Ethereal butterflies

Now’s the best time of year to capture beautiful butterflies in all their glory. Add a touch of Photoshop to create a dreamlike image…

Ross Hoddinott

Camera: Nikon D800E

Lenses: NIKKOR AF 200mm f/4 Macro

Software: Photoshop CS5

NO SUMMER’S countryside walk would be complete without a few butterflies flitting about. Even those not keen on bugs and little critters can’t help but like ‘flutterbys’. They add grace, beauty and a splash of colour to our gardens, meadows and woodlands — they also prove irresistible to outdoor photographers! However, being small, active and very mobile, capturing good butterfly images can

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In Europe, there were tropical butterflies

Global andClimate change has led to the emergence in Europe of tropical butterflies, with hladolyubivye species are increasingly under threat. As the correspondent of "New Region", it writes the influential German newspaper Die Welt.

According to scientists, climate change has led to this "great migration" of butterflies. "In recent years, heat-loving species actively reached out to the north, while hladolyubivye are increasingly under threat," — says Josef Zettele of the Center for Environmental Studies Helmholtz.

Others have also reported on the migration of these insects from east to west, and explain that some have already passed

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The invasion of white butterflies in the regions


Chebarkul residents complain mass invasion boyaryshnitsy


Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, May 31 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Chebarkul celebrated mass invasion of another dangerous pest: boyaryshnitsy.

As the "New Region" in Chebarkul administration in recent days to the Department of Environment began receiving calls from worried villagers Kuibyshev. People celebrate mass flight of white butterflies. According to them, the insects have appeared not only in the village, but in gardening companies, particularly in the CHT "Medic". It is a butterfly-boyaryshnitse.

As the environmentalists, this phenomenon was not observed in Chebarkul last few years. In 2011, the year

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On Earth, a new period of mass extinction of species




The presently observed the disappearance of the species reaches a pre-historic proportions. Nature is dying, not only in the distant jungles of Brazil, but also directly to our eyes, writes Die Welt.

British biologists published a review of the problem of species extinction in Europe. In the

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USA: butterfly ancient than they seem?




Butterflies can be much more ancient creatures than people think — it's a new study fossil specimens, perfectly preserved in amber. The earliest known butterfly fossils paleontologists have an age of 40-50 million years old. But an analysis of five unique pieces of amber suggests that butterflies

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In the Urals, the invasion of butterflies. Video


Updated June 1

Invasion of butterflies and flies at Pervouralsk

1.06.12.Nashestvie thousands hordes of butterflies and flies boyaryshnits recorded Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region. The last three days the insects have settled in and around the city: they clung to buildings and cars of local residents.

"Last year was a lot of butterflies boyaryshnits, they postponed the pupae and so now a lot of them, and the next year even more," — said the chief agronomist SKHPK "Bitimsky" Alexander Galitsky.

Experts say that the insects began to actively proliferate due to good weather conditions. Invasion due to the rapid warming

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In Magnitogorsk gardens invasion of butterflies. Video


11.07.11.Magnitogorskie gardeners struggling with another plague. All their works have gone on food pests. In the gardening association invasion butterflies whiteflies.

Such a lovely creation as a butterfly, for gardeners — the number one enemy. Seemingly harmless insect, and can destroy the entire crop. Pierid flown in the past year, but not in such numbers. And this season it has a special grace weather. Agronomist SNT "Miner" Tatyana Krasilnikova said: "This is due to weather conditions. We have last year's summer was very dry. It's all piled up. This year, the summer does not indulge us night-time temperatures. At

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Invasion of butterflies in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


23.06.11.Odni if unconscious, others are trying to get out of the water. In a pool of dozens of butterflies. Insects filled the neighborhood Aram. They flutter in the air, sitting on the grass. Yuri watched the proceedings for two weeks. These butterflies sees first.

Some butterflies have settled along the roadway. And this at all similar to the pedestrian.

Specialists Yekaterinburg Zoo butterfly invasion is associated with warm weather, which is precisely in these areas was two weeks ago.

This is the color of butterflies feed on hawthorn and mountain ash. Dwell in one place can about a

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Gardeners Bashkiria alarmed massive summer white butterflies


Photo: Shamil Valeev

25.06.11.Zhiteli several areas of the country are watching these days mass flight of white butterflies — reports of their invasion came during the week in the IA "Bashinform" from the territory of Arkhangelsk, Beloretsk, Nurimanovsky and Iglinskiy areas.

Tourists fixed mass aggregations of these insects in the places of rest, on the rocky beaches of Inzer, in coastal thickets around the Pavlovsk Reservoir, in the Urals. Motorists reported the highway M5 "Ural" that unusually large flocks of butterflies stuck to cars on the way.

Interviewed agency "Bashinform" gardeners also recorded population growth of white

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South Ural attacked butterfly. Video. Photo


24.06.11.V Chelyabinsk region on the highway on the way to a settlement Bagaryakskoe Kasli area observed the invasion of cabbage butterflies. All roadside studded with white fluff. What caused this phenomenon is still unknown, but it is assumed that this is something similar to the migration of butterflies.

The first report on butterfly migrations dated 1100 year, and in 1104 a butterfly "eclipsed the sun" on one of the French towns, causing panic among residents. In 1272, the same fear experienced Italians, and in 1248-m — Japanese. In 1745, a cloud of white cabbage butterfly fell to the

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