The landing of the Philippines

Naumen Russian company signed its first contract to supply software for the call center in the Philippines. Announced that with the help of Russian software will be automated 100 jobs of Magellan Solutions — Philippine outsourcing call center, which has a total of 600 seats operators and serves clients from the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Now Philippines — the fastest-growing global market call centers. In the past year, they have overtaken traditional leader in this area — India. This is the trend of recent years — the world’s major companies (banks,

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GLONASS monitoring the Ryazan medicine

Regional partner of the group of companies "M2M Telematics"-"M2M Telematics Ryazan"- Has implemented the second phase of the project for the integrated implementation of GLONASS technologies in the medical transport for the benefit of the Ministry of Health of the Ryazan region. Due to the rapid transport dispatching able to significantly reduce the time of arrival of ambulances, to ensure the safe transport of patients and ambulances as a whole, as well as to achieve saving the cost of fleet maintenance.

Integrated navigation and information system in medical institutions under the Ministry has deployed experts "M2M telematics Ryazan" for two

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Rain and flooding in eastern France

Rain and flooding in eastern France Natural Disasters

Recent severe thunderstorms and downpours turned east France in this disaster area. The absolute record for the country was observed in one of the administrative centers Lataringii Nancy, where three hours dropped 86 mm of rain. From the last census shows that over the first six minutes of the city hit 15.7 mm, and for the first hour — 49 mm. Emergency services staff received about 460 calls for help related to the flooding. Only in the flooded areas are about two hundred firefighters and 80 vehicles. Because of the threat of

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Latvian residents reported bright moving celestial body. Photo. Video



22.05.11.Gosudarstvennaya Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) on Sunday night, from 2.30 to 4 hours, received calls from four different places in Latvia with information about the bright moving object in the sky, said an expert on public relations services Ilze Bunkshe.

Thus, in 2.40, the man who was driving at Jurmala highway to Riga, saw in the sky a luminous moving body, is directed toward the Gulf of Riga.

As eyewitness Reinis Petersons, he along with a friend about three o'clock in the morning in a car driving down the highway from Jurmala to Riga, and

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A cloud of poisonous smoke covered Penza


23.05.12.Massovoe poisoning have occurred due to the leakage of sulfur-containing substances odorant and propane. Around a hundred people have already went to doctors complaining of headaches, vomiting and fainting.

Whitish veil of smoke enveloped the areas Ternovka, Lighthouse, GEA. The area was covered with smoke, more than an hour in the visibility is less than 20 meters. Some time later, the smoke began to dissipate, the air was filled with the pungent smell of sulfur.

— The incident took place today at the reception scrap — told Life News in law enforcement. — Dispose of metal cans and propane

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Invite readers to take a sightseeing tour of the Mamaev Kurgan

Author Oleg Kaptsov

Mamaev Kurgan and "The Motherland Calls!"

It will take years and decades to come, we will replace the new generation. But here, at the foot of the majestic monument of Victory will come grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the heroes. This will bring flowers and bring their children. Here, thinking about the past and dreaming about the future, people will remember those who have died defending the eternal flame of life (the inscription on the slab at the entrance to Mamaev Kurgan)

Home height Russia, where the fate of Russian civilization. A place

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Ontario, Canada: people worried by tremors

For months, the residents of the southern and western parts of the city Windsor is concerned about the ground motion of unknown origin, reports"These tremors under, accompanied by a mysterious hum — a real phenomenon, and it's happening, and we still can not pinpoint what it is," — says the city manager Al Maghnieh. "But I think that this is potentially very dangerous," — he added.According to him, he began receiving calls from concerned citizens back in March. Then early Friday morning, he first visited the house where the words of its people, there is a strange hum.He put

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Snow covered the north-eastern Tasmania

June 8. Snow covered the north-eastern Tasmania, while the rain continued to go to the south of the state.

This morning showers and strong winds forced the three flights to Hobart (the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania) to return to Melbourne Airport.

Jetstar airline representative said that their plane back to avoid the possible consequences of landing in difficult weather conditions. Several flights out of the Hobart also been canceled.

Wet weather continues to run amok in the south of Tasmania. At the station in Hobart's east coast flooding occurred in the suburban areas like Cambridge, Howrah, Tranmere

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In Volgograd resumed earthquake


28.01.11.Ocherednoy flurry of phone calls from residents hit the emergency services on Thursday evening. Residents of three areas have complained that their homes were shaking.

Volgogradians of Dzerzhinsky, Kirov and Krasnooktyabrskiy areas called from 16.30 to 18.20. They talked about the fact that their apartments on the upper floors of the rock, the committee said Civil Protection.

Recall that the first such reports appeared last fall. Then it turned out that tangible causes tremors undermine Prudboy munitions at the site.

Urban professionals, and representatives of the City Hall then appealed to the leadership of the garrison Bolgogradskogo to lower

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Heavy downpours hit the east of France

Heavy downpours hit on Tuesday night in the French department of Meurthe-et-Moselle, flooded basements and ground floors of homes, according to French media.

Unprecedented rainfall fell in Nancy — 86 millimeters in three hours, including 15.7 millimeters — less than six minutes. The water level in some areas, up to two meters, washing cars with parking places and flooding basements and first floors of buildings. The city Essey-les-Nancy, firemen and rescuers found the body of an elderly woman drowned in their homes.

All fire-rescue workers received 40 per night per thousand calls, they went on calls 648 times. They had,

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