Tannoy Precision 6.2


Precision by name, precise in nature, the Tannoy Precision 6.2s are a charming, fantastic- sounding floorstander. Consider them one of the frontrunners at the price…

The curved cabinet sides, the clean-looking aluminium trim around the drive units and the chunky terminals on the rear all combine to create an impression of quality

There’s an option to mass-load

The dedicated plinths complement the solid, sturdy speaker design. The spikes are adjusted from above using the supplied key, so you don’t have to mess about from below.

Unusually, the 6.2s give you the option of mass-loading the cabinet. Tannoy claims this

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The German native has worked in Liebherr for 10 years and is now based in Singapore, overseeing the operations of the company in Asia Pacific. We had a quick chat with the wine lover when he was in town for the launch of Liebherr’s latest range of wine cabinets.

How has Liebherr evolved since if.s inception in 1949?

Liebherr started out producing mobile, easy-to-assemble and affordable tower cranes. In 1954, the company ventured into refrigeration with the launch of its first refrigerator. Later, Liebherr expanded its repertoire by offering components for

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Q Acoustics Concept 20


They look similar to the 2020is opposite, but the Concept 20s have great new-tech under their skin.

Concept 20 stands

We don’t always recommend buying stands from the same people who built the speaker, but not only are the Concept 20 stands (£200 a pair) gorgeous, they also put the speakers at the right height (at least for our listening position) and firm up the delivery impressively well. Also consider biwiring — it makes the sound more open and transparent.

We love the Q Acoustic 2020i speakers. So much so that we gave them an Award in 2012. But

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Modern conveniences found under traditional wraps.

Today’s homeowners have a variety of modern conveniences available to them when remodeling their kitchen. Most homeowners incorporate luxury conveniences from the outset of the remodel. The kitchen design is as much about aesthetic as functionality allowing families to enjoy spending time together while preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Appliances that offer ease of use for the entire family, including the children, are sought after in many kitchen projects. One example is microwaves designed for use in the base cabinetry. A drawer-style microwave allows easy access for children and helps to avert spills. A lock is available to prevent the

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Collectors Cabinet

Let s Start by Cutting Four Plywood Panels

1. From a 48×48″ sheet of 3/4-thick plywood, 1 cut the two side panels (A) to the dimensions listed in the Bill of Materials. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Lay out the 1/2 and 3/4 dadoes on the front edge of one of the side panels where shown on the Side Panel Front View drawing on page 7.

2.Fit your tablesaw with a 1/2 dado set, and elevate it to 3/4. Next, align the first marked dado with the dado set (l 9/16 from the top end), position your rip fence, and cut

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Belarusian MFA: reads the opening date of the Commission’s office until early

Press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov said that the delegation met with Deputy foreign minister Minister Valery Voronetsky:"They discussed a wide range of issues related relations between Belarus and the European Commission. The issue of opening the office of the European Commission still passes domestic reconciliation process. Read the opening date until the cabinet in advance. "The visit was part of an ongoing exchange with the views of the Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector.The Delegation reiterated the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely subject to official Minsk 12 criteria that exhibited Belarus EU. During the visit,

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Ukraine will invest $ 16.4 billion in the armed forces

Ukraine will invest $ 16.4 billion in the armed forces 29.05.2013 15:23 The Ukrainian government has approved the program of reforming the armed forces of 16.4 billion dollars.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting today approved the State program of reforming the armed forces of the country.

On a five-year program / 2017 / is supposed to spend about 131 billion hryvnia / 16.375 billion dollars /. This was announced by the Minister of Defense Pavel Lebedev.

He pointed out that the reform will be financed from the state budget,

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On the cabinet was BSDP day open house

The reason for this, according to Acting Party chairman Anatolia Lyaukovich, watching the next inspection.January 30 to the Social Democrats to come back first senior police lieutenant, who represented the Department for Combating Economic Crimes. Two hours later came into the office BSDP already three employee inspection of Taxation. Lewkowicz sees two such visits during the 1st as a day or severe signal for the party. Fact, that in November last year BSDP cabinet visited the fire inspector.In September, the party visited the office of the representative of Hygiene and Epidemiology. After her visit was published the decision to suspend

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A.Makaev: in the office is being searched demprafsayuzav

On this "Radio Liberty" said Alexander Makaeu, one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement in Minsk, which the police did not let out of the office.According to the source, he said, several of his friends went to the office for a meeting to BKDP familiar. "When we got out of the car and walked into the elevator, — says Alexander — us headed in unfamiliar civil. BKDP On the threshold of the office they put us off and immediately began a search of the premises. Currently, the police summoned help and can arrest computers, literature, office equipment. cite that Tipo

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Racks KUB-Ukraine

If you think about it, by and large 19 "server cabinet — is nothing more than a steel shell, inside of which the" right "distance from each other are guides for the installation of the equipment. With a reception at all simple.

If there is a requirement to expand, the cabinet must have at least: the lock in the door, removable side and back walls, conveniently located glands, the possibility of the organization of the natural and forced ventilation of interior space, the ability to control 19 "rails.

Cabinet should not be flimsy or vice

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