suburban cafe


Very much in love with the whimsical cafes she’d visited in the Hongdae area in Seoul, Sharon Lim didn’t need to think twice when it came to decor inspirations for her home. Together with her husband Raymond Liew, they conceptualised a home very much inspired by the many indie coffee joints they frequented while dating. Their first home together also reflected two distinct tastes, representing the union of two individuals. But while Raymond recalled how they worked their preferences out, he jokingly clarified, «I looked at the budget while she took care of the

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Exploring the Cafe Sitters in Mumbai

Chirodeep Chaudhuri has been photographing for the past 20 years in India. Amidst the myriad of assignments that he receives, he always takes the time to shoot personal projects, the city of Mumbai being one of the subjects.

One of his recent personal projects has been photographing people frequenting the cafes of Mumbai. He describes the images in this series as part of an India in transition. He considers the coffee shop chains as a metaphor for a new, emerging India. He believes these coffee shops function as a small window into the lifestyles of the rapidly increasing middle class.

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Art of the matter

A trio of ventures are honing Hanoi’s creative edge


With a thousand years of history behind it, Hanoi is Vietnam’s undisputed cultural capital. But the city otters tar more than the standard circuit of traditional entertainments (water-puppet shows, anyone?) and contemporary art galleries. Spurred on by a crowd of young expats and talented locals, a small but independent arts scene is flourishing. Here are three venues on the city’s creative cutting edge.

—MANZI «We wanted to have a place that’s not just an artsy cafe, but an art cafe,» says artist and university lecturer Bill Nguyen, one

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He has a female name — photo exhibition

"He has a female name" — is the first exhibition in Belarus, which addresses the topic of same-sex seven» phenomena. That outlook 1st of café "London" about the shooting Andrei Lyankevich:Guest: "Diverse provocation, but I, as a guest, it’s nice to create photos here. Especially since, here, moreover, that the theme of diverse, Andrew used medium format film. It is evident that for him it is twice the experience. "Photos are located on the walls of the cafe "London". When you come, the photo at first look as well as part of the inter» career. In pictures — two young

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Why grow rates in Belarusian bars and restaurants?

According to Sergei Sidorsky, you must change the service, knit in the business, so that was a healthy competition, because it lowers the market price. How quickly grow market prices Minsk public power? This question I asked a staff member of the Minsk cafe "Admiral" Lena:Lena: "We have not much prices rose. Prices vary. Doing somethingsmiling cheaper, something more. Here vegetables rose, because the winter. A vodka 1,090 rubles per 50 gr: probably the most accessible. "And indeed, in this cafe prices on food and beverages, compared to other cafes and bars are very moderate. Lena says that 25 thousand

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That there has been developed a service that all would stay

First cafe on the highway Minsk-Grodno at a gas station in Skidel. Working round the day.I went inside. Now here uncrowded. Comfortable enough points telly, counters made drinks products. Acquainted with the menu.Burning pizza — 1800 rubles, butebroly cheese — 1300 with sausage — 1500 rubles, seven types of coffee from 900 to 1100 rubles, three varieties of tea — in all price — 650 rubles. Kivbasy on the counter from 15 to 30 thousand. Mistress says that in their own kitchen is not, but on the order in the state to make mashed potatoes, reheat soup packet to warm

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Smilovichi: exposure memory Chaim Soutine

Several 10-s Reproduction placed in 2-halls Orphanage creativity. As saidand Radio Liberty metadystka Hasinevich Svetlana, one of the halls devoted Smilovitskogo period of the artist, the second — the French."French" hall-style Parisian cafe, where guests will be able to drink coffee with filizhanak designated labeled "Place Soutine." Same inscription indicated other furniture "cafe". The exhibition also Smilavichy photo circles, where once stood the house of the parents Chaim Soutine, biographical information about the artist and history Smilavichy. This is the first constant exposure to the home of the world-famous artist, who appeared with the support of the State Art Museum

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Their customs. Issue number 16. (May 26 — June 2)

May 26. In the Finnish town of Hyvinkää 18 year old boy climbed onto the roof with a rifle and started shooting cafe passersby. Witnesses say they heard more than twenty shots. Sniper's bullet killed 18-year-old girl and 19-year-old boy. Another seven wounded in the hospital.

May 27. In the U.S. state of New Mexico raging fires. Fire covered about 520 square kilometers of forest. Authorities rushed to evacuate the residents of nearby settlements. Firefighters can not cope with the elements and are forced to flee from the fire, along with civilians.

May 28. In Bosnia, the police arrested

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Eduard Limonov: Paris today is not the one

Came an old friend of mine, an artist.

I asked him about Paris, how is he? Paris?

"Paris today is not the one — got in return. — We're living in the eighties in another city.

Many galleries closed. The French do not buy paintings home.

Dying tradition to go to a cafe. Earlier on Sunday so accurately deduced the French family dinner at the resto or a cafe.

Now sitting alone in a cafe tourists. Everything has become expensive. The crisis that everyone is afraid of

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Powerful mudslide came down in Kyrgyzstan


12.05.11.Moschny landslide buried under a transport cafe on the strategic highway Bishkek-Osh in Kyrgyzstan's Toktogul region, the rubble was one of the employees point of catering. This was announced on Thursday, RIA Novosti spokesman MES, IA "News of Kazakhstan."

According to the source, before the incident occurred on 261 km of mountainous highway linking the northern and southern regions of the country. On location in the picturesque valley cafe collapsed over 3500 tons of earth. Under the five-meter layer of earth mass was buried 57-year-old employee of a cafe.

"On-site emergency lifeguard. The operation involved 10 vehicles. The remaining

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