When Patricia Vitiello nearly died from a stroke, she vowed never to take her well-being for granted again. As told to ABIGAIL LIBERS

On the morning of my 47th birthday last year, I woke up early to prepare for a big meeting at work. As I sat at my kitchen table at 5:30 a.m. sipping coffee, I suddenly felt a familiar sensation—one I’d been dreading for a long time. It started as a tingle in my right hand and quickly turned to numbness. Because it had happened eight years earlier, I knew what this meant: I was having a stroke.

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Time To Call The Pros?

In this issue we explain the process of mastering and how you can do it yourself within your chosen DAW. But sometimes it’s best to get the pros in, and they don’t come more reputable than Optimum Mastering, which counts Portishead and Courtney Pine among its clients…

Shawn Joseph is the director at Bristol-based Optimum Mastering which has been providing a bespoke mastering service since 2004. With a specially created mastering suite – costing in excess of six figures to construct – plus many, many high-end pieces of hardware, it’s easy to see why you might choose its services over

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They called us!

FAST dark. Suddenly, from a distance came the desperate cry. Someone lost in the reeds, called for help.

— It is necessary to help out! — I said vybredavshim of water neighbors halt.

— Will choose if not a fool — I answered hung ducks uncle. — Our legs are not state-owned.

— Then turn the car lights though. Let people see, where to go.

— Battery charging will you give me? — Uncle asked grimly. — No? Well, go with God.

He turned and calmly walked to a broken tent nearby. Behind him stretched shortstop.

What to do?

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Child helpline

To say that the phones in the children’s service trust is not never fall silent, it would be unfair. «Cases and pause. In good weather, fewer calls — who would like at this time to stay at home? After the hotline does not usually call on the move «, — said the head of the child helpline» Gavroche «Julia Kontsova. Still, the calls come frequently. From harmless «I’m afraid one at home» to the desperate «I will not need you!».

What problems call the children?

The main causes of children’s desk calls to professionals conditionally divided into three groups:

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At a demonstration in Warsaw, Lukashenko called for honest counting

Its general secretary, Jan Poplawski is responsible for:"We distributed leaflets to persons who came to the embassy to vote. We want to pass the call to Alexander Lukashenko, the counting of votes took place in a democratic manner. We tried direct attention all the violations that occurred during this campaign. "He also complained that the call for Lukashenko failed to transmit directly embassy staff — a letter was thrown into everyday mailbox, reports polskieradio.pl.

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Iranian President’s visit to the United States drew protests

Rector of the Colombian Institute Do Bolinzher welcomed the Iranian president sharply: "Why does your regime imprisons scientists why condemns to death the children, why persecutes opposition ladies and gays, why attacks on our soldier and elected in free elections the Iraqi government, why support terrorism in Lebanon and other countries?"According views Bolinzhera, zapyarechvayuchy the Holocaust, the Iranian ruler makes it provocative, or it just is not much educated. Rector referred to the Iranian president fierce dictator and ended his speech with the words. "I doubt you will be able to honestly answer my questions." Mahmoud Ahmadinejad replied:"I am a

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In Zhdanovichy held a spontaneous rally businessmen (refreshed)

The rally was triggered by several staff members of the tax inspectorate, which made test purchases of a businesswoman and after trying to confiscate her coat for a large amount of funds.This caused outrage in the midst of the merchants, and they rushed to defend the woman. Security market called the police, but the police could not control the crowd, numbering about two hundred square meters of man. Policemen called for help commandos.As a result, representatives of the tax inspectorate said that the initiators of the meeting will be held accountable.

The Taliban released 2-South Korean hostages

Elder ladies through a local tribe handed over to the red cross. Taliban dubbed this act a gesture of good will. 19 hostages still in their hands. Earlier, the Taliban killed two male hostages.Another hostage in the hands of the Taliban, who called himself a citizen of Germany Rudolf Bleshmitam through AFP said that he was sick, and asked for help in freeing the German government. He is detained since July 18.

Sunday at Liberty

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 6:33 * "Call" Freedom "- an overview of calls our listeners, commentary professionals answers. 6:45 * "Sign of Faith" — the religious consciousness of young Belarusians. 7:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 7:30 * "House of Writers" — dedicated transmission issue completed on days of Brno in the Czech festival "Month author’s reading," in which the role of perceived Belarusian poet, prose writer and translator. Evening 18:05 * "Prague accent" — the antecedents and consequences of another Belarusian-Russian gas conflict discussions are the editor of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov, Russian

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Process 5 reincarnated in process 9

At various times they confiscated at the border in Grodno Vladimir Larin UCP of journalist Andrew Pisalnik, student Kalinouski Alexei Trubkin and unemployed from Ivie district Dmitry dank. The initiator of the case — Grodno regional KGB office. Referee Alexander Sitko explained to that court procedure caused people to expect.Referee: "Yes, a job interview preparation, and later found out from the parties — whether they received the copy of their objections, if they wish to have their own representatives. Later will invite representatives of interested parties only, in other words — the KGB, then — Grodno regional customs and those

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