Sergei Zakonnikau: I would wish to Belarus came Vaclav Havel

Znatkevich: "Taking part in the" Night Primer ", you are nachytvali his poems. Or fundamental skill artistically poet read his works? "Lawyers: "I think that very principle, as if the creator himself reads it manifests itself not only a sense of what he wrote, — expressed the soul of creation."Znatkevich: "The text itself for itself can not give this product awareness, the soul of creation?"Lawyers: "The text can give, but still, light tone of principle, in order to give to understand on what you accentuation. But I wish to say that many poets can not read his own poems.""Were this

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People on Freedom

About the "party of power"Ivan Antonovich, Gomel: "If international structures began more seriously interested in human rights in Belarus, as well as power has become a little stir. Yet for all this, it tries to do so, the wolves to be fed and the sheep — the whole. That is why the party and make power — "Pure white Rus." I have no doubt that it will include all the rulers — from the chairman of the collective farm foreman to executive committee. Bounce will not, so who wants to appear with the work tasks. consulates for national nomenclature diluted

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Night Siege — January 18

Former deputy head editor of "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou tribunal sentenced him to three years of imprisonment in a maximum security prison for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.This news portal visitors kamentuetstsa "Those who are taught in Russian while people godlessness preached atheism, political instructor working, advocates in society" Knowledge ", the directors of state and collective farms, now became patrons of all believers. Yeah its wicked, they protect the criminal authorities, trying to extend days of this lawlessness. "jamai24: "Well, yes, Three years, certainly, a lot, but it is curious, as if Jesus Christ did a caricature or

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