USB Hard Drive Hootenanny

Hard drives you can actually smack down


The LaCie Rugged Mini we tested is a 1TB 5,400rpm drive that features a classic brushed-aluminum housing with USB 3.0 and LED activity indicators. The bright, removable rubber case makes this hard drive resistant to drops from four feet, which matches the Transcend StoreJet’s durability. Its two-year war­ranty is the shortest of the three drives in our roundup, though.

LaCie’s bundled software is bare- bones, and offers a power-saving utility and Genie Timeline backup software. Genie Timeline provides a simple inter­face with the option for a hierarchical

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Guitar wireless system



Sony’s new wireless system is optimised for guitar and bass players, offering high-quality 24-bit/48KHz linear PCM digital transmission, an eight-position ‘cable tone generator’ plus 9V, 12V and battery power options. Audio outputs include two unbalanced jacks for amp and tuner plus for balanced connection to mixers. Six channels operate in wide and narrow RF modes.

Frequency range is quoted as 10Hz-22kHz using Sony’s own RF technology and codec; the DWZ-B30GB is said to deliver reliable and secure transmission even in the vicinity of wi-fi and wireless microphones. The 2.4GHz frequency band is used

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TV antennas.

Indoor television antennas work in conditions drastically different from the operating conditions of the external antenna.

It is caused by the structure of the electromagnetic field VHF indoors. There is a field typically has a clear interference in nature, being a field of standing waves, which can be explained by the presence of reflections from the walls and various objects in the room. The intensity of the electromagnetic field in a room can dramatically change when you move to 1-1.5 m. For the various frequency components of a television signal distribution spehtra maxima and minima of the electromagnetic field may

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With water blocking cable test MATERIALS

Today, the railway network of JSC «Russian Railways» to use cables for signaling and blocking in plastic and metal shells with hydrophobic filling and without it. Cable without hydrophobic filling does not have longitudinal and moisture resistance in the event of damage to the membrane water getting inside the core, it extends on both sides of the injury, worsening the electrical and mechanical properties of the cable. As a result, «zamokshy» section must be replaced.

Cables with hydrophobic filling have longitudinal water resistance of the core.

Cables type SBVBP, SBVBA with elements of water blocking materials withstood the initial

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Diagnosis of cable lines: at the gates of a new era

Today in Russia there is no practice of continuous diagnosis of the condition of high-voltage cable systems. The legal framework governing the status of the scan isolation requires cable lines only periodic tests that require the withdrawal from service of KL, do not address the issues of prevention of electrical defects, and are potentially dangerous (because they are destructive). Community experts are increasingly discussing the possibility of implementing an effective centralized system of diagnostics of electrical equipment that will solve a range of problems, from energy security to a significant reduction in material costs for maintenance and repair of

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6 instant upgrades

Savour every second with these short hop essentials…


With luggage space at a premium, you’ll want something a little more discreet than a bulky. £300 pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These stylish on-ear cans come in a handy zippered pouch and are ideal for small doses of most music types, thanks to the warm mid-tone reproduction and deep bass. Comfy leather ear cushions keep your shell-likes happy, while sound isolation is on hand to help take the edge off engine noise, city bustle and that important departure announcement. Oops…

£80 /



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French with the Nizhny Novgorod

The cable car — finally built it! Now in Nizhny Novgorod acquired its own, unique landmark, for which is to come here from out of town. Let's see what is Sia prodigy. Under the reference photo essay of the 25 shots, plus one video, enjoy your viewing! Orignal article can be found at, copying material reference is obligatory!

1. Apparently the old Russian custom, the start of the road was confined to what that date. Boarding station that on the side of Nizhny Novgorod, which in Bor have unfinished look. However, all the features of

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Drilling censorship in cable networks

Package of cable television "Cosmos TV" in Minsk lost just three channels are popular — "24DOK" that specialized in showing documentary films, comic NST channel and the channel "Phoenix Art", which were serials. In the web on the web site of the "Cosmos TV" indicated that "Broadcast discontinued from circumstances beyond the control of the company," and instead identified other channels will transmit the number of candidates for inclusion in the package. Who initiated the urgent "edit" package "Cosmos TV"? On the company’s Web site is located a letter Deputy Chairman Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Tityankova. City bureaucrat reports

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Masty power demand to the antenna

Report holders received both satellite and ordinary antennas. The utility refer to the fact that the survey was conducted and recorded rooftops illegal installation of antennas. Offer residents use collective antennas that take up to 16 programs.But many people this angered because antennas are already and more than 10 years. Man: "Why should I look 16 channels if I was adopted by 160 on the plate? Later utter: why 16 for you, that’s enough for fourth What you mobile phone, ordinary enough for what computer? .. " Inhabitants of several houses appealed to the deputy district council Mostovskogo Dmitry Kuhleya,

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Successfully passed the tests of the first cryogenic superconducting magnet for Russian Collider

The project NICA — project to create a Super-collider based nuclotron High Energy Physics Laboratory, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

From 16 to 20 May in the High Energy Physics Laboratory conducted tests of the first cryogenic superconducting magnet for booster Nuclotron, the future of the intermediate ring accelerator. As you know, the NICA project includes a series of rings — the ring booster, which passes the intermediate acceleration, then the beam is injected into the Nuclotron-M, and then sent to the collider consisting of two opposing rings. We asked Hamlet IG Khodzhibagiyan, chief engineer, winner of the Prize

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