Hidden treasure

A Virginia woman’s eclectic taste transforms a creek-side cabin into an artful dwelling.

Some people avoid the log-home buying-and-building process by buying a log home that’s already been built. Lucy Tkachenko is one of those people. While visiting family in Roanoke, Virginia, she and her sister were driving along a creek-side road in mountains outside of town so her sister could show her a cabin. “I absolutely fell in love with it,” Lucy recalls.

The owners declined to sell, however, even though Lucy persisted in making offers. She went home to Canada, sold her house and returned to Roanoke, where

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Heroes, Mailbag, Cabin dreams.

Heroes. Presidential Red.

George Washington was the first U.S. president not to be born in a log cabin, but he liked wood. Instead of using stone for his Mount Vernon home, he clad it with wood cut to simulate stone and topped it with cypress shingles. He painted the walls white and the roof red. When the Mount Vemon Ladies Association took over Washington’s estate, they vowed to maintain the wood and the paint just as Washington had. That promise became exceedingly difficult after the government outlawed lead paint in 1978.

Paint had effectively protected the old- growth cypress shingles

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Panoramic lift in the St Petersburg HOME Mertens

House of Mertens.

The five-storey house Mertens — the administrative center of the adjoining store. In 2007-2008, the building completely renovated and modernized in accordance with the modern standards of office buildings. The project included, in particular, modernization and renovation of the old lift.

The building stands on the Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of St. Petersburg. In 1871 he became the owner of the fur trader FL Mertens. In the 1850s, on Nevsky, 50 he had a small shop, the businessman later opened a shop in the arcade, also on Nevsky Prospect. At the beginning of the XX

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MiG-35D — new fulcrum?

As commander in chief said Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin, MiG-35D is adopted in the Russian Air Force as a light aircraft. In his speech, Air Force Commander said that the MiG-35D will be similar to the South American F-35. With all this, he drew an analogy between the situation in the U.S. fighters F-22 and F-35, when the Americans were obliged to abandon the expensive Raptor in favor of cheaper Lightning. Transferring the situation on the Russian reality, he compared the F-22, c T-50 and MiG-35, respectively, with the F-35, made a reservation, but that T-50 will

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All fleet

VI International Maritime Defense Show opened in St. Petersburg Over 400 companies will present products naval mission at the VI International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg. Rosoboronexport announced information on new ships and weapons systems, which will be presented to him, and deputy director of the company said on international cooperation as the latest trend. In St. Petersburg, opened the VI International Maritime Defence Show (MBMC-2013), held every two years. Permament exhibition section is 4 pavilions fairgrounds «Fairgrounds» total area in excess of 17 thousand square meters in open areas and in the Gulf of Finland, also berths Marine

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PAK FA will receive gold-plated cockpit canopy

Obninskoe CVTs «Development», involved in the development of promising fighter fifth generation T-50 (PAK FA), gold plating used to protect the glass cockpit from radio waves and solar radiation. On Friday, March 23, write «News» Thanks gilt cockpit canopy will not reflect radar signals of enemy air defenses, and board electronics PAK FA is «invisible» means for electronic reconnaissance. According to the head designer CVTs «Development» Vladimir Vikulina, which was quoted, spraying glass cockpit make multilayered. In addition to gold to shield the lamp used indium and tin. The thickness of the 1st layer is at most 20 nm,

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Yurginskie mechanical engineers have developed a draft of a new machine for the transport of persons in mines

At Bucyrus completed drafting the new rubber-tired vehicles with diesel drive on the technical task of "SUEK-Kuzbass". It is designed to transport people and cargo in hazardous mines of dust and gas.

According to the developers, this technique has no analogues in Russia. The machine is used articulated design that allows for the rotation of increase agility equipment in the mine. Steering is performed by two hydraulic cylinders that move poluramy designs against each other during movement. The car will use a diesel drive engine (producer — Italian firm Miretti) will be carried out in an

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Southern Military District received the KamAZ-65117

Southern Military District received the KamAZ-65117


More than 20 modern heavy truck KAMAZ-65117 was received by the automotive division of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in the Volgograd region. The press service of the Southern Military District. Flatbed truck KAMAZ-65117 is the latest construction equipment manufacturers, on-duty and a number of parameters is superior to other heavy vehicles. Its load capacity is 15 tons, it can also tow a trailer weighing up to 14 tons. This replaces the KamAZ standing in the arsenal Urals, whose capacity of 6 tons. New car

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Swiss plane Intracom GM-17 Viper

Development of the company "Technoavia" led by Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff Manufacturing — Smolensk Aircraft Plant

According to the company's employees for directional stability, manageability and gliding qualities of the competitors at the aircraft GM-17, no. The payload, which is more than 1,000 kg, two times higher than the nearest competitor aircraft — TVM «Socata», M-101 "Gzhel" and the American aircraft DXL. Of course, half the cost of transporting 1 kg of cargo for 1 km. For the same same amount of goods loaded on board our aircrafts, gliders quality is much better, making it more secure in

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Purely to fly in nature ….

When interior designer elaboration passenger cabin and its individual elements are used advanced techniques and technologies, are taken into account and the customer's wishes and constructive products. As a result, beautiful, comfortable and luxurious air show performed by "Aero Style", successfully operating for many years.

company AERO STYLE Zhukovsky

To immediately get angry, I will explain:

This type of vessel belongs is usually small (and not as an option in small business) to airlines to buy a ticket for them can any. But of course they are chartered to deliver important passengers. Do

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