News photography can require patience, perseverance and luck. Keeping a fresh perspective as the story develops is key, says John Dooley. As a photojournalist he has faced dramatic situations that require a keen eye and creative interpretation.

As I watch wildfires ravage Southern California, I think back to my time spent covering similar fires in that part of the world, including the notorious Station Fire in 2009 (the tenth largest fire in modern California history, which destroyed 160,557 acres).

Capturing the scale and drama of these fires for the purpose of news photography requires patience, perseverance and luck. Just getting

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Pace quickens on US base closures

A NEW LIST of US military installations targeted for closure was revealed on March 12, comprising 31 major sites and 40 other installations. Operations at another 94 sites could be realigned or curtailed. Plans to close an additional 29 overseas bases were also announced.

These reductions will save about $3.1 billion from the year 2000. However, Defence Secretary Les Aspin indicated that this still falls short of planned reductions in defence budgets and a further round of more drastic cuts can be expected. The cuts would also see the loss of 57,000 civilian and 24,000 military jobs. Overseas closures are

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Modern art.

One of the most interesting factors about aircraft is that the aerodynamics required to make them fly efficiently have, from the very beginning, created art forms that were, and are, indicative of the age.

The Beautiful Warthog.

The Mighty A-10 Warthog came close to a premature demise, but enter the Gulf War, and it did exactly what it was designed to do — bust tanks. In the photo, a four-ship of armed Michigan ANG Hogs join up in the wild blue yonder.

Night Eyes.

A U.S. Air Force «Viper driver» models ANVIS-9 night-vision goggles, and his F-16 looks on. Night-vision

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Elevated spirits.




Nestled on 16 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains is one of Los Angeles’ most beloved wineries, Moraga Estate. Proprietors and native California’s Tom and Ruth Jones have cultivated these grounds to perfection, ensuring everything is properly managed and delicately raised. A tour of this vast estate is sure to leave you awe-struck by its rolling grape fields and juxtaposition of

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For the case study joined Arnold Schwarzenegger

She does not know when the band will arrive in Belarus. According to her, it will depend on whether the flight tickets. At this point, the kids are in American homes, where they were healthy.At the moment "lasts close interaction and American Belarusian parties to address the issue of the repatriation of a minor citizen of Belarus ", — told BelaPAN MFA. representative of the agency added that to solve the problem of California joined the governor’s office, which liaises with the authorities of the town of Petaluma (California, near San Francisco), where Belarus is the girl.

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Unbearable Lightness of Being (in California)

About Belarus, as usualIn California, heard about Belarus, but they know about it is not enough either, and nothing at all. So it seemed to me during my speech at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian research Stenfardkaga Institute (Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, CREEES) November 14, 2007. I suggested the topic "How Firm Is President Lukashenka’s Grip on Power in Belarus?", Ruling analyze social and economic support of the regime and provide some sociological calculations. Adnak Vesling Rob (Rob Wessling), Deputy Director CREEES, recommended me to tell about Belarus something more simple. Say, come

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Breeding technology superior race Hitler borrowed from the Americans

We offer our readers an article written by Edwin Black — author of the books included in the list of best-selling newspaper "New York Times": "Ay-Bee-Em and the Holocaust" and the just released "The war against the weak" ("Four walls, eight windows" ).

Hitler turned into a living hell of a continent and killed millions of people in search of the so-called "master race." The world was mad Fuhrer and poorly understood the motives that drove them. However, the concept of superior race — white-skinned blonde with blue eyes — was formulated not to them, this idea was developed

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Seismic activity in northern California

Seismic activity in northern California Natural Disasters

February 14, 2012 in Northern California earthquake at a depth of 32.9 kilometers force 5.6. The epicenter was located close to the National Park "Redwood." Tremors were felt not only in California, but also in the southern part of Oregon. Day, there was also a few jolts to a depth of 0.5 kilometers of the power of 3 to 4.3 near Anderson Springs, where 8 November 1980 there was a major earthquake measuring 7.3.

In an area where there were the most violent shocks, the most populated cities are Arcata (17 000) and

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A series of small earthquakes recorded along the border between California and Nevada

Fig. 1

April 11. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a lot of small earthquakes shook the border between the U.S. states of California and Nevada in the Eastern Sierra (The word "Sierra" means mountain range — annotated. Interpreter) for the last day.

The strongest of them had a magnitude of 4.2 and 4.0, and both occurred on Sunday afternoon in Hawthorne, pieces. Nevada, about 140 miles east of Sacramento. Weaker earthquakes continued Monday morning.

Reports of the possible damage and no injuries were reported there. Among the above-mentioned earthquakes also included some of the earthquake in

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A nuclear reactor in California closed

A nuclear reactor in California closed Danger Zone

The third reactor nuclear power plant, "San Onofre" in southern California, was closed in the evening January 31, 2012 after the probe identified a possible leak in one of the steam pipes.

The main supplier of electricity to Southern California SCE said that any threat to the population and the workers will not be leaked, because it does not fall into the atmosphere and is in the dome of the containment. While the causes of the accident are not known, but the repairs are under way.

NPP "San Onofre" in 78.21% owned

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