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Edition of TIME gave the job photojournalist Joachim Eskildsenu a report about the ongoing crisis, which is now affected about 46 million Americans. Eskildsen was in New York, California, Louisiana, South Dakota and Georgia, for the first time since 1986, having arrived in the United States. According to him, about poverty was not mentioned in the news, he looked in Berlin. "For Europeans, America — a kind of mythical place, which is associated with childhood with Coca-Cola and American culture. The more bitter it was to see people living not just poor, but having unhealthy living conditions. "

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Older residents of the United States ghost town



Fossil City, Wyoming, today is a ghost town with two houses and five residents. However, apart from the ghosts in fossils there is something rather remarkable — monitor lizards, turtles and stingrays with a monstrously long tails, the age of 50 million years.

During the American expansion westward, Fossil was alienated city. His current "golden age" was about in the early Eocene, when the city was covered with subtropical lake with an incredible variety of aquatic inhabitants, surrounded by mountains

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