Smartphone Philips Xenium W737

Philips has released the next model of the «energy-saving» range Xenium. At the first examination the impression of a solid, highly detailed unit dark blue aluminum housing (except for the back cover), protective border on the front, no squeaks, no cracking and does not fall off, not washed and not break …

The smartphone can be placed on any surface scratches will not. I wore two weeks W737 in your pants pocket jeans in a variety of bags, backpacks, etc., but not a single scratch earned. The same proved to be a strong body and painting.

Consider the device closer.

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HOW TO…Add a vignette to an image.

Far from being a bygone technique, it is still the best way to focus the eye ‘Darkened corners’ is the simplest way of describing the vignette (though occasionally it comes in lightened form), but this belies the effectiveness of a technique that harps back to the days of dodging and burning in the dark room. While it’s often said to add drama to an image, its main application is to direct the eye away from the edges of the frame and allow it to sit nearer the centre so that anything surrounding the image is less distracting. It’s effective for

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A Strong Comeback!

The name Asahi Pentax spelt magic for photographers right from the 50’s to the late 80’s. With the autofocus revolution, Pentax, along with several others, lost their way. The brand has, however, made a strong comeback under the ownership of Ricoh, and is now in India with its full range of high quality products. All of Pentax’s D-SLR models start with the initials «K» to represent the «K» mount which has been used by Pentax since the mid 70’s. On the SP test bench this month is the Pentax K30, a mid level D-SLR aimed at enthusiasts, and competing with

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British shop slowly winding down

In Britain, the restaurant closed Jenson Button

In the British town of Harrogate restaurant closed Victus Restaurant, whose owner was the champion of Formula January 2009 Briton Jenson Button, who plays for the "McLaren". Restaurant spent less than a year, being open in September 2011.

"It is unfortunate that Victus Restaurant was in such a sad situation, given that the reason for the closure — just a bad choice for the opening of the restaurant, and not anything else. Unfortunately, we opened the restaurant at the time of the crisis and then the economic situation began to deteriorate even

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Mobile lifeguard — now available for Android smartphones

App "Mobile lifeguard" for smartphones Android issued by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters. Earlier, a similar application came out for the iPhone, reported at MOE.

The main application page is a page which is the main area of the red button "Send signal SOS». The touch of her man can call the emergency services and alert sms-message loved ones, relatives and friends that he was in a state of emergency or there is an emergency.

Also, the button "Send signal SOS» allows

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Youth team has developed a compact device for a comfortable ascent and descent on the stairs

Ramp in the unfolded state

Many visitors to the recent innovation of the Moscow Salon "Archimedes" enthralled convenient ramp, retractable under the stair railing. The invention of the youth team, "And * Ramp," which appeared in the walls Bauman. Bauman and begins to work in an engineering company "Izobretal" could transform the entrances of apartment buildings and stairs in offices and public places.

How to find young inventors, their mission — to develop and implement services to society inventions that make life easier for people. It is not always and everywhere possible to install a lift

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Ode to a stable time


Tralee wali, tili-tili we clocks are: the alarm clock, and a mobile phone, a modern refrigerator, even a player MP3 — his clock inside. The whole house full of clocks: the local telephone numbers in the cassette recorder, the bread maker, a thermometer (which is in the medicine cabinet), in a coffee maker and stove — hell remember them in vanity! Ticks around the house, as it did not explode suddenly. -SLR camera, e-reader, the center of the disks in B-di — hell try to find all! Head swollen from stress: translated clock in the kitchen, and the cuckoo

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U.S.: Pentagon fears of Coca-Cola




The most powerful army in the world, the U.S., take measures to protect themselves from Coca-Cola. The Pentagon is concerned about the advertising campaign producer of soda called "Unexpected Summer". Some banks are equipped with a drink inside a special panel with a red button. The apparatus

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Anti-gravity platform VS Grebennikova. Continued Part 2

Rack Platform (steering wheel)I think this is one of the most surprising to you partition — in the sense of novelty of information. So the wheel. The unit stands on the whole order of magnitude more complex than is usually assumed. In the following description I will be guided by the following terminology: the upper segment of the steering wheel — is first, followed by the second and third down, and the lowest — the fourth. Let's start with the first. The first segment wheel is T-shaped welded. On closer examination it turns out that this segment carries

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Big Brother of Orwell watch over the capital. Continued Part 2

"The principle of operation of our design reminiscent of an American service" 911 " In the Central District of promise in the near future on every street set up unique items hotline. As long as they are installed only on the main squares and parks. Externally, the system is more like a big orange mailbox labeled "Emergency." On the front — two buttons. The first — for quick connection to the duty, and the second in the future will be a worthy competitor to the capital "Mosgorspravke." — The principle of operation of our design is very simple

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