Georgia: emergency will be lifted the day after tomorrow

"From 16 year listapada emergency will be lifted and we will return to a normal life. I hope that we will begin preparations for the elections, will hold their democratic and open, and the Georgian people will decide how and with whom he headed want to live up to the next election" — N.Burzhanade said.Nino Burjanadze also promised that "the authorities withdo everything, so that the elections were fair and democratic atmosphere in accordance with the laws of Georgia and recognized norms of democracy. "Previously, the ability of the emergency state of emergency declared highest South American diplomat Matthew Bryza

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On the New Zealand collapsed blizzard

June 21, 2013. On June 21 New Zealand collapsed ice storm, which led to the transport collapse, reports Associated Press. Information on casualties and no injuries were reported.

A wind speed of 36 meters per second. Because of the storm interrupted road and rail connections. Due to the continuity of power lines without light were approximately 30,000 homes. Wind uproots trees and tore off the roof. It is expected that the weather is already normalized by Saturday.

Local media report that the wave height near the capital Wellington reached 15 meters. They have washed away some coastal roads

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Switzerland is a storm hit

June 21, 2013. In Geneva, large hail damaged dozens of cars. The houses are broken windows, on the roads — fallen trees. Six people sought help from physicians. According to meteorologists, wind gusts reached 130 km per hour.

There was a disruption to the Geneva airport. Authorities estimated the damage at 15 million francs. Hurricane hit the southern regions of France. There are flooded dozens of homes. Despite all these measures, the three men were killed.

At the other end of the world in New Zealand because of the strong snow storm canceled hundreds of flights. In the capital,

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The earthquake in Japan, followed by tsunami

The earthquake in Japan, followed by tsunami Natural disasters

The Japanese islands have been two-pronged attack in the form of a magnitude 7.3 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami in the northeast of the country. Push felt good even residents of Tokyo, wave height emerged reached 1 meter. Fortunately, the official data on injuries were reported, but in the danger zone canceled trains and closed airports.

This is done to prevent the tragedy at possible aftershocks, because the current earthquake occurred just in the place where a year ago in March, the infamous event happened at Fukushima. Then killed

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Russia is moving closer to Belarus: between states canceled transport control

With April 1, 2011and at all border points between Russia and Belarus will be canceled transport control.

As stated by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, this decision is connected with the formation of Customs Union of — Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. According to Deputy Prime Minister, the same procedure with respect to the borders with Kazakhstan to be introduced to the July 1, 2011.

A senior official also stressed that "the customs union could take place when all forms of border control will be transferred to an external circuit." In addition, in the near

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The mayor has not given permission to land because of football aliens




The mayor of one of the Brazilian cities canceled alien landing of the aircraft.

According to Reuters, the mayor canceled a scheduled landing of the spacecraft during the match between the national teams of Brazil and Peru. At this step the head of the city went out

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Summer in Britain canceled

Summer in Britain canceled Weather and Climate

Such a rainy summer almost no memory of who is resident in the UK. June is already recognized as the wettest in the history of the country. Many weekends and holidays was "stained" or even abolished the protracted rains. Serious threat hung over by the Olympic Games, because the rains could last until September. So the British spring in 2012 will flow smoothly in the fall.

Over the weekend in the country was recorded 51 flood warnings and 155 zones of increased anxiety. Danger code remains the highest in Wales, Yorkshire

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Snow paralyzed Europe. Video


27.01.12.Polovina Europe was under the snow. Roads chaos, canceled flights. Ubiquitous power outages. More Igor Yanyutin.

Heavy snowfall slept most of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Two days of incessant blizzard made the roads impassable. In many places, piled 3-meter layer of snow. In Romania, the Prime Minister ordered the army and sent tanks to clear roads and rescuing stranded motorists on the road. Over the past day were saved from hypothermia passengers hundreds of machines. However, they were claims to the authorities.

— Yes, of course, the government helps us, tea carries. Just kidding! In fact,

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In Turkey, the raging wind storm

In Turkey, the raging wind storm Natural Disasters

Almost all of Turkey in the grip of a devastating wind storm. In Istanbul, the air flow rate reached 90 km / h The city violated the movement of vehicles. Due to bad weather canceled or delayed a large number of passenger voyages. The company Turkish Airlines has canceled 42 domestic and international flights, as in one of the airports was recorded wind speed of 105 km / h

While reporting only three seriously injured. They are residents of Istanbul, where the roof fell, shifted by the wind. A total of about

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Hurricane in Chicago


22.06.11.Shtormovaya weather with strong winds, hurricanes and heavy rains collapsed on Tuesday evening in the western U.S.. As a result of the raging elements hundred flights canceled and thousands of passengers can not fly to their destination or return home.

Most people were literally locked into two main airports in Chicago / Illinois /. Together with them, can not leave the city, and U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, whose flight to Washington was also postponed until more favorable weather conditions. Only one Chicago O'Hare canceled more than 300 flights, and the airport Midway — more than 30 flights.


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