Why is breast cancer spreads in the world?

In the midst of 27 types of cancer, breast cancer is one of the more vserasprostranennyh. Currently in the world once a year regitsya more than 1.1 million cases, while 30 years ago this figure does not exceed 500 thousand. According to researchers, the most dynamic growth of the disease accounts for the last decade. Not only was ill evrapeyki, and latsinaamerykanki, Asian, African. Specifically called on countries in the medium and low well-being will be the greatest number of patients with breast cancer ladies. According to the scientists participating international conference in Budapest to combat breast cancer, this trend

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Breast cancer: prevention is better than cure

Number of breast cancer cases in the world has risen sharply after the 1970s. One reason spetsy consider configuration in the style of life of people — lack of exercise, stress purchased, meals in fast food.According to the results of the 1st of research, an unlimited number of Polish emigrants in the U.S. specifically in exile fell ill with breast cancer. The reason was a sharp change in diet — at home, they consumed significantly more cabbage, popular in the public kitchen. And according to foreign researchers, cabbage is very useful for the prevention of disease.Belarusian experts at treating disease

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Will Dmitry Dmitry Lukashenko Cancer?

In the past year, December 10, in preparation for the World Cup in step Jilin Chinese 30-year-old Dmitry Cancer complex received a head injury. More than a month was unconscious and only 1 February Israeli aircraft delivered in Minsk fifth clinical clinic. Week reversal doctors considered: the process must translate into active rehabilitation and transferred to the clinic Cancer "Aksakovschina" near Minsk. It clarifies the press attache of the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin rehabilitation process — a very important point, which requires significant costs. There is no guarantee that will not have the ability to find rehabilitation abroad, where

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CBS Genomics has found a new method of diagnosing cancer

In oncology, for the detection of cancer, there are standard methods — tool — these include X-rays, ultrasound. And the lab — when the biopsy is done and a blood sample and analyzed for the presence of markers.

It is still a problem — low sensitivity of these methods. The presence or absence of disease revealed one way another is not necessarily confirmed.

A team of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences set out to find a technology that would be

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G.Muravev: Cancer — is not a sentence

Sous: "Gennady, you’re all imprisoned Belarusian. How many of your colleagues at the institute are your example? How do you respond to the authorities, unhealthy?"Ants: "Indeed, I write all of its findings, reviews, certain scientific papers and conference spend always in the Belarusian language. Currently in our institute also states in the Belarusian language has only one employee. His name is very well known to the Russian ear and Russian science — Yudin . Was such a recognizable Russian surgeon. "Sous: "In general, given the honey in Belarusian literature?"Ants: "At the moment, as I know, no medical literature in Belarus

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Geography cancer

Cancer is international. But in different parts of the world it is common differently.

Many of the geographical features of cancer could be explained. But enough of secrets. In particular, the highest death rate from cancer of the small island of Jersey, where the world-famous "trust the protection of wild animals," based Gerald Darrell (Channel Islands, possession UK). Here are dying from cancer in the year 314 people for every 100,000 residents. In nearby as the UK the figure is almost twice as low.

Hungary— The country with the highest death rates from cancer. Here are dying

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Guest Night freedom — Oncology Paul Moses

In Belarus, lung cancer in men takes first place in the structure of oncological diseases. Do diagnosis "cancer" death sentence? How much for an ordinary Belarusian cancer cure diseases? How to check for cancer cells?This was also the fact that the early stages of malignant tumors are cured absolutely over 95 percent of the …

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Diagnosis and treatment of mastitis

Primary breast examination can be carried out gynecologist, but directly the diagnosis and treatment of mastitis has been a narrow specialist — doctor-mammolog.


Initial examination begins with a medical history. Important in understanding the causes of mastitis have information on the nature of menstruation, including childbirth and abortion, a genetic predisposition, and other risk factors. Further clarify the complaint, the time of their occurrence, relationship to the menstrual cycle, the presence of discharge from the nipples, the color, consistency and durability.

Clinical examination includes the inspection and manual survey, in which we study the degree of gland

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Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

At the slightest suspicion of the disease, urgently contactmammologists. If the inspection of the mammary glands appears that your suspicions are not groundless, you will be assigned additional research: mammography and breast ultrasound. If necessary, do a biopsy of the breast. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient will continue to health oncologist.

For the prevention of breast cancer women over age 40 should at least once a year check-ups at the breast physician and do a mammogram.

The plan of treatment of cancer patients breast developed by three specialists. Is a surgeon and specialist in chemotherapist radiotherapy.

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Tomsk scientists develop anti-cancer drug therapy

Tomsk scientists develop an effective cure for cancer therapy

Tomsk scientists who won a federal grant in the amount of 33 million rubles on research and pre-clinical trials of a new anticancer drug, have created unparalleled in the Russian drug that triggers a person's immunity and directing the body's own defenses to fight the disease.

With the development of cancer immune system begins to work for the preservation of tumor cells. The new drug "Polistan", created by specialists of the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), allows you to "reprogram" the body and get it to recognize the tumor cells

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