interfere. And so all their requirements, these certificates — all we must. Maybe only to someone they cling. Then we can go on strike. But it is unlikely to help. "Businessman: "That’s right, they do. So the government grips us, so entrepreneurs underestimated. I support the strike."Businessman: "Excellent attitude. Very hard began to work. Taxes constantly grow, and the purchasing power falls. Because our business is all worse and worse. "Businessman: "I support their

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Borisov relinquish power if the requirements of businessmen?

August 12 about 200 traders in the market for personal Borisovsky rajpotrebsoyuza closed their pavilions in character protest confiscation of the product.Victor Gorbachev says that the current meeting perceive the role Representatives of all five markets town where currently working 4.8 thousand individual entrepreneurs. "Collective we have prepared a document forecast the destruction of this sector of the economy, if they comply with the requirements of presidential decrees number 302 and number 760," — said Viktor Gorbachev.In Borisov markets lasts collecting signatures buyers and traders under the requirement "to end the repression of the business in the form of confiscation

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Businessmen getting ready for protests

In Slutsk polyclinic languid state of the market trader shoes with local rajpotrebsoyuza Miteshkova Sophia. Last Saturday tax administration staff and police seized against the will of its product. The lady says that to this time feels unprincipled:"Call me sometime later. I currently can not even read. I am very tired after all … "Victor Gorbachev: "The essence of self-defense committee — to suspend the looting of businessmenFavourite civilian campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev says that the case in Moscow — is the result of mass reinforced checks on the markets of Belarus. He says entrepreneurs are

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Svetlogorsk entrepreneurs decided to start from September 1 strike

After the release of August 6 to protest the marketplace to small businessmen executive committee want to hear the answer, if the fiscal authorities will end the practice of confiscation of products even for small violations. "The speeches Deputy Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Magazinshchykava and other officials had a lot of different disk imaging. But we have not heard the brain: when is discontinued shameless confiscation of our products, "- said Ira biznesmenka Sovateeva.In soon Ira, who is chairman of the personal business of shopping center "ARTIS" Tax and police seized products almost 3 million rubles. In individual traders amount

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