Greenwood And Goldtops

Danny’s house is decorated with portraits of the blues greats, but one in particular – a picture of the late, recently departed Hubert Sumlin – inspired the song Greenwood 31, titled after his place of birth, on the new album. ‘Hubert was the first blues legend I ever met – I played a festival with him when I was about 20,’ says Danny. ‘I asked the promoter if I could meet him and he said, “I’m not sure.” After the gig he said, “He heard you play, you can go in.”

‘So I spent about an hour with him. He

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Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha in Moscow. I warmly congratulate all Muslims on the occasion. I would also like to thank all of you that does not lead to provocations and attempts to ignite war in the mezhkonfensionalnoy soil.


Today is Eid al-Fitr, the first day after the end of the post — one of the main holidays in Islam. Tens of thousands of Muslims came as usual for morning prayers in the mosque, near Prospekt Mira. Come here tens of thousands of Muslims 2 times a year for many years, but every time for the locals

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Dry cargo ship from China came in first voyage along the Northern Sea Route

Chinese cargo ship came to the country's first commercial flight in the Northeast Sea Route, writes FT. The vessel Yong Sheng, the state-owned Chinese company Cosco, came out of the north-eastern port of Dalian in Rotterdam.

The route passes through the Bering Strait, can save up to 15 days in the way, compared with the traditional running through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. This is possible due to climatic conditions.

North-East route (or the Northern Sea Route) recently attracted more and more attention to the shipping industry, because of climate change open water

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Surkov, Putin prepares offset

In the circumstances at the time of the Russian political world situation only Surkov poses a real threat to Putin's presidency.

Today, May 8, there was a kind of sensation: the president of RussiaVladimir Putinsacked Deputy Prime Minister, Head of GovernmentVladislav Surkov. The press service of the Kremlin on this occasion said that the deputy head of the cabinet to resign voluntarily. The decree came into force upon signature by the President.

It should be stated that the president made a move to stay ahead of events that could have ended

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The formation of the New Economy in Russia: international experience and national strategy

"We are behind the advanced countries of 50-100 years; we must cover this distance in 10-15 years, or they crush us. "

Joseph Stalin. 1925

In world history, there have been only three events that have completely changed the basic core of the socio-economic structure of humanity. They were: The Neolithic (X-III century BC), Industrial (the end of XVIII century to the middle of the XIX century) and the Science and Technology (mid XX century to the present) of the revolution. All the people, society and the state in time to become the subjects

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In Austria, an avalanche came down

In Austria, an avalanche came down Natural Disasters

Western Austrian province of Vorarlberg completely cut off from the outside world after the avalanche, paralyzing road and rail transport in the region. The driver of a car moving in avalanche west on highway one of Vorarlberg, was taken to hospital.

In connection with the incident was closed by one of the railroad tracks leading to the federal state of Tyrol. Difficult for vacationers were piled snow popular ski resorts of Lech, Zürs and Stuben, located on a ridge Arlberg. The dead are not reported.

In Austria, the snow continues, the last

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Heat waves came to the Netherlands and Belgium

September 6, 2013. Heat waves came to the Netherlands and Belgium. In European countries, the Netherlands and Belgium, which usually do not differ hot autumn came the heat wave. People are saved on the coasts and in the fountains.

The Netherlands and Belgium are at the mercy of the heat. As they say forecasters, such a warm September we had for decades. Usually this month from local residents associated with dull, cool and rainy weather. However, for several days the thermometer rises above the level of 30 degrees Celsius.

Many residents of the Netherlands, especially in the coastal

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Following a tornado in Oklahoma, the floods came

June 2, 2013. After a series of tornadoes in the U.S. state of Oklahoma the floods came.

Accompanied by a powerful cyclone rains. Not far from Oklahoma City went under the water several major highways, the traffic there is almost blocked. In some places the roadbed collapsed. According to some quarters are not at risk to drive even huge trucks.

Earlier in Oklahoma were reported new tornadoes. Their victims were 9 people, including two children. Wounded more than a hundred. The devastating tornadoes smashed trees, overturned cars and tore roofs off houses. Without light were about 200,000 people. Meteorologists

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SKA (Rostov) came in eighth finals

Rostov CSKA defeated yesterday in 1/16 finals of the Russian beat the Moscow club "Khimki" 3-2. As the representative of the army, for the first time in 24 years the SKA came in eighth finals of the National Cup. Rostov began quickly, and in the fourth minute Mazalov opened the scoring in the 25th Korobkin doubled the lead. At the end of the first half Nikiforov was able to play one ball, but at the last minute of the second half, the visitors leveled the score, playing with ten men. Excelled Trivunovich. The decisive match in extra time spent Zakharov.

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Disappearing behind pillars


The long-term familiarity with the testimony of witnesses who had the experience of being inside the so-called "Zhiguli mirages," inevitably raises the question — just a "mirage" inherently education of some passages between the various spaces — our and some others still, the location of which is still unknown?

Detailed analysis of the messages that we have carefully recorded and stored, no matter how strange they may seem at first to have produced results.

There was another reason which has induced us to search for such phenomena in the testimony of witnesses, seemingly unrelated

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