Ghosts. Dream or reality?

When we hear the word "cast" before the eyes there is a certain image — ethereal figure, possessing supernatural abilities, such as: walk through walls, disappear and reappear at any moment, soar above the earth, and others. It is believed that the souls of dead people who came back to finish some of his worldly affairs or holding something in this world.

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May be a way to bring not only people but

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Who we are and who are for the U.S. Putin

Third day at the forum "However," discussing an article by Anatoly Wasserman, I said one skeptical interlocutor subsequent "radically change a foothold in today's unbalanced situation is very dangerous. And you made it even less stable, so you put aside the desirable changes in the more distant future (which is why, by the way, suck). His silly, impractical requirements in advance, so called opposition (in fact no real position and not shown) deprived country of choice in this election. Say also that these people can characterize some other word! And that all these changes will not hesitate if you

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