Melt water lens EARTH

SOLAR ENERGY inexpensively and complexity can be used to accelerate the thawing of frozen soils in construction, SAYS NOVOSIBIRSK inventor.

90 percent of our territory covered soil frozen for six months. Almost all of the autumn — winter-spring season builders «fight» with the frozen ground, loosening its spending huge amounts of money (see. TS 3 79 «Insulated or explosion»). What’s more profitable: to somehow insulate the building site and prevent soil promerznut, already hollow and became frozen solid as a rock, earth, or to warm it before digging, as does the sun? Loosen the frozen ground

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Economy Council

Economy Menu

Typically, when the salary is up 3 days, the money we almost does not remain. But do not go hungry also! I have been invented for the family economy — menu. For a long time, of course, it will not last, but a couple of days to withstand quite possible.

So, for breakfast (adult): oatmeal, cheese, slice of bread or toast, tea.

Lunch: soup or soup, baked fish, bread, fruit compote.

Dinner: baked potato, salad (eg, cabbage, cucumber, green onions, parsley,), and tea.

For a child at breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and milk tea.

Lunch: any fruit.


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Disappointment … That is the bitter feeling when you realize that the old idols do not correspond to your idea of ​​them (and perhaps never matched), when you suddenly hear music in their performance, which is completely contrary to what they were doing before, or simply do not express themselves without touching your soul absolutely no strings. In the life of music lovers to experience such frustration can occur quite frequently. But what is the background of profound changes taking place with musical groups? Why people are executed once profound, complex, interesting music, suddenly begin to play once outspoken pop

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Specify the door

Decorator Olga Maltseva offers transform the interior by means of antique and vintage door.

I remember how in the hangar with vintage furniture, I froze in front of a high carved oak doors. Once they decorated the entrance to the house and perfectly preserved to this day. I could not resist from buying, but did not know why. Later, they became the central element of the interior of the living room, giving it a grand appearance. I note that vintage items are not price higher than the cost of new ordinary and sometimes much lower. But beware: the vintage items

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Becoming a hero

The rich resources of the planet and the Rubicon 2159 exist only in the fantasy of Sierra, create a game Captives: Hero for Hire.

But soon the problems of fictional game creators a small colony of earthlings will become available to the entire gaming world. And they believe that the colony was attacked by hordes of aliens (or maybe it was the unseen locals?) And all "our" urgently needs to be rescued.

In order to crank such an operation, you have to identify with the main character of the game, some Daak Ransem, which, frankly, is not going to become

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The Discreet Charm of the arcade

Alexander Vershinin


No, emphatically not be foreseen. All more or less decent role-playing games today gets crazy promotion — they stubbornly write journals, their names are on the lips of fans. And here is — Hexplore from the modest but charming French Infogrames, almost a killer Diablo.


azumeetsya, network mode Diablo difficult to surpass. As well as the amazing, crystal clear graphics in the game. Hexplore designed for one person — and the calculation was accurate. Game subtly manipulates hidden string IRSshnoy soul, bringing a man to love-dazed state, from which you can only get rid Xia passing

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Freedom to be a loser

How realistic you’ll be able to swallow at one time?

Glad at the entrance.

I do not know about you, but I do not like when I play limits. When all of a sudden it becomes clear that it has the edge. My most dislikes gaming space — is the boundary map, the walls and corners. If you come to the house is very close, it is obvious that he has painted windows and doors that for anything in the world is open to your knock. You feel cheated when the character suddenly starts repeating his line like a parrot.

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Talk about telekinesis with Chronicle director Josh Trank

Trunk took the time to talk with a reporter RSMad why telekinesis opens the way to super abilities as mankind would benefit if the dinosaurs made films, and more.

Will — a concept studied philosophy and psychotherapists, with the multi-volume theory and endless debate such luminaries of science, as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Kant and Freud. Finding ways to extend the will to control external objects by thought is deeply rooted in the study of these scholars, but still a lot of science fiction — Stan Lee and Stephen King.

However, with the advent of technology telekinesis theory closer to reality. «I’m

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Memo for every woman

Women are advised to undergo an annual examination by a gynecologist and mammalogy

(those who are at risk -as prescribed by a doctor). Up to 40 years to do breast ultrasound, and after 40 — annual mammogram. 2 is no less important ritual — breast self-examination monthly. Once you are able to react sensitively to the slightest changes that may be signs of disease: pain, discharge from the nipple, seal.

3 Beware of direct sunlight. Sunbathing topless — a very dangerous fashion. Gentle breast skin can repel attacks sunlight and harmful ultraviolet filtering materials easily gets into the mammary gland.

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ecause I want to talk a lot, try to reduce to a minimum the entry and explain only their particular approach to life in the games to those with whom he is very different, it does not hurt and might miss some places in the text.

I am too well aware of how thin the line between life in the alternative world and boring job of leveling and how easy it is to kill all interest in notorious duds Rorisa holy name (thanks to the developers do not have forgotten to correct it in the patch). So I did his best to hold back and not very active already boast found or accidentally encountered on the forums in the preparation of the material and sverhshmotkami supermestami. And, of course, I still never ran editor. In the end, the game is very easy, it will pass

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