The land is empty, like a walnut.


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Inside our planet another life

November 23, 1968 American spacecraft ESSA-7 (Environmental Science Service Administration) took a few pictures of the North Pole. These pictures clearly shows a huge black hole in the pole. Publish images added fuel to the fire having gone was on the wane discussion about the fact that our

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Secret Civilizations six continents

January 12, 2012 18:14

The signing of the Antarctic Treaty stalalo compromise between the seven countries claim the territory of the sixth continent. About 50 states have signed the treaty, recognizing the neutral and non-nuclear status of the continent. But after the end of the contract term struggle for Antarctica may flare up again.

Opened the mainland in 1820, Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, which, however, are constantly challenged Americans, the British and the Norwegians, whose pioneers around the same time landed on the nearby islands or swam to him.

Academician Vladimir Kotlyakov, director of the Institute of Geography Russian

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Code of Antarctica

February 17, 2013 4:03

The fact that in Antarctica Queen Maud Land is a secret Nazi base-211, I learned while traveling in Germany. Spoke about her 89-year-old Walter Shulke former obershturmbannfyurer SS. This man mentioned in the article "UFOs over Stalingrad" ("Secrets of the twentieth century», № 45 for 2011). At one time I helped Shulke find grave of his grandfather, who died at Stalingrad. Grateful German told me that still kept secret.

Secret base

— When I graduated from the University of Berlin, my father, General Reichswehr rubbed me in one part of the SS. She was stationed

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Antarctica 1947 First Great Mystery of ufology

…"Fighting" with such a widespread phenomenon as UFO pointless and even silly — with equal success can be at every corner yelling that there is no God. However, more or less seriously studying the history of ufology itself, you can easily come across a rather curious thing that with some effort, can lead to the discovery of the secrets of a different order, but are never advertised in the world press …

After all, UFOlogy, unlike many other sciences and even most pseudosciences his own subject for study, as it is strange now to say no, and that it is

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Reflection of a UFO. German mark.

1947. Another mission of the American polar explorer Richard Byrd came to the shores of Antarctica. This expedition, in contrast to the previous three fully funded by the Navy of the United States and has a military title * High jump *. At first all goes according to plan, the first week made tens of thousands of aerial photographs. And then there is something mysterious: expedition, designed for half a year, 2 months collapses and leaves the coast of Antarctica.

Lost destroyer * Murdock *, lost half of carrier-based aircraft and killed dozens of sailors and officers … On

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