Because of the powerful typhoon in Japan canceled 300 flights

Because of the strong wind on the coast of the southern part of Japan, which has a powerful typhoon "Mahon", canceled about 300 flights, five people were injured.

In addition, lightning in Ibaraki prefecture also injured two workers — members of repair work on the road damaged by the earthquake in March. Rain, according to meteorologists, also caused by the typhoon. In some localities of the southern prefecture to evacuate the population.

Sixth and most powerful typhoon of the season, the wind speed at the center of which is up to 40 meters per second, is located

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In London, the snow stopped flying planes and trains to go

At Heathrow airport canceled dozens of flights, no trains from the British capital to Brussels, in many areas of broken internal links.

At London's Heathrow airport canceled 70 flights. Planes could not take off due to heavy snowfall, which struck on Friday at the British capital. Manual air port close one runway.

Cyclone broke the quiet life of the entire United Kingdom. Of not only the pilots, but also for train drivers. Four trains did not go from London to Brussels, broken inner rail.

And difficult for motorists. Drifts on the roads, the technique is unable to cope with

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London snowed

About a third of all flights scheduled for today from the main UK airport "Heathrow" canceled due to the first heavy snowfall of the winter in the UK, the company said, the airport operator BAA.

Among the flights canceled on Sunday — Departure from London to other cities in the UK, the countries of North, Central and Southern Europe, the U.S. and Russia. In particular, canceled the morning flight of British Airways BA872 (together with the Russian S7) in Moscow and the flight of "Aeroflot" SU243 from Moscow to London. The rest of Sunday flights to Moscow and St.

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Beijing because of showers and thunderstorms canceled 138 flights

The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that Beijing Airport "Shoud" restores the normal work schedule disrupted by powerful showers and thunderstorms. According to official data, during the previous night, a total of 138 flights were canceled largest Chinese airlines flight 104 has been moved to a different time. Thousands of people were forced to spend the night in the waiting rooms or hotels, which were provided by airlines. At the moment, all the airport terminals running "hot line" communications that I can get all the necessary information. Passengers are advised to contact the airline to clarify the time of

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Frosts suspend classes in Susuman mladsheklassnikov Kolyma region

Susumansky Kolyma district authorities on Friday canceled classes in junior high schools because of the cold minus 49 degrees, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the district administration.

"In Susumanskiy area on Friday morning it was minus 49, the day is less than two degrees, so students from grades one to four stayed. School students while studying for their classes canceled at minus 51", — told the agency.

According to him, canceled classes for children until one day, on Saturday, the district authorities will decide whether to extend the weekend.

Pyatidesyatigradusnye frosts in Kolyma brought anticyclone dominates the Pole

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Classes in schools Petropavlovsk canceled the cyclone

Powerful snow cyclone struck the Kamchatka Peninsula, canceled classes first shift schools, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka meteorologist. Atmospheric vortex, coming up from the coast of Sakhalin Island, the peninsula brought heavy snowfalls and squally wind. Bad weather struck the Ust-Bolsheretskoy, Yelizovsky, Milkovsky areas and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Wind force on the coasts reaches 17-20 meters per second. According to forecasters, the effect of the elements on the peninsula will be felt for about two days. Essential services and the Navy sent warning of adverse weather conditions.

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Most heavy snowfall in 20 years struck Jerusalem

Snowfall, the most abundant in the past 20 years, collapsed on Thursday in Jerusalem, prompting city officials to block the road, to cancel classes at schools and to ask citizens not to leave the house to warming.

Since last evening in the city which Israelis, contrary to UN resolutions, consider their united and undivided capital, fell to 10-15 inches of precipitation, which was the highest figure since 1992, a spokesman for Mayor Elisha Peleg. "Members could hardly remember the last time this was … After a day of family. Afternoon warming is expected, and you can go shopping," — he

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Announced earlier emergency rescue operation is canceled




In late August 2004 stated that while who had left the Kola Peninsula and released on bond a woman member "Kosmopoisk" does not turn up for a week, then on her quest to equip oneself search-and-rescue mission. Fortunately, the last day of the notice period, S. finally

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Europe, a wave of protests

Policies pursued by the European authorities austerity provoked mass strikes, cancellation of flights, closing schools and businesses. On Wednesday, the European Day of Solidarity trade union, the streets of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal will leave tens of thousands of outraged citizens.

Representatives of the European Trade Union Confederation said it was the first time that such a strike will take place simultaneously in four European countries, according to Sky news.

"We sow austerity, and reap the recession, growing poverty and social tensions — said in an online statement, Secretary General of the Confederation of Ségolène Bernadette. — In

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Two school districts Kolyma closed due to 50-degree frosts

Authorities canceled Monday classes in schools and Susumansky Srednekansky Magadan regions due to heavy frost — the temperature dropped below 50 degrees, according to the regional central board MOE.

"Because of the cold of minus 50 degrees and avoid colds canceled classes for students from first to ninth grades in Susuman area and for students from first to fourth grades in Srednekanskaya area," — said in a statement.

It is noted that the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services are operating normally.

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