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This streamlined kitchen is awash with natural light. The white and walnut cabinets create a contemporary backdrop and the wooden floors ground the space. The white stools surround the lacquered counter which can be used as a breakfast area. «Generally going all white’ is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It is classy and elegant.


An all-white kitchen is a chic retreat. The white cabinetry, matching cook top, and grey work surface establish the kitchen area in this open-plan home. The granite flooring breaks the monotony and adds life to the space.

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The German native has worked in Liebherr for 10 years and is now based in Singapore, overseeing the operations of the company in Asia Pacific. We had a quick chat with the wine lover when he was in town for the launch of Liebherr’s latest range of wine cabinets.

How has Liebherr evolved since if.s inception in 1949?

Liebherr started out producing mobile, easy-to-assemble and affordable tower cranes. In 1954, the company ventured into refrigeration with the launch of its first refrigerator. Later, Liebherr expanded its repertoire by offering components for

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Monticello Cabinets, Doors

In timeless transitional homes, classic ornate decorative schemes or sleek contemporary styles — whatever the project’s look and scale. Monticello Cabinets 8 Doors should be on every home¬owner’s list of contacts for outstanding renovations or upgrades.

Through the use of modern techniques and lasting craftsmanship in working with ecologically friendly components. Monticello’s experts create elegant contemporary and old world kitchens and doors, individual pieces that fit perfectly into a niche or stunning redesigns that transform a space into an unforgettably beautiful interior.

Monticello offers three superb lines of cabinetry: «Provence» features the fluid elegance of French Country and Mediterranean-style panels

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In front of me was a challenge to arrange storage of household goods, using the minimum quantity of furniture. It was the desire to make a new apartment as possible large, «air», not her closets and other «heavy» items.

Project. As a solution to one of the rooms you selected closet on the wall. And initially I aim was to make it so that it is harmoniously combined with the overall design of the room.

Therefore, when designing the wardrobe were selected following criteria:

• Facades from a natural tree with mirror;

• Hardware of high quality;

• effective use

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Kitchen couture

A bespoke design is the perfect way of creating an ideal kitchen; we look at some of the best models, plus some clever ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives

I‘m sure we’ve all daydreamed of a bespoke designer creating our ideal kitchen. While this is a very desirable option, it’s important to remember that, with the help of a creative and knowledgeable team, the skills of a top-notch installer, and a good sense of style, it’s possible to get a high-quality look even if you don’t have a top-end budget. There are times when a bespoke maker is highly desirable – for instance if

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We Natsіonalnіy metalurgіynіy akademії Ukrainy vіdkrili Suchasni bіblіoteku

 Photo source:in.ua

Bіblіoteka equipped Komp'yuterniy bazoyu danih lіteraturi, trammel Wi-Fi is the knigoskhovischem 600 tis. primіrnikіv. Takozh here roztashovanі Internet-center, vistavkovі that meeting showed.

Yak zaznachila Marija PUSTOVIT for naukovoї Book Cabinets zbuduvali okremu 5 poverhovu budіvlyu. Zagalna Value Participants budіvnitstva tsogo complex sklala blizko 15 million UAH. Bіblіoteka є Suchasni i zruchnim mortgage. We nіy dostupnі navchalnі posіbniki that Naukova perіodika. Vіdvіduvachі toil zmogu pіdіbrati lіteraturu for tehnіchnim, ekonomіchnim that sotsіalno-gumanіtarnim directly.

For zruchnostі koristuvachіv pratsyuє E-catalog lіteraturi, dostupnі elektronnі pіdruchniki, monografії that naukovі journalists. On bazі Book Cabinets roztashovanі three chitalnі showed.


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Racks KUB-Ukraine

If you think about it, by and large 19 "server cabinet — is nothing more than a steel shell, inside of which the" right "distance from each other are guides for the installation of the equipment. With a reception at all simple.

If there is a requirement to expand, the cabinet must have at least: the lock in the door, removable side and back walls, conveniently located glands, the possibility of the organization of the natural and forced ventilation of interior space, the ability to control 19 "rails.

Cabinet should not be flimsy or vice

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RusEnergoMir launched the production of intelligent lighting control cabinets

Group of companies "RusEnergoMir" launched its own production of electrical service products for the automated control of lighting on major energy-consuming enterprises.

The first 26 control cabinets were made for the enterprises of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"Within the project on modernization of lighting manufacturing areas. 12 articles were sent to the JSC "Production Association" Electrochemical Plant ", 11 pieces made for JSC" Siberian Chemical Combine, "and three produced for JSC" Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant. " 

Intelligent cabinets are the main components of automated lighting control systems (ASUO) and consist of

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In the SEC Mechatronics (St. Petersburg) has opened a new production

In the SEC "Mechatronics" opened a new production on the issue of protection devices 35-110-220 kV substation equipment. As soon as possible in new areas (1441 m2) were carried out all necessary repairs to run modern production.

General Director Vladimir E. Novikov opened a new production facility, cutting red tape: "The opening of a new production complex of protection of substation equipment confirms the trend of sustainable development of the company and allows you to not only create a good basis for the formation of highly skilled specialists in the design, development, manufacture, installation and operation

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SEC Mechatronics expanded the range of electronic equipment

SEC "Mechatronics" finished work to expand their line of products.

The creation of new terminals and new cabinets, as well as albums of Interconnection at all voltage classes up to 220 kV.

There are the full protection of the basic lines and new cabinets at their base, which received new names — SHOZL (wardrobe basic protection of lines) and SHRZL — a case of backup protection lines. Terminals applied in these cabinets are: — Differential-phase line protection, can work with RF equipment of all series, (PVZK, PVZU, SEP, etc.) — Previously implemented multi-stage remote protection and

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