Seriously Clever… and seriously good

Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 speaker package £1950

We know Cambridge Audio best for its great-value electronics. Even its range- topping 851 series of components (around £1200 each for the CD player and amplifier) pack in an awful lot of tech for the money.

However, over the past year or so we’ve noticed it shift towards speakers of all kinds. The new Aero range marks a move to establish the brand as a serious alternative to the likes of B&W, KEF and Monitor Audio in the heartland of full-size speakers.

It’s always tough to go up against such established rivals. So

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Night Climbing

Why should Thomas Mailaender, a contemporary artist known for his impudent provocations, want to present us with photographs of students climbing on the roofs and walls of colleges at the University of Cambridge in the mid-i930s?

The Night Climbers of Cambridge was first published in 1937, by Chatto & Windus, a respectable publishing house in London. (The book, illustrated with photographs, was recently reissued by Oleander Press.) Mailaender, attracted by this peculiar venture, bought the original pictures and assembled them as a traveling exhibition. An odd choice, at first sight, but Mailaender has always been attracted by makeshift spoofs and

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Harlequin alien terrorizes the nature of Britain




Across the UK, the hunt for the ladybug (Harmonia axyridis), invading the country in September last year and threatening the livelihoods of local species of flora and fauna.

Insect, also known under the English name "harlequin" (harlequin), at first confined to the south-east, but now there is

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Scientists have found the zipper on an altitude of 100 kilometers from the Earth

Astronomers Cambridge Institute found signs of the most common lightning at a distance of 100 kilometers from the Earth in what is called the thermosphere, where no oxygen at all.

Lightning appeared in the place where the Earth's atmosphere ends and space begins (line pockets) in appearance of the aurora. And no volcanic eruptions recorded in a given time was not, that would cause a similar phenomenon.

The upper limit of the thermosphere — about 800 km. Temperature rises to the heights of 200-300 km, where it reaches values of the order of 1500 K, and then

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