Volcanic activity on the Greek island

Volcanic activity on the Greek island of Danger Zone

On one of the Greek islands of Santorini (also known as Thera or Thira) notes the increasing volcanic activity. More than 20 monitoring stations indicate that the caldera woke rapidly deformed.

"After decades of low activity, in January 2012, by a series of aftershocks followed the deformation of the caldera, and the equipment in the northern part of the island moved by 5-9 centimeters. Magma chamber is full, so the activity of the volcano is closely watched, "- said Andrew Newman, one of the researchers.

The last eruption of Santorini was

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A series of small earthquakes recorded along the border between California and Nevada

Fig. 1

April 11. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a lot of small earthquakes shook the border between the U.S. states of California and Nevada in the Eastern Sierra (The word "Sierra" means mountain range — annotated. Interpreter) for the last day.

The strongest of them had a magnitude of 4.2 and 4.0, and both occurred on Sunday afternoon in Hawthorne, pieces. Nevada, about 140 miles east of Sacramento. Weaker earthquakes continued Monday morning.

Reports of the possible damage and no injuries were reported there. Among the above-mentioned earthquakes also included some of the earthquake in

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The extraordinary expansion of Yellowstone caldera volcano

Maps pools tremors on Yellowstone Lake in 2008-09. A. Location of earthquakes on the northern end of Yellowstone Lake, with the direction of the deep fault, which was modeled as a vertical volcanic zherlovina. Shown seismic data and offset soil. B. Model zherloviny expansion at different rates (major and minor), explaining the model and the corresponding displacement of the seismic activity. Reprinted from Farrell and others (2010; Geophysical Research Letters). Click to enlarge the picture.

Researchers from the University of Utah have recently published two new articles in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, dedicated to the active nature

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Central American volcano increased its activity

Central American volcano increased its activity Facts

According to seismologists in Nicaragua, April 29, 2012 increased the activity of Masaya volcano, located 20 miles south of Managua. The volcano began to emit more sulfur dioxide, which increases the level of seismic hazard in the region.

Sulfur released into the atmosphere along with the distinctive sound of the main crater formed fault. Experts conduct close monitoring of the Masai, whose surface temperature has risen above the norm, but there is no emergency measures will not be undertaken. National Park near the volcano will continue to work.

Masaya is one of the

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Santorini Caldera quickly deforms

Santorini Caldera quickly deformed Facts

Santorini — a volcanic island, which has been relatively calm since the last eruption in 1950. But Caldera again woke up and quickly deformed in unusual place for it.

Professor Andrew Newman has established more than 20 navigation stations on the island. Some of them will move to 9 inches in January 2011, when the caldera awoke after "a long sleep." Everything magma chamber is filled very quickly. If an underwater eruption, it is likely to cause a tsunami of local character, which will be dangerous for cruise ships and tourists. Scientists are watching the

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On the islands of Vanuatu volcano awoke

On the islands of Vanuatu volcano awoke Danger Zone

Ambrym volcano began showing signs of seismic activity after a long period of calm. As the University of Hawaii, signs of activity in the form of a powerful thermal signal visible in the craters of Marum and Benbow. Other signs of mobility while lava is extremely difficult to identify, as the cyclone season in the region, and the volcano is simply closed clouds.

The total picture of the volcano Ambrym and s-in Vanuatu for a seven-day period.

Large basaltic volcano Ambrym caldera has a width of 12 km and is one

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American supervolcano threatens the world of nuclear winter


12.04.11.Novosti USA, Salt Lake City. Recent powerful earthquake that rocked New Zealand and Japan, made scientists take a closer look to the more powerful volcanoes on the planet.

Researchers Robert Smith and Michael Zhdanov, University of Utah (Salt Lake City) to trace the path of seismic waves from the earthquake off Japan and check data Yellowstone supervolcanoes. Results stunned scientists: it turns out, so far the available data on the structure of the subsoil Yellowstone caldera wrong.

Caldera — is tsirkoobraznaya depression, caused by the failure of volcanic mountains in force and reaching tens of kilometers in

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Risk of Santorini caldera

Seismic activity around the island of Santorini, which began in July 2011, continues in 2012, congratulating the world series of small earthquakes near the caldera.

A slight increase in the number of earthquakes is observed on the volcano-tectonic Kameni line passing through the caldera from the south-west to the north east, especially in the north-east, where the 8 km from the coast is an underwater volcano Columbo.

Alignment defines a tectonic graben structure that lies beneath Santorini, and contributed to the rise of magma in almost all previous eruptions.


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In Indonesia, the volcano awoke Tengger Caldera


SYDNEY, January 29. / ITAR-TASS /. Tengger Caldera volcano eruption on the Indonesian island of Java disrupted air traffic over this most populous island in the world. As a result, canceled dozens of international flights that connect the resort island of Bali to other corners of the world.


In particular, according to the Australian airline "Dzhetstar" / Jetstar / and "Virgin Blue" / Virgin Blue /, about 4.5 thousand passengers stranded at airports two countries.

In turn, the representative of the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia Bambang Erwan said ash emissions hit airspace within 200 nautical

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Scientists put the alarm on a volcano

A team of international experts began work in the Italian city of Naples. Scientists to develop a complex system of sensors to alert an eruption Campi Flegrei caldera.

The volcano is located on the sea floor in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, west of Naples and not erupted for nearly 15,000 years. However, as scientists say, the eruption of the Campi Flegrei caldera millionoy can kill people, not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. According to experts, the volcano has already begun to show signs of life. Campi Flegrei caldera is much more dangerous volcano Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii 2,000

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